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Bruno Natal

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Bruno Natal

Co-Founder WeDemand / Music Writer / Doc Filmmaker
WeDemand ( co-founder and CMO, Bruno is a music writer and documentary filmmaker with a masters degree from Goldsmiths, University of London (which he attended on a British Council scholarship).

He has produced and directed films such as "Dub Echoes" (, about  the influence of Jamaican dub music on the birth of hip hop and electronic music, as well as portraying many Brazilian biggest artists.

As a writer, he has contributed to magazines such as XLR8R, Spin, Vice, and writes a weekly  column about music and digital culture in Rio's O Globo newspaper.

He keeps a blog for over 11 years, URBe, hosted at OEsquema portal, of which he is also a co-founder.
documentary, filmmaking, music writing, film production, music writing / blogging, film / video, music blogging
electronic, crowdfunding, dub, soccer
Rio, Brazil

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Recent Feedback

Jay Bonaparte submitted media.

Lost Cause by PARAGⴲN CAUSE

Bruno Natal

Not really my cup of tea in terms of style, but I really liked the 80s vibe, kinda goth, right? Congrats on a really well produced track.

Billy Wild submitted media.

Bruno Natal

Good timing! Hope this helps turn things around. If it doesn't, at the very least is a good record of the times we are living in.

Ralina PR submitted media.

RED (Radio Mix) by Emii

Bruno Natal

Sounds good! A bit too generic in terms of what's out there, but well produced, nonetheless. Seems like it's begging for a tropical house remix!

Vizion submitted media.

Vanessa by Vizion

Bruno Natal

Pretty cool, laid back production! I like these kind of sounds. I shared it through my Soundcloud account.

Vizion submitted media.

Strings by Vizion

Bruno Natal

Laaaaid back beats, just the way I like it. Will share it thought soundcloud.

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Bruno Natal

Really cool project! There's a Brazilian artist by the name of Lucas Santtana who went on to make a whole album simply using the acoustic guitar,  taking it as far as he could and in a couple of tracks he went into a similar approach as you had here.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

You're Hysterical Ft. Topless Literati by EVAN TYLER ft. Topless Literati

Bruno Natal

I liked the beats, the spoken word parts on top of it makes it a bit difficult for me to want to dance to this.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Bruno Natal

Congrats, guys! This is getting better and better. The more disintermediated the relationship between creators and curators, the better. And I think it's getting there.

Chad Lee Jones submitted media.

Bruno Natal

I'm a huge fan of Maga Bo's work, specially for his keen ears to new music. Usually, everything he picks or points you to is gold and in this case is no different. Cool track, crazy beats and really slick video too. I didn't know Teba Shumba before this vide and really liked his flow. Thanks for the heads up, I'll post this on my blog. submitted media.

Bruno Natal

I'm a big fan of the tool  and the concept already and have an account since it was still in beta. My problem is that I find it a bit confusing to use, I never know when to use it, I don't really get what to do when I go to the platform and I have a hard time replying to stuff I get from friends. I can see this being very strong as a commenting tool, generating a lot of insights, but as I said, I have a hard time figuring out how to use it. Probably my fault, for not putting enough effort into it. But still, if it were easier, I'd be using more. Happy to hear more about it.

Chris McGarry submitted media.

Bruno Natal

Thanks for reaching out.

In Brazil there's tons of blogs covering just EDM. One of the most respected ones is Bate-Estaca:

And DJ Sound and Deep Beep sees a lot of traffic:

Some smaller blogs are:

And if you want to get a high fee, Warung Club is your place to go:

Hope it helps. The video looks beautiful.


Merlin Györy submitted media.

Bruno Natal

Beautiful. I'd be curious to know what are your intentions with it. Film scoring? Sounds like a good way to go with it.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

I Lose Myself by Names.

Bruno Natal

I like the spaced out vibe and how the production is borderline pop, but with "strange" beats. I'd like to see it go crazier though. Good music to make love too, so much that I'll share on a Facebook page I have just for this kind of sound, Bota pra F*der.

Palm Beach submitted media.

Reach by P▲Lm B≡▲CH

Bruno Natal

I like the mix and the overall timbre, the tone drums are good, but overall I think it lacks personality. There's is just too much of this kind of sound going around, it just becomes background music for when you are doing something else. I'd say explore further, go crazier. Around 2:30 things get more interesting, but then you don't resist the obvious break down. Fight it and do the unexpected. 

shamal ranasinghe submitted media.

Bruno Natal

It would be great, but it doesn't seem affordabley nowadays, does it?