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Michael Bitton

Founder / Editor
We are artists, lovers, gentlemen, scholars, dancers, and dreamers. We are constantly being inspired and we want to share with you what inspires us. We hope to provide you with the new and refresh for you the old. We want to give you community – honest and unfiltered.

Electric Bare is MurderBear and The Aesthetic, two friends fortunate enough to be situated in the cultural hubs of San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively. Members of the artistic community themselves, the two strive to promote and support the talent, creativity, and imagination of the forces that color our inner landscapes.

We love discovering new art, so if you have any music, paintings, animations, etc. that you want featured, send them our way!
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San Francisco, CA

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Recent Feedback

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Michael Bitton

I really appreciate the evolution of the track at the very beginning through the layering of the rhythm parts. The song is catchy and I think it's length leaves the listener wanting more. I feel like its a bit over-produced. It sounds incredibly digital and I feel a bit removed from it. I feel like it could benefit from a little more "grit." 

Adam, Hear The Sea submitted media.

Sweeten by Adam, Hear The Sea

Michael Bitton

I appreciate the track, as well as the video that accompanies it (specifically the mind-bending projection wizardry. If you're not already familiar, check out a song called "Stunts" by Raveyards - they do something really cool with a similar technique). I do feel, however, like the track is missing some low-end. Not some thick, warble-y bass for the sake of bass, but rather a low value to balance out the levels. As of now I feel like there's too much treble and mid values and that they don't evolve enough to keep my full attention on their own.

Clyde Mahon submitted media.

Sleeps Well On Knives by Eyelid Kid

Michael Bitton

I really like this track. It is subtle, and understated. It is complex, yet simple. What strikes me most about this song, though, is that it leaves much to be desired. I do not mean this in a negative way. It feels unresolved in a way that makes me want to listen to more Eyelid Kid, to see how the sound develops through the rest of their work. I would definitely like to hear more and promote this song on Electric Bare.

Sound Injections submitted media.

Daughters by S.Maharba

Michael Bitton

The beginning was a bit jarring - it was a wall of volume that startled me a bit, but that's not necessarily bad. I feel like I was flung headfirst into a world of noise and faintly recognizable samples and textures strung together by, what I feel, is a great melody. Great track!

Alan Poyer submitted media.

Too Real by A Sol Mechanic & Flamingosis

Michael Bitton

Very airy track. I really love the transition around 1:20. Until then it felt like I had just woken up, groggy and in a daze. The shift at 1:20, then, is the cold water that makes me present, mindful. 

CMA Music submitted media.

Forthcoming (WIP) by Life Goes On

Michael Bitton

Beautiful. The track could have gone in so many different directions from the beginning piano bit and I am really glad it turned into what it did. Well done. I particularly enjoyed the subtle layering from 0:55 on.