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A solid decade of dominance can't be wrong. Such is the case for Kansas City DJ and producer Brent Tactic, who in bridging the space where the underground storms the mainstream has successfully kept dance floors filled nationwide. Independent hip hop was the starting point for the Midwest native. Success in that realm mirrors his work now, as between DJing and running an independent label, he's established solid roots in the game.

Blog fanatics and close followers of indie dance likely know Brent Tactic from his "Tactic" tandem with Ben Tactic (Fuller). The duo first paired in 2002, a common creative ground found in a now pop trending style ignoring genre boundaries. Four turntable DJ sets blurred the line between hip-hop, electro and bass-heavy club music, while their production chops earned them plays on NYC’s East Village Radio, London’s KISS FM and BBC Radio1 plus spins in the sets of Diplo, Sinden, Tittsworth, Starkey, Jackmaster, Dave Nada, Cosmo Baker and Eli Escobar. With remixes and original tracks released on labels such as Mad Decent, Dress 2 Sweat (Numbers), Starkey's label Slit Jockey, Palms Out Sounds, Get Flavor and Datura Records, Brent's continuing success is a story of advancing expectations.

Rising tropical bass by way of pitched down house genre moombahton may be where Brent Tactic gains the international legacy. Started with Ben Tactic, his Think 2wice Records is a respected early leader in the sound, top Beatport charting releases Star Time from Arizona kingpin DJ Melo and The Last Don from East Coast heavyweight Jon Kwest as only a sign of things to come. Tactic's own blend of funk and soul informed by traditional Latin melodies taps into his hip hop past, and has found space in sets and key cosigns of top moombahton stars Nadastrom, Munchi, David Heartbreak and Sabo. Furthermore, his voluminous background as a well respected producer and label boss has assisted Kansas City's local party scene to quickly ascend to the top of the list for national dance insiders.
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Bushwick, NY

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Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Brent Tactic

definitely well done. song is a bit monotonous but she's got a great voice

Moses biko submitted media.

Brent Tactic

cool but a little chaotic that was often times distracting. tightening up the mix and levels would do this track wonders i think.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Brent Tactic

the first high quality project i've seen heard or seen on fluence yet.

Mohamed Marah submitted media.

02 A.E.O.M by MohamedX

Brent Tactic

vocal is strong and cadence is very dope. beat leaves a bit to be desired but lots of potential here.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Brent Tactic

moody, intense, fairly dark, etc.  all vibes that are hit pretty spot on.

Neal Liggins submitted media.

Brent Tactic

cool breakdown and accurate statements.  a little hard to hear though. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Brent Tactic

this all sounds great but i'm having trouble setting up my account.