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Dale Goodridge

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Dale Goodridge

Vocalist. Songwriter. Multi Instrumentalist. Social Media Promotion Guru. DIY Music Specialist. Recording Engineer. Positive Communication Proponent. Passionate and Ethical.
I am originally from the UK but now live in Melbourne, Australia. 

 I have worked in the music industry in various capacities for 20+ years. I have been in many rock bands, been signed to V2 records, played gigs and recorded music all over the world.

 I have experience in Event and Festival Management. I have worked for U2 and many other high level rock bands over the years. I have worked various UK festivals from the long defunct Phoenix Festival to the Reading and Leeds festivals, The Love Parade and many more. 

 I have arranged and promoted gigs from small venues to larger capacity indoor shows in the UK, Europe and the US.

I am a self starter who has built up a music career from the ground up. I design my own website, handle my own social media and terrestrial media promotion, write, record and release my own music. I film and edit my own videos, do live concert and chat streams and many other endeavours.

Through my own solo work, I have experience in international logistics. Sending guitars and equipment between countries is no mean feat! Studio booking, accommodation sourcing and booking, flight scheduling and the other myriad of things a modern musician and entertainer needs to do. I do the work of ten plus people. All the things a Major Record Label would traditionally help to provide you with, I do on my own. 

I have a strong international following online and on social media that I have carefully built up over the past four years. It just keeps getting bigger and stronger the more work I do. I am honest and personable. People like that. I even make my mistakes in public. I learn from them and move on. They see that I am real. I have been through the mill in my life and career which gives me the motivation and knowledge to turn any negative into a positive!

 I know exactly what it is like right now to make a success of yourself. It’s a hard, cold and often thankless journey in the modern music climate. There are people preying on and trying to milk money from artists and musicians who are only asking for help. It’s a minefield. I have strong ethical standards in what I do. I would never exploit anyone’s good nature.

  Social media is vital now. How you present yourself and your attitude shine through. Communication is key. Just spamming promos doesn’t work. You need to connect with people. These connections breed curiosity in what you do and lead to strong and faithful listeners, watchers and fans. It’s hard to make the jump from casual listeners/streamers to people actually paying for your hard work.

Nothing comes to those who sit and wait. It never did. Hard work and honesty truly is rewarded.

  I am a songwriter and fan of music myself. I know what makes a good song. I know what connects with people. From the lightest Pop to the heaviest, darkest Metal.

 When you submit your work to me, I will not just comment on the song, presentation, production or video quality. I will provide hopefully strong advice you can use to get yourself known and listened to. I will spend time with every submission. Watch and listen to every second of it. Look at your whole picture. How you are promoting yourself online and elsewhere. The music is only one part of what we do now.

 Even if I don’t personally enjoy a submission, I will always provide constructive criticism and some kind of positive pointer to things that could be improved and possibly point you to people who could really help!
After all this is why I am are here. To gain friends, network and share the influence and experience I have built up over the years. 

Hopefully you will be a great success and I will have somehow helped to be a small part of that! :)
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Melbourne, Australia

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Randy Young submitted media.

05 Little Things by Cherry Suede

Dale Goodridge

I really like this song. It's very uplifting. The guitar sound at the beginning is glorious! Great Choruses that build upon each other. 

 I can hear this on a TV show or Movie and I would look into Licensing for it. It's the kind of thing Music Supervisors would go for. 

 I can't say this, but I know others will and probably have already. They will say 'It's out of date' and not what people want. I disagree. I think it's the perfect FM radio driving music but it's also the kind of music I like. For some reason, it reminds me of Del Amitri which is a very good thing to me.

 As I can see from your Bio, you already have your live show, gig hard and have your YouTube Presence. I would say look into licensing for the revenue and promotion it would give you! :)

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Dale Goodridge

A good short video that explains how Fluence works. The only comment I would make is that it's unclear whether Fluence is available as a phone app or not.