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Greg Savage

Professional Music Composer/Sound Designer Credits: Dodge, NBA, HBO Max, Mobb Wives, Midway Games, Native Instruments, Akai, Arturia & more
Greg Savage loves to win. A semi-pro gamer turned sound designer (, he’s honed the preemptive insight he developed in gaming to capitalize on what’s new, fresh, and in-demand in the music marketplace.

Irreverent. Independent. Greg is an unapologetic opportunist. His maverick approach to audio production, sound design and product development has led to exciting work with an impressive list of clients: Native Instruments, Guitar Center, Take 2, Fox, MTV, JoWood Games, and Arturia.

Arturia handpicked Greg from among the “world’s most talented sound designers” ( to assist with the creation of Oberheim SEM V, a software emulation of the Oberheim Synthesizer

“My challenge was finding a modern sensibility without losing the rich character the Oberheim is known for. I had a lot of fun and I’m excited about the results.”
music industry, artist and creative talent relations, social media marketing, youtube creators, soundtracks, sound design, music production / mastering
rap, hip-hop, indie rock, hard rock, electronic, singer/songwriter, edm, music, drum & bass, gaming, ambient, abstract hip-hop, dubstep, psychedelic rock, techno, computer music, pop music, instrumental hip-hop, film / video, soundtracks

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Recent Feedback

Sedrick McLean submitted media.

Show And Prove by SeddyMac

Greg Savage

Overall, the track is nice. The content is good, you have a great vocal, nice mix. The only thing I can think of that I would change (from a consumer's perspective) is the introduction and the contrast between your verse and hook.


While I like the intro, I think it may be too long, especially if the song is being placed in the hands or reaching first-time listeners who may not be familiar with you or your brand.

Why Contrast?:

In terms of your verse and your hook sections, they sound good however when reading the title and your backstory I think a little bit more emotion would do this track more justice especially in one of the hook sections. Make me feel what you're saying, make me believe it. You want to put the listeners in your shoe and feel that hardship/frustration. This isn't to say what you have doesn't work because it definitely does I just think that those little tweaks would take this song to the next level. I would definitely love to hear more from you. Keep up the good work.

My Silver Needles submitted media.

1 Lord I'm Ready by (My) Silver Needles

Greg Savage

This was very refreshing to hear, it's not every day that I run into a little psychedelic music. 

Overall, I like it. I like the instrument usage, I like the structure (for the most part) the only thing I would recommend (and this is more personal taste you can take it or leave it) is maybe separating the male and the female vocal layer a little more.

They get a little jammed together, sort of like they're fighting for space and maybe that was the intent. 

The other suggestion I have is making a dynamic shift. The best way for me to explain this would probably be like a bridge in a pop track.  Just something that takes me on a little journey and allows my ear or the listener's ear to recalibrate a bit and then you go back into the bigger part of the song.

Other than that, I think it's a really nice track and I enjoyed it. If you don't mind me asking, what was the goal for this track, what's the end game?

Please let me know when you can and I can edit my review and add some additional information based on your goal.

Greg Savage

Jay G submitted media.

One by Addend

Greg Savage

First of all, I like to thank you for taking the time to submit this track for me to listen to. I had it on while I was rearranging my home studio. 

Your influences immediately stuck out to me, I think you nailed them pretty well, What I liked was the journey feel and some of the melodic changes as well as the introduction of different elements within the track. 

The mix is solid, it's always good to be able to hear all the elements in a track. Thank you for that!

One thing I think need to change is the drums. What I mean by that is  I feel there is room to further draw in and/or manipulate the listener's perception by stripping the drum work (creatively of course). The drum work is what keeps most listeners in tune with music and when it's stripped away, we pay attention.

Quick correction, the drums don't need to change but it would help. As far as promoting this piece, that's definitely something I can help you with, leave me a message and let me know some of your ideas and I can point you in the right direction. I'm interested in hearing more of your stuff keep up the good work.

- Greg Savage

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spellt (60 Second Promo) by Hollywood Principle

Greg Savage

Sounds great. I really like the overall mix and feel. If you don't mind me asking, what mic was used on the vocalist?

What would you like me to do in regards to helping with promotion?

- Greg Savage

Moses biko submitted media.

Greg Savage

It's always nice to hear non commercialized talent. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

I think it's a great piece of work, nice lyrics, great flow. The production is on point. Very simple, but works perfectly for the artist as it doesn't distract from the message nor fight for room with the artist.

To often you hear music these days where the instrumental takes place of the artists and the artists might as well be non existent on the track.

I think the documentary styled shooting aids the song vary well.

There are a few things I suggest though.

//Video Quality//

Also shoot in HD my friend. It makes it a lot easier to spread over multiple social platforms and easier to push and use as promo.

If you can pick up a cheap T3i Nikon equivalent, they run about $500 these days if not cheaper. Pick up a 50mm lens and or 35mm lens and export 1080p you'll be in business.

//Alternate Versions//

I'd substitute the line Jesus please. Not that this is a bad line, but it could make or break a placement. It's used in such a signature way that it stands out (which is good). I'd toy around with more catch phrases and have them on hand this way the track is more versatile.


At times it feels as if the lyrical content doesn't match the title (that being the homeless). This could due to my misunderstanding of the track itself. I'm under the impression that it's for a documentary. Is this correct?


As stated above, I really like the track. Please let me know what kind of help you need in the promotion department.

- Greg Savage

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Greg Savage

Hey Kendall, first off, thanks for sending me this lovely track. For the most part, I think it sounds good, but there are some things you should consider adding to make it a more versatile in the licensing market.


I like the fact that added a nice intro to this. The horn/synthetic horn is a nice touch because while it’s a little unique, but still familiar to the ears. A lot of today’s music has that game horn or vuvuzela. Good job.


I think the artist has a nice voice, but I believe the flow is a little stuck, almost as if he's just rehearsing and doesn't really feel as if he believes the words that he’s saying. This could be exactly what you’re were going after, and if it was, good job if not, try bringing a little more emotion into the deliver.

I like the fact that these are out right verses and hooks they’re catchphrases and chants that are memorable and can be easily used as cue points. You did a good job there.


I've listened to your track on three different mediums. My MacBook Pro, monitors and headphones. On all mediums, the vocals seem to clash with the instrumental. I would work on carving out frequencies so they shine through more.


The title of the track leads one to believe it caters around military groups: army, military etc. 

The lyrics focus on a portion of that as well, but also basketball. In your outline, I see it’s supposed to be sports driven. With that said, I’d make sure all limitations are removed. 

Your limitations are the following:
Title: Explained the reasoning about

Heart of solider (kind of): Same as above

Lay it up (or lay it in): This screams basketball and totally rules out: hockey, football, rugby etc.

I'd also think about a few more catchphrases and chants you can add throughout the track even if you have to make them all different versions of the current track this way the client has more options when considering your song.

Another addition that will help is using different artists.

Overall, nice work. Please let me know if you have any questions.

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Greg Savage

Nice to hear a people from Colorado, probably one of the most underrated states when it comes to music. Thank you for sharing your music with me, means a lot.


There's a specific type of cheesy sound that is favored in licensing and I think you guys have nailed it, especially when it comes to independent film, documentaries and lots of other television shows that use background music. Please, do not take that as an insult as it is not meant as one.

I love the blend of multiple artists, it makes it versatile and whoever is on the hook – nice texture


How many people were working on this instrument? I ask because it sounds like a good blend of Electric, Madlib and a few eclectic subgenres I've been exposed to over the last few years. It's not something you'd hear on mainstream radio of course, but it does have a really nice blend to it and it's easy to listen to.


These are more so 'things to consider'. As I tell most people, work on different versions of the song, if you haven't already of course. This will open up many more doors for licensing opportunities.

Now when I look at the title of your track I noticed that it says 'radio edit' when I think of a radio, I think of a song that is easy to BPM match and merge with other pop songs. Depending on what type of radio you're going for, you might want to think about a reworking the track to fit in the broad factor of what's out today. Not for the sake of changing your image, but more so catching the attention of the DJ.


I can definitely help with the promo especially to indie radio, but if you're looking for placements on bigger stations, It needs to hit a wider audience for the Dj to play with. Let me know what you'd like to do and keep up the good work.

Feel free to contact me anytime here or my site

Austin Baranska submitted media.

Roll wit it (Official Music Video) by Cole Z feat. Bo C

Greg Savage


Just want to get this out in the open. Music licensing is what I do, so please forgive me for my analysis as moods (of the song) are very important to me.

//My Review//


I really like the overall sound of the instrumental, it's simple, has pretty good balance, and pretty catchy. What I like most is there's just enough variation to keep it from being to monotonous and it's easy to flow over, well done.


Both artists are good, but Cole Z really sets the tone for the track. When two artists collab they both must be on the same level. When I say same level, I don't mean skill wise, but more so energy. Cole Z has a very nice flow. It rides the beat very well and it keeps you listening. Bo C, also has a good flow, but more laid back. There's nothing wrong with laid-back so don't get the impression that I'm insulting or belittling his style. 

It's just when you listen to the overall spectrum of the journey that you're being taken on, you start with someone who's pretty energetic (bar setter) so you expect for that level of energy to be somewhat consistent until the end of the song or be matched somewhere in the song (before it ends).. Especially with the hook that's being used.


Now, these aren't 'musts'... just ideas. I'd re-order the song a few different ways to see which receives better reactions.

1. Start the song off with Bo C and then end with Cole Z. This will give the song a little build up before the end 

2. Start with Cole Z end with Cole Z. Generally, people are hooked within the first 10 to 30 seconds of song. Giving that same sound (with variation) makes the song more marketable because now you have a  journey as well as two parts of the song that caught the listener. And again, I'm thinking from a licensing perspective, the more you give people to work with the better off you'll be.

3. I don't know BO C or his artistic capability, but I would have him redo his verse, in terms of delivery. Often when dealing with an artist with a laid-back flow, you either have to give them shorter runs so they can flip a little bit, or adjust the instrumental to their flow (just a bit). What this does is make the listener feel like things are changing ever so slightly and that keeps them listening because they want to know why! Then, if you do decide to end with Cole Z, you add the other elements back in or return it to its original state. This gives an illusion of shift and keeps people interested.

If done (the adjustments), you'd have four versions of your song that can be shopped for licensing opportunities. 


Overall, the song works. It has a good sound, both artist have a nice flow/delivery and it's catchy. 

Sidenote (tip) -Simple videos are good to create as well. It helps you get the videos out faster. For your next one, if you haven't already. Try putting multiple cameras on tripods, fixed focal points at different perspectives and use them as b-roll. Smartphones work wonders in good light so if you're short on cameras, go with the smart phones.

Again, good song, keep up the good work. Feel free to contact me about anything and let me know what kind of marketing you need help with.

- Greg Savage

Zoink$ submitted media.

Greg Savage

Hi, thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to your music. It really takes a strong individual to put their heart and soul into something and then allow someone to critique it. 

First off, I'm feeling the laid-back style of the beat, it has a nice Boom Bap/J-Dilla sort of vibe to it.

Overall, I hear potential, but do have a few suggestions which are


To me, the vocals don't gel very well with the instrumental. It's almost as if you're flowing over a two track. What I would do, if you're not already, is make sure that when you're mixing (or whoever is mixing) be mindful of where your sweet spot is (vocal range wise) this way the EQ, reverb and other fx can be attenuated properly so you sit in well.

Side Note: Access to stems will result in a better mix.


I think your flow sounds good, but there were some spots in the song where you seemed to pause unnecessarily. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or if you were struggling with wording (happens sometimes).


Good song structure will help with the organization of your track, not only in terms of recording, but writing, mixing, delivery and the editing process as a whole.


I'd also advise focusing on a few concepts. This way it's easier for you to knock out tracks, it ups your confidence and it helps with placements. Typically when people are looking to place tracks they look for songs that evoke emotion

Those are my small tips, overall, I think you're on the right track.

Please, let me know what gear you currently have as well as where you're trying to take your career, this way I can better point you in the right direction

- Greg Savage

Roberto Cacciapaglia submitted media.

ALPHABET by Roberto Cacciapaglia

Greg Savage


This is the best song I've heard in a long time. Everything about this piece is perfect. It's fluid, rich, the textures are amazing. May I ask, “Which mics were used to capture such a great sound?”

Better yet... “What's in the recording chain”

It's clear you know what you're doing as a composer. 

I noticed in your description you're not looking for critique, but more so for help with promoting your material. 

I have no problem promoting and sending this (or anything else) off to people I know. Your work is quality! Please, contact me and let me know exactly what you'd like for me to do when promoting.

For example: If there's keywords or certain profiles you want me to link to while promoting etc

Thanks for the ear candy.

- Greg Savage

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Greg Savage

Thanks for submitting your track Jason. I've been listening to it all DAY!

I was drawn in 'instantly' by the piano in the intro.  This is a really beautiful piece. The vocals are nice, the arrangement is great... the quality sounds really good.

I can hear this song in so many different TV shows/movies, tons of potential here.

I'm not sure if that's your intent (film/tv) for this track, but if not, start pitching immediately!

Things I Would Change(Overall mix):

Now, these aren't a must, just things I'd fiddle with and maybe you already have. Think of this as an alternative mix. Music supervisors like options.

I would add a little more 'body' to it. What I mean is, layer it up a bit. It's sort of thin, but it does work!

Make the guitar a bit more edgy.

I'd give the drums an edgy mix as well. Maybe even a dominant role with the guitar.

Basically, I'm saying give more emphasis around the instruments (instrumental).

Now, I know the vocals are the focal point here, but this will make the instrumental stand out as well. Often times when pitching to TV shows, they'll want an instrumental version of the song and that's more versatile than the full song (with the vocals) on it's own.

Again, very lovely song you have here. Keep up the good work!

PS - Are you mixing your own material?

- Greg Savage

Ralph Beeby submitted media.

Don't Hold Me Back by Cherry White

Greg Savage

You have a really nice voice. Well produced track. If I may ask, what inspired this song?

deeplastik submitted media.

Greg Savage

Hi Deeplastik,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking time to submit your song to me, it means a lot.

I was a little confused by the description as well as your song title. I was searching online for the original 'Infinity' song so I could compare and contrast.

Sadly, I wasn't able to find it.

Then, I noticed your description stated the following.

“Song included in the promotional video of the project P010, developed by the NPO Armony.”

So, I began looking for that project online. I did find something on YouTube

In the future, provide a link to anything relating to your submission. This will help me and others get a full understanding as to what you're trying to convey.


★ 0:00 I like the opening of the track, I think it would fit nicely (as a backing) for a short ad with short jump cuts that describe a person's daily routine of some short.

You'll see Army or Military commercials/ads doing this a lot. They have a backing track (similar to this) with rich dialogue etc etc

★ Focus on 0:00 -: 25 and create some variations here, create multiple versions of that time frame (musically) it has great license/placement ability.

★ :30 -  This is where I'm hearing more piano brought in, both low and mid range notes. I think the low end fits, the mid range is a little odd for me. 

★ 1:08 – I like how you began introducing the strings, but right when I feel they're going to carry the track it just loops back around.

★ 2:09 – The change made here with the strings also has good potential to be licensed

★ 3:30 – End This change here also has some potential as a backing track. I'd suggest focusing on it and adding alternative versions

What Can Be Improved:

I'd adjust the mix and take time to really put some realism into those string parts you have.

I'd also build out arrangements where the strings have a more prominent position. There are some sections in the song (1:17 -1:25) where the strings should be the focus, but it never fully matures, just kind of falls back.

That's just my opinion. I think there is a lot of potential here. 


I'm not sure if you wanted me to review the video to audio, but I figured I'd toss it in as this a field I work in.

As I watch the video with your music, I can see some parts where your song fits. For example, toward the end where the video footage is in slow motion.

Overall, I don't think the song fits the video well because the video has an uplifting message where as the song has more of a dramatic feel as well as tension.

When I look at the video I see the following sections

✔ The mission

✔ An instructors mission/goals

✔ His goal in progress/action

To me, this comes off as a positive video. People building a good community for children to aspire to do better things in life.

The music needs to reflect and compliment those emotions.

Again, lots of potential, thanks for submitting

- Greg Savage

Sub Pac submitted media.

Greg Savage

Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. I wish I had paid more attention to kickstarter in 2013 as I would've loved to be backer of this product.

I recently went to a LAN party with a friend and there were three players who used the Subpac and I just had to give it a try.

I asked and they were generous enough, so I strapped it on. It's everything you guys says it is... not just for music, but entertainment as a whole.

You mention how much of a game changer it'll be for producers, djs and musicians.... think about the gamers, especially those who play FPS's, it's a whole new world for them.

Keep up the good work, I love seeing promo and hearing about this product and can't wait to see what you bring to the table in the future.

Keep up the good work.

- Greg Savage

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Greg Savage

Hi Fluence!

You already know my thoughts. This is a great platform you have. I love the new look and what you're offering. Keep up the good work.

 One thing that could improve this video is by using headshot testimonials from your users mentors etc.

 Again, keep up the good work.

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

Greg Savage


you have an interesting sound. The track had a slow build, to slow for my taste, but once the vocals kicked in I turned it up. She has a lovely voice. Then at around 2:08 once the beat dropped, it was perfect.

I'm not sure what your goal is with this sound, but I can hear in you in ads, commercials, games etc. You should really look into that world (licensing). Keep up the good work. I'm a fan.

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Greg Savage

It's a little difficult to give feedback without knowing the goal of the track. Meaning "what's it for"

I think it's off to a decent start, but it needs to go somewhere. It needs to build and take the listener on a ride.

Hard to rate without knowing what the end goal is. For all we know you could have create this for a menu screen (which would fit)

Always include a destination so you can get accurate targeted responses.

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Greg Savage

Hi Luke,

I really like this track. It's simple yet, it doesn't get boring. There's a lot of places I can hear this track and elements of it being used.

I didn't bother with the visuals at first as I was moving some gear around. It made for perfect white noise.

Then, I sat down and watched the visuals along with the music. It's a work of art, great job. Very inspiring piece. submitted media.

Greg Savage

I think the video was great. Not only was it shot well, it was entertaining. The best thing you can do is continue to produce good material and share it, people will catch on.

One thing you could do is breakup social media antics into their own. Just about everyone does selfie's, everyone takes pictures of food, everyone is in the restroom on social media...

Well, almost everyone. You could totally make funny parody videos about that and get tons of attention because it's where most are now with communication.

Keep pushing these videos, they are bound to go viral

April Jones submitted media.

TeamXtasy by April Jones

Greg Savage

Hi April, I think the track has good potential. Especially in video game space. Where I see it lacking is in the mixing.I can hear your drum kit clashing with a lot of the synthesized properties in the track. 

What I would do is use EQ and give every sound it's own lane this way you minimize frequency clashing and the track will be more clear.

Next, I would then go back and start introducing replacement sounds. I suggest doing this because once you clean sounds (with EQ) you'll start noticing that they blend a little differently than they did when they were clashing.

I hope this helps

- Greg Savage