Arthur Martins

Arthur Martins

Arthur Martins

Designer . Photographer . Trailblazzer for Map
Graphic designer and Photographer ↟ E x p l o r e  .  L i f e s t y l e  .  S t o r y t e l l e r  ↟ Simplicity, emotional and delicate graphic details based on geometry and lines. Pictures or filming express feelings, unique moments, reactions in the environment with a minimalist / vintage concept. 

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photography, graphic design, videography, film / video, digital media
film / video, travelling, photography
Rio de Janeiro

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Recent Feedback submitted media.

VIIV.TV | AWAKENING by ayesha mathews

Arthur Martins

The video message is pretty clear for me, based directly on the feminine power behind the global economy nowadays. In the beginning there's an introduction with the human qualities that are directly to women, but we don't have all the certain yet by the video. Then it introduces the feminine power and the women participation at the world wide economy. 

I believe is a very good approach to introduce such a theme to society, with the video graphics and movement in contrast with photographies. However I think it has been explored too much, because there's too much text to be read on a video, and the graphics also are too much. 

In my thinking, I would make a video, with footages of cities, like New York... and showing businesswomen routine over Manhattan, while visual graphics, and statistics could be used in conjunction, makind good visual interventions. Also to be textless, I would prefer to use a female, strong and confident voice over to narrate that text which is pretty strong and appealing for the cause. This is just a suggestion, but I really like the video and the iniciative, congratulations Viiv TV! 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Arthur Martins

I believe the whole essence and concept of what's being created by Fluence is being expressed on the video. It called my attention instantly as a professional, and really motivates me to start posting my works and evaluate others. That's what really is being part of this great environment. I think there is one subject that could be more emphasized. The inspirations that other works and projects of other people reflects on us.  When we see or curate different projects, we get inspired at some level and makes us reflect about it and about our work as well.