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Cousin Cole

I'm a DJ & producer with 10+ years of experience. I've toured around the world and my music has gone further -- many of my musical heroes have played my tunes.
Releases on: 
Quantize / T&A / Unruly / Flagrant Fowl / Sol Selectas / Flamin Hotz / Caroline True / Gold Whistle / Sweat It Out

2,000-3,000 plays per day on Soundcloud; 13,000 followers

Cousin Cole is a New York City producer & DJ. His tracks are played by the top DJs in the world, from Diplo and A-Trak to Optimo and Todd Terje, and have received prime time airplay on New York's Hot 97 in NYC and LA's Power 106. His remix of Pharrell's "Happy" has been played more than 600,000 times on soundcloud and was featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra by Dave Rodigan.

Projects like the 2008 indie/folk mix CD "Tambourine Dream" -- featuring Cole's own remixes of artists like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young -- led to tours around the world, playing with the likes of The Rub, Tim Sweeney, Jacques Renault, Shir Khan (Exploited), Eli Escobar, Nadastrom, K Swift, DJ Sliink, Nadus, Sabo, and many more.

More recently Cole has put out two "So Emotional" EPs with Phi Unit, an entry in the White Light mix series, and a mix for Modular records.
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rap, funk, soul, electronic, disco, experimental electronic, indie electronic, remixes

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illexotic submitted media.

Youphoria by illexotic

Cousin Cole

it's cool, sounds good. i would recommend more vocals before the bridge section at the end, full verses would be a good look imo

Austin Nolen submitted media.

Cousin Cole

Cool song, reminds me of recent Lindsay Buckingham, but more produced of course. I'd like to hear something like a longer, more groove oriented version (maybe a re-edit?)

Really nice work!

Riley Jensen submitted media.

Futureproof by Kaptur

Cousin Cole

Sounds great; not my type of music but it's very well produced -- maybe a little too clean for me personally to be honest. I'm going to sound like a record company type dude here, but I don't really hear a chorus.

Really like the guitar tone in the last minute... actually I'd be happy to hearthis section from 4:00 to 4:40!

Riley Jensen submitted media.

Cousin Cole

You're covering one of my favorite songs ever, so that's an automatic plus in my book. I like that you've changed the vibe a lot; halftime works well, and the electronics sound great. I do miss the raggedness of Bruce's vocals in some parts but overall, nice one!

Giuseppe Caiazzo submitted media.

Il coraggio by Silence+OtherSounds

Cousin Cole

Into it! I like the vocals, wish they were a bit higher in the mix. I'd like a bit more variation in the drums, and the drum sounds are a little too dubstep-ish for my taste. I'd probably be into a totally beatless version actually, or one with just a small amount of percussion. But again this is really dope overall, nice work!

Love the ending!

david antinori submitted media.

Cousin Cole

I like it, sounds good, but sometimes I felt like the changes came out of nowhere. IDK if that's a bad thing though.

I def would have liked a little less panning, especially in the drums. It didn't feel like very much was in the middle, and it was a little much on headphones. otherwise sounds great!

Thomas Collins submitted media.

Frontier Light by Cities

Cousin Cole

This sounds like a good bed for vocals, but as an instrumental, I feel like something's missing. It could work in a soundtrack I suppose. There's a lot of interesting detail (especially after the 3:00 mark) and texture, but I guess I wanted to hear a lead part of some sort. 

Sonically on point as far as I could tell... Actually I think dirtier drums might be a nice touch.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Cousin Cole

Vocals are great. I'm not crazy about the production / recording. At the start it feels lo-fi and intimate, like a home recording. But when the vocal delay comes in halfway through, it pulls me out of that feeling of intimacy. I might be wrong on how this actually was done but it SOUNDS like the delay is only on the vocals, not the guitar, which implies multitracking and fancier recording.

And then if you don't want it to have that home recording you could do a lot more than just the echo -- two guitars for example, or something that widens the stereo field. 

Michael Harrison submitted media.

Illuminate by Calimba

Cousin Cole

Sonically really good. Very solid. Not really my usual thing I like it and I could see this doing well. I'd be into a remix / edit with stronger bassline melody and an arrangement that felt more dancefloor-oriented. 

Definitely good work!

cantibeall cantibeall submitted media.


Cousin Cole

I'm not crazy about the video, but the song is great! LOVE the sound of the vocals. Send me more if you have more... It sounds like you've got a lot of potential. Personally I feel like you'd be able to make something with a stronger melody that would really grab people.

If I have any critique it's just that I wish the kick drums had a more analog / live character

Blend Bold submitted media.

Showtime [Out April 2nd] by Blend Bold

Cousin Cole

Sounds great! I like that the video is basically static but rewards your attention if you feel like watching -- good branding.

I could definitely play this out... It feels more like a DJ tool than a full on song -- nothing wrong with that but if that's not what you're going for it could be expanded with synth lines or just more variation in the bassline. I do wish the "you know what time it is" was repeated in the second breakdown because that's what you're expecting to bring the beat back in. 

Mixing and mastering sound on point (at least as much as they can through youtube!)

Nice work overall!

Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

Downtempo Spring Mix by The Feels

Cousin Cole

Promotion feedback:
Include a tracklist (I checked the soundcloud page and didn't see one). DJs like me who use mixes to discover new music are a lot more likely to check things out with a tracklist. 

Looked through the rest of your soundcloud and it looks like you're doing a lot of different types of stuff. Same here but I feel like it's been a bit of a hindrance in my career; it makes it hard for people to know what you're about. Look at Kaytranada -- you know what to expect when you see his name on something and I know a lot of people download his stuff instantly on the strength of the name. Or like the Magician's Magic Tape series. People know what they're gonna get. It sounds kinda McDonalds-y but I think it's really how people approach this stuff.

It probably would be good at this point to change your soundcloud URL to your artist name. I recently changed mine just to get rid of the hyphen so all my URLs / usernames could be the same: "cousincole." There was a little period of my old stuff not showing up on google but moving ahead I definitely think it's worth it. And I did that after having 13,000 followers -- you look like you're just picking up steam and the change shouldn't be too much of an issue. You'll have to change external links to your SC but all of your embedded tracks and reposts should stay working. It'll just make it that much easier when you want to tell someone about your music.

Specific feedback on the mix:
First off it is a very solid mix -- smooth blends, not a lot of key clashing, consistent selection.

I really liked the vibe of the first 25 minutes or so -- it felt super breezy, outdoorsy, summery. Went well with the choice of album art.

So the few critiques that follow don't mean at all that it's not a good mix; just things I think you could improve on.

The mix at 28:00 felt like a very abrupt change of pace that took me out of the vibe of the mix. And actually since the songs change from a daytime to nighttime feel around this point it feels even more abrupt. I'd like to hear a smoother day-to-night transition in terms of the feel of the songs too.

For me there are a few too many parts overall where the beat drops out at or right after a transition, or where there is a bit too much space between songs with just drums or minimal instrumentation. I'd prefer to get to the meat of the next song a bit quicker. 

And with a lot of breakdowns it loses a bit of the feeling of dancing. Even thought this is probably meant as more of a home listening mix, it's still dance music, so for me I want a more consistent dance feeling. To some degree that's more of an issue with the production than the mixing, but you could continue the drums from one song into the beatless intro of the next song to keep the groove going more (see next comment).

I feel like you might have chosen to mix on the more minimal sections to avoid key clashes but a better option IMO would be to work with songs in the same key and use layering to build something greater than the sum of the parts. If you're not already using it, Mixed In Key is super helpful for this stuff, although you need to trust your ear above all else. In fact, the first 20 minutes of the mix seemed to be doing this and then I started to feel more obvious breaks between songs in the middle section. The transition to the Nina Simone remix worked really well this way as well. 

And this is probably just more of a personal preference but I felt like you relied a bit too much on the nostalgic factor with a bunch of covers & remixes of old R&B -- to the point where some of them felt cheesy (ayo technology with acoustic guitars for example.) 

Overall really solid, keep it up, man!!!

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Cousin Cole

Sounds really good... I feel like a vocal would bring this over the top, especially a female singer. Feels like it's missing something to justify the length.

I'd also like to hear some more variation in the drum track, maybe changing the snare sounds. 

But yeah sonically it's really strong. Maybe send it to Dirty South Joe for his Luvstep mix series with Flufftronix.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Cousin Cole

This video feels like it's targeted more towards investors or press than towards potential users, especially in the first 20 seconds -- which is the crucial period where you first want to make your case. 

I'd recommend making an effort to focus your message at curators -- and maybe create separate videos for different groups that fall under your "curator" banner. You're attempting to say a lot, to a lot of people, in a very short time, and that has lead to a video that feels dry and unexciting.