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Ali Spagnola

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Ali Spagnola

Musician, artist, entrepreneur, comedian
Created the Shot Glass USB + Power Hour Concerts:

Artist behind the "Free Paintings" project:
design, blogging, music promotion, music performance, vlogging
singer/songwriter, music, pop, comedy, drinking, beer, partying
Pittsburgh, PA

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Inspired Artists submitted media.

Shake The Cage by The Slytones

Ali Spagnola

Wow, this immediately pulled me in. I love the energy! I love how I feel like I'm continually having new things thrown at me right from the start. New instruments, new riffs, everything weaving together in a open but complex work that's very dynamic. You do a good job of pushing me the edge RIGHT before I become uneasy, not knowing what's coming next but being compelling the whole time.

The one criticism I could give is that it was so complex, I was missing a point where I got a chorus that I could really grip on to as the hook. I understand you have the reprise "Shake the Cage" but I would have liked to hear that repeat more often or perhaps last a little longer. Give me some solid ground to stand on for a little bit.

I immediately replayed after it finished. So dope! Wow, I really love it. I'm usually not this passionate about submissions but holy crap this song is fantastic. I'm sharing it immediately.

Mardi Morillo submitted media.

If I Had You in My Life by Mardi Morillo

Ali Spagnola

Wow, this is really great considering the fact that it's your first song. I love that you paired visuals with the music and that you illustrated it all yourself!

I do believe your guitar is a bit out of tune. That could be a stylistic choice so disregard that if it was intended. I think the recording quality could improve and of course you'll get better after your first! I'm hearing some white noise in there so perhaps consider upping your equipment quality if you're going to continue to write and record.

And that's my biggest suggestion right now. Keep writing! Keep making more music. You'll only get better the more you do. And keep drawing, too! You're green right now in general so the more work you make, the more you'll improve.

j e submitted media.

snake juice anthem by where is my spaceship

Ali Spagnola

Oh man, I love the line "recorded in a garbage bag floating on the hudson". You make a bold statement about your musical style while making me curious to listen.

This genre is certainly outside of what I listen to. Though I like what you've done. Your vocals are fully committed and that really makes it. I can imagine this is really great live.

I also like that the song isn't kicking me in the teeth for the entire 3 minutes. You have some variations in energy and dynamics which adds interest and then makes the full energy parts stand out more.

Honestly, any critical feedback I could give you would be things that would pull it away from punk music to more pop so I'm really not going to suggest any changes. In terms of promotion, I'd say get out there and play shows. I'm usually one to push online instead of in-person exposure but like I said, I bet this is great live and that's where I feel you're going to hook superfans.

Laura Sullivan submitted media.

900 Voices by Laura Sullivan

Ali Spagnola

Awesome job making something that resonated with so many people and took off virally! So cool that you got so many features. Have you thought about making this a continuing series? I would love to see you making more of them. New media (especially YouTube) is all about continuing to put out new content consistently. I think you'd be better off going that direction that trying to pull more attention to this video. Build an audience of people expecting great songs from you along this theme and you'll bring in tons for Little Kids Rock

submitted media.

California Moon by Thomas Gardner Jr.

Ali Spagnola

This genre isn't something I'm really into so I might not be the best person to talk to about this. I wasn't crazy about the song, but it certainly wasn't bad. The vocals felt just a little bit rough at some points. Kind of a general unpolished feeling. But only VERY slightly. Pay as much attention to how you end notes as you do to how you start them. 

I love the melody in the final line of the chorus -- how "under California Moon" delicately rises and trails off into the turnaround. Also, your harmonies add a nice change in texture.

KING KREDIBLE submitted media.


Ali Spagnola

Well I'm not really your target market for this song so I'm not sure I can give the best feedback. The song has a nice atmosphere to it that feels like it's just floating in the air. Your rapping very much reminds me of Drake and I'm guessing his fans would be into this. For me, the thing that was lacking is a hook that really pulled me in. I'm always drawn to a catchy refrain. Though what this lacks in catchiness it makes up for in good production and a chill, almost dark, mood

submitted media.

Ali Spagnola

The recording and mix quality is amazing. I can't believe you did this from a laptop in college. Really beautifully done.

I think what was missing for me was a big hook. The chorus just didn't catch me like I wanted. Especially because I was expecting that due to how much I liked the production quality. Keep in mind I like things that are so catchy they should be TV jingles. But still, that's what was lacking for me. I wanted more of an earworm at the chorus.

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

Ali Spagnola

It's a very well-produced track. Not generally a style I'd listen to so I'm not sure I'm the right person to be asking. But it's definitely well done.

It takes a while to get to the vocals. I'm sure you're not aiming for a wide appeal commercially but for radio tracks they get out of the intro much sooner than 1:40. submitted media.

Ali Spagnola

Your video is great! Well produced and got me intrigued. Normally I'd be against the vagueness but it got me interested enough to actually type in "" to my browser window. Though your splash page lost me. I couldn't immediately grasp what you do so I wanted to move on. I'd suggest making that much less vague than the video.

In terms of breaking through the noise, I guess you're on the right track reaching out to influencers. Even putting people like Nicole Byer in your video can help get you some attention because of her social following. If you can get the influential users on their, then the rest will probably follow. Though it seems you may be against that "influential user" mentality anyway

I don't know if I agree with your premise though. As an influencer, what am I worth in this world if I have an equal standing with everyone else? I don't even know who I am anymore ;)

Mark Stein submitted media.

Ali Spagnola

Hm, honestly I'm a bad person to ask about this specifically. I don't keep up with outlets of this type so I couldn't tell you. My best general advice would be that once you find those outlets, target the specific journalists within those sites. Find the writers that are writing about similar music and contact them personally. A lot of times they have personal portfolio sites with contact info. You'll have much more success with that than if you just use a general contact email or submission form. And make sure to mention their past articles and why you think you'll also be of interest to them based on what you've read of theirs.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

When You Fall by Claus Zinger

Ali Spagnola

Interesting sound. It's definitely breaking some structure guidelines if you're looking at the usual for radio airplay. (Especially the fact that the intro-like section is 1:25 long) The style is reminding me of Imogen Heap. You you look to connect with fans of her and Frou Frou because they would be likely to enjoy this track.

Charles Hull submitted media.

Ali Spagnola

It seems you already have some good buzz going for it. (HAH! No pun intended.) Keep working those MTVu avenues. Your social media outlets could definitely use some work. Try connecting with people that like similar artists on Twitter.