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Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

dimm Summer

There's a LOT of raw potential here.

Let's start with what's solid:
The vibe is good, the overall emotion is great - I love the retro 80's sci-fi vibe going, visions of dark roads, laser-beam grids and feathered hair abound, and vocals are nice touch.

I do see room for improvement here to take this joint much further:

1) The mixdown needs more work. The snare is a touch too loud. It's well-formed enough so it doesn't need to be so loud. Lowering it a couple db will leave more room to mix the rest of the track.  I think you made it very loud because it gets drowned out once the rest of the music comes in (with bass) at 2:09. Consider side-chaining the snare to the kick/bass a little to let the snare peak thru the music.

2) Overall the bass (kick and sub) are very muddy right now, and it's important to have really round, clean low end on the kick and subs because these 2 elements eat up the most headroom on a mix. Getting these elements right first is key to getting the rest of the mix right. 

- What kind of sound card and speakers are you using? Right now it doesn't sound like they are getting the job done - as in most things, you get what you pay for and the higher-end the card and speakers the higher-quality the sound coming out will be...

3) Consider using better samples for the snare and kick, esp. the kick. It's of utmost importance to use the right samples for the kick. bad samples will just make the whole mix sound bad because all you will be doing is compensating for the bad sound of the kick in the rest of you mixdown. Same for any bass sounds...

4) The beginning piano-esqe motif doesn't really jive with the rest of the track, but it's kool... the track really starts at 1:14 and this is where the magic starts to happen. All the vibe lives in these transitions... you've got a real good knack for beat-less transitory mood music. Explore that more :)

Overall, I'd recommended nixing the beginning piano part, focus on the special vibes out establish after that first minute and build out the ending so it becomes a complete track. 

Thanks for sharing! :)

Gear used to audition: RME Soundcard, Mackie Big Knob, Sure SR840 headphones, SubPac S1.

Chris Euton submitted media.

Midnight Pressure by Digital Slumber Party

dimm Summer

Hi there.
First, thank you for taking the time to send this to me.

I like the track! Kool vibe, good evolution of sound altho it gets more interesting towards the end, but keep it up! YouTube is a pretty shitty sound-source, but overall here a few notes:

1) There's an odd mute at 00:33 just before the first drop, I understand you 're looking for a palette-cleanser here to ready us for the drop-delivery, however the 'mute' is adding a beat that should not be there. If you really want this silence then i recommend making sure there isn't any extra 'beat' added, than remove the 2nd reverbed snare at 00:32 just before that mute. So in essence what you are doing there will be ,making the requisite 'room' available for the sonic effect you are trying to achieve. Does that make sense?

2) The mixdown needs some work, but as I mentioned this is YouTube so I'll take it with a grain of salt, however, a really good mixdown (and master) will sound good even on YouTube, The say to fix the mixdown is to round off all low end on all instrumentation that is not the bassline synth. There's a lot of atmospheric elements like verbed-out snares, synths, effx, these all need to have the low end rounded off and some more selective EQing carved out to get a mix down that is less muddy (example at 1:03 and the reprise).

3) the low end is very muddy, i'd suggest choosing better kick drum and basslines to use. the quality of those chosen instruments will go a long way to dictating the rest of the mixdown as those to elements take up the most headroom and thus impact the mixdown first.

4) Aim for more separation on the mix (this will happen when all of the above are done to free-up more headroom for the mixdown and stop all eh elements competing for space.)

So overall, we're looking mainly at mixdown issues and replacing the instrument samples for he kick and bass with better-made samples.

Gear used to audition:
RME Soundcard
Mackie Big Knob
Sure SR840 headphones

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Eventide by Monrroe.

dimm Summer

Good sound!
Great development and vibe... SOLID bass. lovely ending.
A touch formulaic but gets the job done much better than most :)

i think getting some ethereal verbed-out abstract female vocals on the second half will really drive this to another level... there's plenty of great vocals out there, check out Veelas Siren Vox pack... or perhaps some older House vocal packs for some abstract vocal bits to play with...