David Brisbois

David Brisbois

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David Brisbois

CIO, Executive Director, Marketing & Industry Relations
David M. Brisbois, CIO, Director A&R of music publisher North Star Media, a boutique music publisher offering a personalized, full-service approach to publishing and rights management solutions for artists, film & tv production companies, ad agencies, and new media outlets. 

North Star Media proudly represents a diverse roster of recording artists, ranging from brand new indies to multi-platinum superstars, and works closely with some of today's top composers and producers who specialize in the creation of custom scores and production cues.

For its artists, North Star Media actively works to secure sync placement opportunities across all media in the U.S. and international markets through its vast network of music supervisors and sub-publishers, advising and handling of worldwide copyright administration, and song-plugging.

With representatives based in Los Angeles, Detroit, Nashville and abroad, North Star Media has enjoyed many successful placements in television, film, advertisement, and new media productions.
artist management, label relations, music videos, sync licensing, music festivals, music publishing, live events, music writing, licensing, music licensing / syncing, film / video, artist development
edm, music, house, deep house, film / video
Los Angeles, Detroit, US

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Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

David Brisbois

I liked it, overall a great remix - a little bit lower key than some electronic remixes - but it seemed to suit the song. Well produced. Good vibes. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

David Brisbois

Very clear message, guys - well done. 

Bob Manning submitted media.

Stand/still by Cold, cold heart

David Brisbois

I like it. What is the intended application? Are you considering composing/scoring for film? I would recommend you do. Perhaps develop this song as a theme which you can expand upon for a very good indie film project headed to the festival circuit and see what comes of it.  

As it relates to my feeling for this tune - the music here is very emotive - a powerful soundtrack to that moment you mention. While it would be easy to categorize as extremely melancholic, it is also easy for me to imagine a new beginning while listening. As you've envisioned, it is a moment of loss, so there is that component - but also in the ending of something is at least the potential for a rebirth or a new beginning of another. 

I saw this as a soundtrack for short time-lapse piece where you look over a city as she wakes up for the day. ;)