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HB THA MEALTICKET submitted media.

ETC [Official Music Video] by HB THE MEAL TICKET

Leslie Mac

When your video first starts, your words are not aligned with your mouth. I like the black box shots! Clean and simple.

BL'EVE Brown submitted media.

Leslie Mac

Has a good vibe, definitely something I would ride to (and be able to work)! Appreciate the lyrics, the annunciation is great!  (That is missing from so many songs now.) If you are looking for further promotion, please let me know. 

Luke submitted media.

Leslie Mac

Production is dope! Great dance track! Good flow!

Neal Liggins submitted media.

Leslie Mac

I don't necessarily agree with everything you said.  From a filming perspective, you should have zoomed in on you and filmed horizontally instead of vertically.  An intro/title is needed at the beginning. otherwise, I like where you are going with it.

PANIC Eightyfive submitted media.

Mommas Only Son by Panic

Leslie Mac

Nice flow!!! The production is perfect for the song.  I like the story behind the lyrics...I can feel it!  Great job!!

Kdn Dwayne submitted media.

So Fine by Noidak

Leslie Mac

I can ride with this!  The setting is felt through your song.. Before I realized where you were from, I could see myself at the beach with this.  Use of drums, just right!  Good job!

submitted media.

Bermuda Triangle by Steezy Society

Leslie Mac

Some of the scenes you appear "inserted" in the beginning as opposed to natural and when you say "You talk a lot of shit.." around the 1:06 the audio is not aligned as well as the 1:33.  After those 2 spots, you line back up.  Overall, there is a setting conflict with you. However, I do like the concept, the song production, and lyrics.  

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Another Late Night (sneak preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Leslie Mac

Your description is on point!  I can def. feel the vibe you sending.  The mellowness keeps it intriguing and wanting more.  The production.... spot on!  Good job!!

GO10 submitted media.

Produced By T-JILLA by Dont Believe her

Leslie Mac

The down beat is solid!! I really liked the addition of the drums, gives you that needed base. This carries that sultry R&B vibe that I could hear playing over and over.  Good job!!  

For promoting needs, please feel free to email me. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Leslie Mac

Clear, concise and straight forward.  Def. gives off the feel of wanting to be involved!  Great message.