Colin C.

Colin C.

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Colin C.

Musician + Remixer with work on NBC/Showtime/HBO/FOX and more. Audio Engineer at The Cell Studio. Creator of the 'Essential' Logic Pro X products for Loopmasters UK.
Colin Cameron Allrich has been immersed in music production for close to two decades. From early beginnings remixing and producing Dance music for such seminal labels as Lost Language, Thrive/Renaissance UK, Global Underground, Proton Music - to his current work with Industrial music pioneers Front Line Assembly and 16Volt side project Black December, as well as engineering for studio clients as diverse as Thee-O's (LA’s “rave godfather”) releases for System Recordings, Indie pop band Paper Pilots and KCRW favorite Legendary House Cats (ex-Aberdeen) plus many others. His credit list boasts an impressively wide variety that is built on Colin's flexibility among various genres.  

As a teacher, Colin also spent six years working with Apple as a certified trainer for their line of pro applications. Colin is certified in Logic Pro, and has been working with Logic since version 5. With his time at Apple Colin crafted digital audio workshops and clinics on audio recording, to which Apple then adopted in to their now massively popular OneToOne program. 

2012 saw Colin branch out in to developing products for UK’s Loopmasters, creating the first of it’s kind Channel Strips product pack for Logic Pro 9, “Mix Essentials by Colin C.” is now one of Loopmasters top, award winning products that spawned a second volume, plus "Electronic Drum Kits" for Ultrabeat and "Retro Synths" presets for Logic Pro X's Retro Synth. Colin also sound-designs for CAPSUN ProAudio and has worked with the development of Tone2 virtual synthesizers. 

His compositional work outside of the dance floor has been his new personal focus. Currently his music has been featured on numerous television shows including: USA Network's "Covert Affairs",  HBO’s “True Blood”, Showtime’s “House Of Lies”, FOX’s “Bones” & "Second Chance", plus many more.
mixing, mix engineer, recording engineer, music production, soundtracks, remixes, music production / mastering, engineering
electronic, electronica, breakbeat, drum & bass, idm, ambient, glitch, film, industrial, indietronica, soundtracks
Los Angeles, CA

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Sleep Status submitted media.

Sick Exposure by Sleep Status

Colin C.

Only critique I can give you is, I'm blasting this at my studio, and feeling like there's some loss of quality on this file I'm listening too? The highs feel like they are suffering from streaming 192kbps mpeg compression. Wish I could hear it in higher quality because it ROCKS! Very well done!

You've got a classic Ministry vibe with the lead up to the bridge, where that solo flips it up and gives us more to chew on than Al and Co did. Impressive!

Not sure if you are familiar with ReGen magazine, but my friend Ilker Yücel who runs it would probably love this. Would recommend reaching out to him online. Hopefully he can help you spread the word! is also another resource, have a feeling they'd like it too. Will tweet to them to check you out!

Again, great stuff, keep it up! 

Sub Pac submitted media.

Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Colin C.

I keep hearing more and more great things about Sub Pac! I gotta get one! :)

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Colin C.

Wow, first off this is one of the best production I've had the privilege of hearing on Fluence! I usually have a few nit picking critiques from my engineering standpoint, but I can't fault this: it's punchy, has great use of the stereo field, vocals cut through nicely and doesn't feel like any corners were cut in the mixing/recording sessions! Ace work!

The only downside to it, and it's not even really a downside depending on the target audience - is that your sound isn't really anything new. For fans who are currently enjoying the nostalgia factor with new bands harking back to yesterday (i.e. 3TEETH, Youth Code for example) you'll definitely pull them in. 

What I will do is check in with a few of the radio DJs I know to have them explore your Bandcamp, as well as connect with my friend Ilker (who runs ReGen Mag) to help spread the word!

Lastly, have you thought of approaching Artoffact Records in Toronto? They might be a good fit for you if you are looking for label representation.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your music! It's truly refreshing to hear something of this caliber! - You can quote me on that! 

Tommaso Caronna submitted media.

Colin C.

This is a really nice piece of Ambient! Has a Brian Eno meets Cliff Martinez vibe to it that would be great for a soundtrack to a film. The composition is very relaxing and would marry well with visuals. If you haven't thought of it all ready, I would pair this with a film maker to create a visual counter point to the piece. 

Again, lovely work that you should be proud of. 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Colin C.

Wish I could listen, but your Soundcloud player gave me the following error:

`url` parameter is not a valid SoundCloud URL.

Sub Pac submitted media.

Colin C.

I've heard only good things about the SubPac, Freq Nasty was quite vocal about how much he digs it. 

I will be considering adding this to my studio, as sub frequencies in smaller project studios like my own can get unruly fairly easily. 

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Colin C.

Nicely done on all fronts. Mix on the song is nearly perfect. Drums are nice and punchy, good balance between the instruments chosen to accent the lyrical material. Male voice is really strong, passionate about what he's rapping about and no "pulled punches" in his performance. The female vocal is decent, I found her sustains a bit too much, she falters a bit on the end of a few of them but overall a good accompaniment to the lead vocal. 

Video is shot well, classic music video vibe which I dig. The message was obvious without being heavy handed. In my opinion it's hard to make any "inspirational" music not come across as overly "preachy", which this manages to ride on the side of empowerment. 

Overall, I'd say this is the best production/mix work I've seen on Fluence so far. Great job! 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Colin C.

Wonderful idea! Glad to be a part of it!