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Carlton Boyd

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Carlton Boyd

Co-Founder, DOPECAUSEWESAID website and brand
My name is Carlton Boyd, co-founder of DOPECAUSEWESAID, a website and brand that showcases emerging artists from all over the world making great music in the Pop, Hip-Hop, Soul, Electronic and RnB genres. I have a background in music production, music promotion, graphic design, songwriting and social media marketing. I hope to provide assistance and feedback to those who need it as well as feature the reviewed material on my website -
music promotion, music production, social media marketing, music writing / blogging, community growth
rap, soul, indie rock, electronic, indie, edm, rnb, pop, fashion, chillwave, pop culture
Raleigh, NC

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Recent Feedback

Human in Bloom submitted media.

Late Old Night (vA MST) by Human in Bloom

Carlton Boyd

As a huge fan of The XX and Radiohead, I really like this song and can hear the influence of both bands in your music. I don't have any negative feedback in regards to 'Late Old Night' and I look forward to hearing much more from you guys.
I'd love to feature your music on my website; if this opportunity interests you, email me at

Bennie Castle submitted media.

MinesRight [Prod by TREGS] by Bennie Castle

Carlton Boyd

Both the autotuned verses and beat are dope. I'm really feeling this track; the only negative being that it is very short at only 1:53. I'm sure that this track is one of the many dope tunes you have dropping in the near future.

I'd love to feature you and this track on my website If this interests you, email me at 

Moses biko submitted media.

Carlton Boyd

Thanks for sending this our way; it's great. The song's lyrics are very insightful and provide great social commentary and the visual of you performing live was dope as was the beach shot. 
We'd love to feature you and this video on our website; if this opportunity interests you, email us at 

Mixologist Mikk submitted media.

Uh-Oh (Official Lyric Video) by Viktoria, Mixologist Mikk

Carlton Boyd

I really like Uh-Oh. It definitely has radio potential and the video is really fitting and complementary of the song.  The instrumental is catchy and the lyrics tell a story that draws the listener in. This is the second track we've heard featuring Mixologist Mikk and this is even better than the last one; great work!

We'd love to showcase this video on our website. If you're interested, email us at

Oskar Barczak submitted media.

Gone by Stohou

Carlton Boyd

Hey Stohou, this track is great. I'm a big fan of the way you layered the sampled voices over the instrumental and the vibe overall is mellow and addicting. The Chillout genre is relatively new to me but after hearing Gone, I will definitely be checking for it more now.

We're very interested in featuring you and this track on our platform; check it out and if you're interested in being featured and interviewed, email us at Thanks. 

Ally McMahon submitted media.

Carlton Boyd

This track is DOPE, nuff said. The beat and vocals by Mariella blend perfectly.

We'd love to feature you on our site  If you're interested, email us at

Charles n/a submitted media.

Half Italian by Charles

Carlton Boyd

I appreciate your creativity. The beat transitions are great and your verses coincide with the instrumental. I like the humor in your lyrics and the autotune adds a nice element to the track. I look forward to hearing more from you. 

Ralina PR submitted media.

RED (Radio Mix) by Emii

Carlton Boyd

I really like the track RED. The beat is uptempo and catchy and Emii has a great voice that blends smoothly with the instrumental. I'm sure that seeing this song performed live is a great experience as well as hearing it in a club. 

We'd love to feature Emii on our website; if this is of interest, email us at 

Noah T submitted media.

Runaway by Noah T

Carlton Boyd

Overall, I think it's a great track. It's very peaceful and sort of reminds me of Patrick o'hearn's music (this is a compliment). I'd be very interested in hearing more music from you. 

mARQUIS cOMPRESSOR submitted media.

Galaxy by Marquis Compressor

Carlton Boyd

This track is unique in the best way possible; it's hard to categorize because it sound like a combination of Pop, RnB, and Electronic music. I really like the beat and the vocals. I really look forward to hearing what's next from you.  

I'd also love to feature you and this song on my website; if you're interested, email me at 

Andrew Bodden submitted media.

Heart & Soul by Alexander Mac

Carlton Boyd

Overall, I think this track is very dope. Your verses and hook were on point and the beat was well constructed. The sample really tied into the track well also. I'd love to hear more from you.

If you're interested in being featured on my website, email me at 

Twinkles Twinkles submitted media.

Blithe by Tw*nkles

Carlton Boyd

Wow. I'm really blown away by this track. It's really great. The beat, your vocals, and lyrics all tie in together to make a beautiful song. 
We'd love to feature you and this track on our website If you're interested, email me at Thanks for making great music. I look forward to seeing and hearing much more from you.

Matt Specht submitted media.

Calamity! CLIP by Rainy Day Crush

Carlton Boyd

Hello. Thanks for sending this to me for my feedback. Though this is a short clip, I really enjoyed what I heard. The song has a great melody; I liked the lyrics and the singer's voice was very soothing. We would love to feature you and the full version of this song on our website -- Check it out and if this interests you, please send us the full version link (Soundcloud) of Calamity, the band's bio and 2-3 pics. Again, great song!

Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

Lana Del Rey ft. Logic by High By The Beach (Calibrate Remix)

Carlton Boyd

I really enjoyed this song. I haven't heard the original version but the instrumental you created was a perfect backdrop for Lana's voice. I also really liked the beat transition for Logic's verses. Overall, this remix is awesome and I would love to hear more of your work. 

If you're interested in being featured on my website - -, email us at 

Deep Root Records submitted media.

Carlton Boyd

I really like this track. It's definitely a party starter. I'm assuming that the featuree, Pleasant Russell, is the singer on Time; he did a great job on the vocals. The lyrics are great as well. The beat is very contagious and it makes the listener want to move. Overall, this is an awesome track that would fit very well on any party DJ's playlist. 

We'd be honored to feature 1WayTKT and Time on our website; if you're interested, email me at 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Adele WIERDEST Cover by Claus Zinger

Carlton Boyd

Hi Claus. I really like this track. It kinda has a David Bowie vibe to it. Your vocals are filtered and automated and I appreciate that you're trying something different. I'd love to hear more from you. Feel free to submit some of your original work to my website at for a feature.