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Danielle Look

Music Editor, IndyMojo.com
Musical preferences include bass music, hip hop, rock, jam, funk, bluegrass, and almost any livetronica. Alum, Kelley School of Business. Music Editor, IndyMojo.com. Content Coordinator, Relevance.com. #dogmom
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hip-hop, funk, rock, folk, electronica, jam, bluegrass, liquid dnb, progressive rock
Indianapolis, IN

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Bo Haan submitted media.

Undefined by Bo Haan

Danielle Look

This track sounds like it could have come right off of Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience," with the horns and the danceable beat. Very catchy song.

Bo Haan submitted media.

Danielle Look

Love the falsetto vocals - so retro and funky! It's very chill and groovy, easy to listen to. 

The JJ Evanoff Experience submitted media.

Breathe Out [FREE DOWNLOAD] by The JJ Evanoff Experience

Danielle Look

The samples give this otherwise light and airy track some very nice texture, along with the driving percussion. Those elements, in my opinion, keep it from being a sleeper. Then the guitar comes in, and I could immediately see someone on stage playing it. Without that guitar line, I wouldn't imagine this being a project or track that would do well in a live scenario. It's quite beautiful from beginning to end.

It's interesting that you talk about the challenge of translating it from a live scenario to the studio, because when I started listening, my mind did the exact opposite and thought, "Wow, I bet this is great live, too!" So, in that regard, I think you achieved your goal. (I didn't read your description until after I wrote the paragraph above)

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Danielle Look

The black and white catches my attention, the mystery of the music and the scene keep me watching - "what will happen next?!" I wonder.

Lip syncing is a little off, and distracting, in the beginning.

But the overall plot of the video kept me hanging around to see what happens. I definitely didn't think the woman was going to end up shooting. I just wish I knew what was in the box.

Musically, I didn't dislike the song, but I didn't fall in love with it either. I like the emotive nature of your vocals and I like the production on the track. This is more engaging and fun to listen to than a singer-songwriter track; seems the emphasis is on the sounds and instrumentation just as much, if not more than, the lyrics. Although I did like the lyrical support from the typewriter.

The tone of the song matches the tone of the video. It's a nice visual to go along with the song.

I did click the link below to "read more" about your video, but I didn't have permission to view it.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Danielle Look

This does a great job of summarizing the vision for Fluence. The light bulb moment for me came when I put my old agency PR hat on for a second and thought about how convenient it would be to manage a fair, competitive price for a few minutes of an influencer's time and a couple quotable pieces of feedback... but I really think the possibilities are endless, if you can get people to show up and hang out at fluence.io like you've asked them to.

Max Rosengren Falk submitted media.

Danielle Look

The driving rhythm keeps my attention early on; vocals are eerie and would not resonate as loudly without that pulse. They make a good match.

I think that imagery also plays a large role here in keeping my imagination busy and active; I like the forest scene the most.

I like that we don't meet the vocalist until more than a minute in; his face paint is striking and memorable. I actually watched the video twice and I can't tell if he's walking with the group of not, but when he shows up with the paint at the one minute mark, the mood totally changes.

And it was like, then the acid kicked in or something. The video got trippy and the music got intense. After the replay, I still have no idea wtf happened, but I think one of the ultimate tests is the "Do I want to hear another one?" test, and the answer is yes.

After watching twice, I do wonder how things look live. My next steps would be soundcloud for more music and youtube for live clips.