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Benjamin Groff

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Benjamin Groff

We Are: The Guard (Benjamin Groff)
Hey there!  My name is Benjamin Groff and I'm the dude behind We Are: The Guard ( and the music publishing company Brill Building ( We Are: The Guard is the crowd sourced record label and music filter for beat driven indie, alternative pop, alt chill and more.

Submissions to my Fluence page will receive a thorough and honest review / critique.

Additionally, 20% of our submissions have gone on to make it to being The Guard posts.  Despite the hourly rate, most submissions cost less than $20-$30 to review, depending how much feedback we provide.

Looking forward to hearing your latest.  All proceeds go back into help run We Are: The Guard with server costs, writers, A&R, and my Friday night pizza.


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Recent Feedback

Declan Rodgers submitted media.

Woof (Official Video) by Sweetmates

Benjamin Groff

Hi nice song and fun video with that truck.  Nice combination of electronic and indie dance vibes.  I'm not sure if it's right for as far as something we would post up but I'll share with some of my writers on the site.  Catchy song!!

Lynn Music submitted media.

Rise High by Lynn

Benjamin Groff

Wow really nice work here.  I really like how the song makes you think it's going to be one thing and then switches pace to the rock side.  Really well done video too and production is solid.  I just followed you on your youtube and found the "Can't Let Go" song.  Actually think that "Rise High" feels really authentic and a great direction to continue in.  

chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Benjamin Groff

Hey Chasbo...sorry it took a second to get to listening as I was away for a long weekend.  Wow really great video and well done.  Definitely different and well shot, cut, great images too.  I also really like the song.  Not sure if it's something that "puts me over the top" as I would say ... like if our blog at had more of a rock / roots tip we'd probably post it but it's not quite the genre for us.   But sounds like you're on your way...strong production, mix...and having fun too with everything.  Nice work! 

Jen Baron submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Jen...this is a really clever lyric and strong pop song...really nice job!  I can tell there was a lot of time / craft that went into it.  I'll respond more on email so we can keep the dialogue going.   - Benjamin. 

Natasha-Leigh Smith submitted media.

OMEN by Natasha-Leigh Smith

Benjamin Groff

Hey OMEN, 

Thanks for the submission.  Yeah really nice job and really great sounding production / mix etc.  I think the song is definitely in the good category and voice sounds great.  For me on a song level I think for some constructive comments I might look at the lyric in the chorus:  

I'll think of you think of you
When your with her your with her
But I can't take no more
No I can't take no more

Like some times lyrics work fine just saying what they're saying but often i think it's better if you can put it into a metaphor or say that as the message but just say it in a different way and have some things that are just a little out of the ordinary and juicy.  From a song perspective that's something I thought could be a little better.  

If you ever want to check out an amazing lyric writing book, check out Pat Pattison's work via Berklee ... he was my mentor and as a singer/songwriter I think you might dig it.  

Thanks for the submission!


Robert Kemp submitted media.

Oh No by Mike Simmons

Benjamin Groff

Hey Mike...nice song.  There's not too much I could add as far as feedback.  But you have drums (ride and a hh?) on the track but I'm curious why there isn't a kick or maybe a snar?  It might help drive the song a little more or delineate the sections.  Thanks for the submission though...feel free to keep them coming as we do occasionally find new songs we love her to post to BitCandy.  Tx...Benjamin. 

Elliot Lampitt submitted media.

BROTHER OF MINE by Dorey The Wise

Benjamin Groff

Hey Dorsey the Wise...Nice chorus, great production and mix!  Sounds like you guys are heading in the right direction.  I'm not sure it's right as far as being in our lane to publish on BitCandy as we are a little more on the indie side and I feel this song is a little more mainstream.   My only suggestion would be maybe a more signature concept / title for the chorus.  Like instead of "Waiting on You" which feels like the central statement of the there a metaphor for that lyrically that might pop more?