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Bo Caldwell

With over a decade of working in the music industry, I have many years of experience working with name artist and labels alike. I have worked for many clients where I have been responsible for writing and executing strategic marketing plans, social networking, online marketing, overseeing print, radio, in-store promotions, product management, web design, album artwork design, engineering, producing, replication and employee management. I am a wearer of many hats and as such clients come to me for overall expertise instead having to hire multiple people for their projects.

Clients worked with: Megadeth, Peter Murphy, Robbie Nevil, Peter Cetera, Sanctuary, EMI, Warner, Decca, Capitol, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Young MC, 7Horse, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ali Campbell, Jon Anderson, Sandra Bernhard and many more. I also worked some live concerts years ago with artists such as Boston, Mellisa Etheridge, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Kenny Chesney, Bob Dylan, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Temptations, The Beach Boys to name some of the bigger ones.
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St Louis, MO

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John Mondick submitted media.

So Much Sky by Birds Over Arkansas

Bo Caldwell

Overall, I like it.  The doubled vocals with the female voice is very nice. Overall a mellow, indie feel.  Reminds me a bit of a more organic version of the band Stars. 

I am not sold on that artwork that I see with it/not sure if it fits for a single/cover artwork.  But that of course is up the artist on what they find creatively expresses themselves best.

The sample that is in the beginning and then comes back for a bit later on feels really out of place. I think it would do the song more justice to pull that out.

I also feel that there is not a really strong chorus.  Nothing that pops out to me that says, this is the chorus, this is the hook.  But as I said above, I do like the song itself overall.

Charles n/a submitted media.

Sell Phone by Head Exploder

Bo Caldwell

First I must say that for recording it in a bedroom it sounds great!

Overall I dig the track.  Hard, gritty, in your face rock with a slight tint of alternative. The track time is a good length and I like that you did not have to wait to long for the track to get moving. 

I think the music fits in pretty well with a lot of the doom rock resurgence that has been going on as of late from what I hear. Blood Ceremony, Jess and the ancient ones, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.  Also I hear some Jack White / The Dead Weather in there.

Only thing I am not super sure about is the effect that you have coming in at 2:20. It seems a bit much and I don't think you guys need that kind of filler. Also the ending would probably be better leaving it as a fade out than abrupt cut. 

Overall I dig it. I would say if the rest of your tracks sound similar etc you guys have a cool piece of music to release.  Keep at it!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Bo Caldwell

Lets start with the positive.  I appreciate the eclectic mix of music genres in this track.  Blues/waltz/electronic? Trippy!  I think most music artist focus on writing songs that are palatable to a overall genre or demographic... which unfortunately more than not stunts creativity and exploration in music.  So for going out on a limb to do something different I give kudos!  Also... I did the overall sound of the lead vocals.

Unfortunately, although I can appreciate music like this it is really not something I feel will go over well with the overall public.  Fans of yours? Sure. Music snobs who appreciate music as a whole? Yes.  Joe and Sue down the block streaming music while doing whatever... chances are they may hit the skip button.  Just not the assessable for most people.

That said, because it IS a bit different/quirky and dare I say hip... I could easily hear it being used in some film/tv placement somewhere.  The track would sync up neat next to the right scenes.

Best of luck, be well and if you need anything else you know where to reach me!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Bo Caldwell

I will start with the good...

I do like it.  The song is pretty neat, different and interesting.  It has a feeling that throws you back to some of the underground music of the 80s.  I am not just saying that because of the synth sounds (which are great btw) but really the down tempo indie rock that reminds me of something between The Clash and Andi Sexgang.

I dig artistry and going against the grain of main stream.  This song and video does both of those things.

Now for the hard stuff...

Although I personally like that track I don't see this as being a song that will go over that well overall.  As in, if you are going to be putting all your eggs in one basket and using this as your main promo... I would rethink that.  I am sure you will find some music fans that love the track but I doubt you will have to much success with it other than that.  Also, the video.  I understand what you are trying to do with the whole vintage noir thing but I am not sure it was executed  well enough.  Something about it feels just a tad bit under produced.  Last... the song is so slow that with the addition of the black and white video I almost started getting sleepy and bored.

Mike Patton submitted media.

Party Never Ends by 3 Parts Dead

Bo Caldwell

Right on, I love anything rock!  Here we go...

I dig the opening riff.  Sound quality is good.  All good things right there.  I was grooving along pretty well until it hit the 39sec mark.  The chorus structure seems right for a hook.  But the lead vocals are just not getting it.  Sounds like the vocalist is trying to sing out of his range.  Same in the break.  Background vocals could also be better.  Lead guitar is pretty good tone seems a little off.  Like it could use some more ball$.

Aside from that.  Checked out the rest of your stuff online as well.  Website is looking good.  Socials are inline.  Although they are current you guys could be more active though to help continue to grow your fanbase.  Also, not a big fan of the cover art.  You can do better!

Last.  You live photos... you guys all look like you put a lot of work into how you look on stage which is great!  Only thing is.. is the look that you guys are going for a clean/preppy rock look?  I see a vest in a photo and clothes that look like they were all bought that day at the mall.  I would say that if you are going to be writing a bio that talks about fast driving hard drinkin rock music... you might want take another look at the overall band look.  I know a look of those bigger rock acts do similar things... but most are established already.  I would work more on looking like a bad ass band that I would not want to get in a fight with and ditch anything that would hinder that look.

It was a pleasure and I hope the constructive criticism helps.  I try and be as honest as I can with these things!  Please feel free to contact to me if you have any questions or are interested in working together.

Good luck and be well!


- Press - submitted media.

Halls by Press

Bo Caldwell

I dig the track.  It a neat indie rocker with some good energy behind it.  Reminds me of the Strokes, Modest Mouse, Killers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and others.  

I would target this track to the college demographic for sure.  A college radio campaign would be a good idea but you will probably need to do a radio edit.  The track runs a bit long for the radio world.

Other than that, all of you look pretty good.  You have a nice vibe going in your photos.  You are pretty new from the looks of things so you have a lot of work to do to build up your online fans and footprint.  Also, you need to play out more.... MUCH more.

If you are interested in talking further about anything please don't hesitate to reach out.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Bo Caldwell

First thought that sticks out is you can tell that the production on this track is top notch.  I dig the mellow beats with layered synths under the strong soft vocals.  The strong backing vocal around 3:00 compliments it quite well.  Although I like the track I am not quite sure it would make for a good single.  I do think it would be really great to try and use it in film/tv placement though as it kind of has a soundtrack type feel.