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Alan Poyer

Music Blogger /\ Curator /\ Musician //\\ Artist Marketing @ Pandora
Alan is the marketing manager at Fluence with a background in PR and digital media. He has studied violin performance for over 20 years, is the product manager for Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform ( and is the founder of music site

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Bay Area, CA

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Recent Feedback

matt stevens submitted media.

Cloud by xxz

Alan Poyer

Instant fan have a great ear and a thoughtful approach to bringing in diverse sounds in a way that's quite beautiful and engaging (e.g. 1:28). Definitely getting some heavy Shlohmo influence (Places EP?) and digging it. Good move letting it breathe and bringing it all together at 2:02-4.

I like the offbeat punch you're trying to bring out in 0:38, as it's great placement and intrigues the ear – my feedback on it would be to consider whether the "yeh" reverbed voice sample is the best way to deliver that punch, since you're setting the tone that early on and training the listener what to expect in the future, and it sticks out from the rest of the track (i.e. there's no other section that has a voice sample).

Balance overall is superb – wouldn't change a thing there. I keep coming back to 2:04-2:21 (the part where it all comes together). This is the strongest, most special and enveloping section to me. I'd love to hear some variant of it happen more than once over the course of a three minute track. :) 

I'm definitely going to dig into your other tracks on SC now. Let me know if you'd feel comfortable with me sharing them or including them in my mixes on 8tracks or Pandora (, since I know sometimes people don't want to share out works in progress. My email is and please feel free to reach out anytime. Cheers!


tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

Under My Sun by Tiphanie Doucet

Alan Poyer

YES!! This is how it's done...definitely one of the best submissions I've ever seen – you haven't missed a thing (letter, press release, EPK, social links, and even lyrics!). Okay, now that I've said that, I can focus on appreciating your mesmerizing voice. :) 

'Under My Sun' evokes the feeling of filtered sunlight streaming through the window and lighting up a beautiful face. This it what it sounds like to have hope unexpectedly sneak into your day and let you know that – although it's been a rough road – everything's going to be okay.

I've recommended a few people who I think could be helpful, and I'll absolutely be sharing across socials and in future mixes/playlists. I've followed you on SC and Spotify, and I noticed you're not yet spinning on Pandora so I'm taking steps to help make that happen. Listening to the rest of your release now (Shadow of You is lovely) and please feel free to reach out anytime to me directly at

Wishing you the best for what I'm sure will be your future success! 


submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Really enjoying this – thanks for sending my way! 

Any chance you could send a download link to I'd love to include this track in a future 8tracks mix here: I'm thinking it'd be perfect for one similar to this ( or this (

It evokes a beautiful sense of weightlessness and calm, much like the feeling you get when you're submerged and exploring the oceanic life. Exceptional drum selection, vocals, and filters...looking forward to hearing the whole album. Will share this track out now. Thanks again for sending!


Roberto Attanasio submitted media.

Isolated III by Roberto Attanasio

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this beautiful piece my way. I’m now a new fan and very much appreciate your sound. The quality of the recording itself is wonderful as well. Crystalline and well-balanced. I’ll certainly be sharing it out on my social, blog, and including your work in my playlists/mixes. For the playlists, would it be possible for you to send a 320 mp3 copy to music@awakingdreamer? I envision your work being central to this piano / electronica series ( and also the sleep series like this one ( Please don’t hesitate to send more releases anytime to that same address as well. I’ve queued up the rest of the album and will certainly be following you from here on out. Bravo!

Lawrence Fancelli submitted media.

Rinascita by Paolo Cognetti

Alan Poyer

This is a real treat – thank you sending my way! Listening now.

Throughout the entire arc of the piece's story, the visual accompanies the performance beautifully, as we follow a single rose petal carried by torrents slicing powerfully through rock during swells in the music (e.g. 1:50), while clear, peaceful streams match the calmer portions (3:35).

What a brilliant final build to the ending! Bravo!!

I'd love to help get the word out about this release. I'll share it out on socials now, and put together a blog post here as well (

Billy Wild submitted media.

Planet 9 by Sean Paul vs Leonard Bernstein

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending my way! 

I'm very much enjoying the samples you've woven into this, and the video editing is on point.

You've taken Sean Paul's overplayed Temperature and breathed new life into it with this mashup – far surpassing any expectations I had before hitting play. 

To me, the most engaging part emotionally is the lead-up to 1:16 – the samples are just so compelling. 

As far as constructive comments go, the one part that could have been even better is the "outer space" sample at 1:57. It could arrive just a tad bit earlier, and even better if there was a sample closer to the register of Sean Paul's voice in the previous seconds so there isn't as large of a drop. 

Thanks again for passing along – I'll share it out right now, and feel free to keep me updated with more releases here anytime (


Oskar Barczak submitted media.

Gone by Stohou

Alan Poyer

Well this is just amazing. Love what you're doing here - right up my alley. 1:50-2:19 is a special haven indeed. :) Intricate, well-balanced lines build and cascade together - each with their distinct voice and purpose. A beautiful dance.

Couldn't get the private download link to work (, but feel free to send one over to I have a playlist similar to this one ( in the works this would fit perfectly in. Send me any of your future work there as well - would be great to stay up on your new releases. Queuing a share out now. Thanks for sending my way!

C B submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Really glad you decided to release this - it's a pleasure to see your superb production chops and talent shine in a different avenue.

Very much appreciate the on-point PR as always.

Downloading the full album right now...just shared it out, and I'll gladly put a post together

By the way, if you haven't yet reached out, I'd recommend sharing this (and your previous work) with Matt: He runs the Good Music Inc. DJ collective, and I have a feeling he'd love your sound.

Thanks again for sending my way, and please let me know if you ever make it up to the bay area. Cheers!

morland gryder submitted media.

Feel Free by Clast

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending my way! This is an incredibly strong showing. I remember really enjoying 'Trade Hours' and 'Know you Know Me' from your release last year. While "Trade Hours' had a distinct leaning towards everything I love about Cursive, this track showcases a well-polished form playing to your strengths. 

I just attended an Animal Collective performance last week in Oakland, and I can't help but notice similarities. Harmonized vocals forward in the mix,  mild distortion on the guitar, centered drums, and of course - those delicious synth lines. :)

Checking out the release now on BC. 

If your goal is promotion, I'd highly recommend including a few key components in your pitches and press releases:

- 2-3 sentences giving a brief background of Clast and what type of help you're looking for (e.g. track review, interview, playlist inclusion, etc.)
- Links to your social accounts
- Download links for press
- Link to media kit with Clast's photography and track/album cover
- A quote or two from other publications on Clast or the track - ideally giving comparisons to a couple other artists to give the reader a framework for expectations (e.g. "Perfect for fans of Animal Collective and Cursive.")

I'll share this out now and will do my best to get a post out soon once I've had a chance to hear the whole album. Hope this helps and congrats on the release! 

Prisca Philogene submitted media.

Alan Poyer

This is an absolute dream to drift with - thanks for sharing!

Superb vocal control along with the talented production combine for an ethereal experience -- floating the mind on gentle waves. The visuals from Beeple are a nice touch as well : )

Glad to share this out right now, and feel free to send MP3/FLAC copies to - I'd love to include this in an upcoming 8tracks playlist ( Cheers!

Sean Adams submitted media.

You and Only You by The Anchoress

Alan Poyer

Thank you first of all for your excellent press release; all the details needed are included and I appreciate the full bio link. Please feel free to send an album link to and I'd be more than glad to help out with the release on my socials and personal music blog. I'm excited to dive into the album further and thanks for sending my way!

Kolby Knickerbocker submitted media.

Red Dust by Rodello's Machine

Alan Poyer

First off I'd like to thank the person who wrote the description. It's clearly outlining what you're looking for and includes all your socials plus relevant quotes. Greatly appreciated!

1) Feedback on the sound, songwriting and production.

Superbly well-balanced production. I'm enjoying how the strings and vocals don't overpower each other. In fact, each line is where it should be and I wouldn't change a thing.

1:27 - 1:43 - nice solo Melissa!

2:52 - end: gives space for the listener to breathe, plus you get room to highlight the excellent guitar and falsetto skills.

Checked out a few of your other tracks on Bandcamp. Completely unique approach and combination in 'Song of the Seasons'. 

2) A write-up or feature of the song “Red Dust” to promote the release of our upcoming album.

Absolutely. I'd be glad to put together a writeup and queue it for Nov 3rd (let me know if you prefer and different date).

Feel free to send me future press releases here ( and thanks for sharing this with me!


Ricky Tafolla submitted media.

Sign My Chest by Fez The Immigrant

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! Since you're looking for a bit of feedback on production, I'll start with that and then move to some helpful promotional points.
The L-R balance is pretty much on point for the opening. Since the guitar motive is so strong in the left, I'd recommend extending the reverb and raising the overall level on the downbeat chord for the R guitar to smooth out the balance between the two sides. The vocal is centered nicely. 

This clears up at 1:13 for the refrain when everything joins in.

Love the early Strokes-infused melancholy you've created. The refrain is solid.

Hah! You're one step ahead. I was just thinking of the missing right guitar downbeat chords, and then they entered at 1:55. Love it. Rounds everything out beautifully.

2:24 - 2:43: props for staying in time during the solo. Not easy.

Another positive point on the refrain is the vocal octaves are perfectly in tune. Because of that, you get those nice harmonic overtones giving you a fuller sound.

Just had a listen to the rest of the release on Bandcamp (quite the falsetto in 'Communication Failure'!

For promotion, I'd recommend leading with this track and 'Let Them Talk'. Kevin and Brody are both good choices to start with:


Also Andrew for production notes:

If and when you choose to make the promotional push, putting a press release together will definitely help. Here's a guide to give an outline of the process (, and here's a basic template download showing a good layout:

Hope this helps, and message me with any questions on Fluence. Also, feel free to send any future releases here as well:


roger kahlon submitted media.

A N O T H E R / W A V E by Roger Singh Kahlon

Alan Poyer

Wow. Superb choice of synths. Spent the first listen purely relaxing. Okay diving in.

The unique blend of textures combine beautifully with the lyrics and message.

A small bit of feedback: because the vocals do such a good job of staying in tune while meandering close to the chords throughout the piece, the one cut at 3:05 - 6 stands out as falling slightly flat.


The faded background vocals around 2:33 bless the soul. 

An aura of peace surrounds the mind, allowing us to float sublime in this uplifting experience.

Would love to include this in a playlist and a post. Please feel free to send a FLAC/WAV to music@awakingdreamer and I'll tag you once it's up. Thanks again for sharing.

C B submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Wow. It's not often I find myself excited about Trop House, but this is exceptional. A perfect way to kick off any weekend, road trip, or sunny day.

You've done masterful work around the promotion. Dedicated release page is spot on (thanks for the Dropbox link), and your press release isn't missing a thing - you've connected all the dots. Easily one of the best presentations I've ever seen from a marketing perspective. I'll add some recommendations for people to help promote this below (Cody Allard being #1, and I'd be glad to put together a post right now. Will definitely help share it out on socials as well. Please feel free to send future releases to as well - cheers!

Anthony Metcalf submitted media.

'Neptune' by Terrible Sons

Alan Poyer


There's so much to take in here. Never have three shots been so surprisingly elegant and complex. Beautifully done.

Since you're only looking for help promoting I'll focus on that. Press release looks well-presented. Only recommendation would be to include your social and site links to tie things together.

This is right up my alley. Would love to post a writeup here ( and include in a playlist here: ( Any chance you could send a link to a WAV/FLAC file somewhere? 

I'll queue it up to share out right now and thanks for sending this my way. Cheers!

Vizion submitted media.

Beach Flowers by Vizion

Alan Poyer

Really like what you've done here. Well-balanced mix, plenty of breathing room, and a wide array of unique elements.

Would love to include this in a chill trap / beat playlist I'm putting together right now for here: Any chance you could send me a WAV or FLAC file? (

Glad to help share it out now. Cheers!

Andres Aloi submitted media.

I Want To Know by Robot Garden

Alan Poyer

A clever exploration of our humanity in the new uncharted era of the digital age; a place where self-doubt soars and self-esteem struggles to breathe.

By caricaturizing this reality, Robot Garden gives us a chance to breathe, laugh, and realize we're not alone.

I really enjoyed this - the replays gave something new to smile at each time. Well done!

A couple small pointers from a promotional standpoint:

- Adding "http://" before your YouTube description links helps increase clickthroughs by stripping out the extra copy/paste step.
- Adding those links along with your social account links in your Fluence description can help with engagement as well.
- Site looks great - well done via Bandzoogle!

Downloading the album from bandcamp now - will certainly add to the listen queue and help share it out on socials. If you're ever in San Francisco let me know ( and we'll have a few beer pong games haha. Cheers!

Michael Harrison submitted media.

Illuminate by Calimba

Alan Poyer

Enjoying this immensely.

A few notes while listening:

- From a promotional standpoint I recommend building out your Fluence description to include your social profile links, previous quotes on your work, more information about the release and a brief bio or link to one. I would also add a sentence at the top specifying what type of help you're seeking. For example: **Coverage collaboration and promotional advice**

I'd also add a mini version of that same press release to your SoundCloud along with a download link. Is there a place to download by the way?

Ha - love it. Violin just entered at 3:47. Way to keep it fresh : )

A shimmering array of marimba-infused beats to accompany your sunshine smiles. Okay - time to repeat.

Ah - the second listen-through reminds me of the piano's warm embrace. Ending the piece with those beginning four bars might be a good way to bring it full circle; just a thought.

Damn, I'm loving this. Nice breaks, clean lines, patient builds - a breezy journey indeed.

Would love to help share this out on socials and a future playlist here: Feel free to message me on Fluence or email (music@awakingdreamer) if there's somewhere I can download it. Cheers!

Vizion submitted media.

Tokens by Vizion

Alan Poyer

A shimmering build gradually pulls in the listener perfectly.  Excellent use of space and form makes this piece irresistible.  You can't help but be uplifted.

A few production notes while listening:

- Great reverb and L-R pan on the bells. I appreciate that you chose not to double the kick from :51 - 1:01 for that build. Gives pleasant breathing room for that descending line.

Really enjoyed this and I'd be glad to help share it out on socials and a future playlist here: Could you message me on Fluence or send me an email ( letting me know where I can download it? Cheers.

Jacob Techow submitted media.

Judith by Jacob David

Alan Poyer

A special grasp of time, and the ability to delicately bend it. A special touch indeed. 

B flat has always been my favorite major key : )

The heart can't help but melt at the 1:43 arpeggio..

Can't thank you enough for sending this. If you're open to it, I'd love to send send you some questions for an interview. Honored to help anyway I can - I'll queue it up to share on socials and start putting together a post. I'd like to include the video for Andachten as well. Absolutely incredible.

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Maybe You Can by Murder Shoes

Alan Poyer

Dark. Foreboding. Dense. The storm clouds have finally arrived. Really enjoy the atmosphere you've created as a group. 

Will certainly share out the Bandcamp link right now and include in a future blog post to help spread the word. Look out for a mush more in-depth post ( and I'll do my best to message you guys once it's up.  Thanks for sending!

KPT submitted media.

Alan Poyer

I'm pumped for this. Excellent choices of audio/visuals to set the tone. I'll have a look at your work on BC right now, and let me know when the single and pre-order happen ( You have my attention! Will share it out now, and can't wait to experience this!

Evan Tyler submitted media.

My girlfriend's laptop by EVAN TYLER

Alan Poyer

I needed this. More people need this. My generation needs this, because this right here is amazing. 

The smile simply refuses to leave and only grows with each new replay.

The edgy, turbulent ecosystem of complete digital submersion is the absurd atmosphere woven and wrapped around the listeners mind. There is no escape. You will participate. You will not stop laughing.

"I'm so confident in everything that I'm doing right now...Everything's great....I feel great. I'm keeping an open mind...and having...much fun...I feel in control...I'm okay..I'm Thriving!"

Just downloaded the album via Bandcamp now...can't wait to experience this. You're one reddit thread away from internet stardom, and you're definitely aware of it. Cat rapper videos are begging to be made.

Your press release / Fluence description is well done; I wouldn't change a thing. I'll include a few people here who may also dig this, and definitely be adding this to the blog queue and sharing it out. Thanks again for the laughs.

J-T ADSB submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Thanks for starting off my weekend the right way!

The Fluence description is only asking for promotion and not feedback so I'll refrain from any type of production feedback : )

Smooth, chilled 2-step vibes washing, flowing, irresistibly moving the listener ever-forward. Reminds me of everything I enjoy about Synkro, and Synthetic Epiphany. I'd love to help share this out on socials and in an upcoming playlist here I think it would be perfect for:

Message me back on Fluence if you'd like to collaborate with a post on my blog, and is there somewhere I could download the track? I'd also recommend filling out the Fluence description a little more with a press release and showing more about you as an artist. Here's a helpful guide we just finished writing a couple days ago:

I'll include some recommendations for other people on Fluence as well, and thanks for sending this my way!

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by Flares

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! I was actually just working on a playlist yesterday this would be perfect for. 

The short burst of life in the time this piece holds is unforgettable. Devastating in its somber beginnings, impactful in its serene resolve, and unwavering in that hope for tomorrow. A brief glimpse of light leaving the listener standing on tiptoes to see the next day through the jail cell of today.

I've included some recommendations for people who may be a good fit on the syncing / licensing side, and I'll certainly share on socials and include it in that upcoming playlist. Message me on Fluence if there's a download link I can get to - couldn't find one on your SoundCloud or site. before I forget, I'd also recommend fill out the Fluence description with a press release giving more details about who you are and what you're looking for. This post ( will help with a basic template on step 2, and feel free to shoot me any questions onFluence as well.

Thanks again for sharing. Cheers!

morland gryder submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! As a longtime cursive / the good life fan I have nothing but appreciation for the grungy, earthy, surreal. texture you've painted here. I remember hearing "know you know me" awhile back, and this has a completely different feel; focusing more on the instrumentation and dropping out the synths. I do miss the double-tracking on the vocals from that one : )

The combination of distortion on the guitar, wavering in the vocals, and crafted scratchiness on the call-and-response upbeats in the violin blend together beautifully; attracting the heart in delightfully rending fashion. A most perfectly imperfect dance with despair.

I'd love to do a spotlight on you guys, and feel free to write me back here on Fluence if that's something you'd be interested in. Just bought the record on Bandcamp, and glad to help share it out.

A quick promotional note on the description, I'd definitely recommend including links to your social profiles as well as the Bandcamp album ( Also, leading with a message telling people what you're looking for goes a long way in giving direction. For example, starting with **Looking for coverage collaboration and promotional advice**. Or **Looking for detailed production feedback and direction**. Something along those lines...hope this helps!

stan stewart submitted media.

Alan Poyer

I simply can't wrap my mind around this as a work of improvisation. It's so well-formed in structure, flow, and arc.


A beautiful grasp of the way space can play with time. Stan gives us a vision of that which lingers beyond our normalized, perfectly synchronized daily interactions. The peaceful place of calm and relaxation he's carved from pure imagination is a slice in space we'd be lucky to happily spend a part of each day in.


Thank you so much for sending!

Just bought the record on Bandcamp, and I'm certainly looking forward to sharing this in one of the upcoming playlists I'm working on for here:

Quick note: looks like this link in the Fluence description needs to be updated: to

Tony Bednar submitted media.

Woman of ARU by Crashing Hotels

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending! Really dynamic use of elements here.

Notes while listening:

- Drummer is solid and on point from :36 + throughout.
- Psychedelic visuals match the vibe.
- Languid vocals accentuate it even more, and the sustained delay is perfect. 
- Dropping out the bass synth on the upbeats like 1:54 could give more impact to the impact to those heavier sections.
- Adding a scream / wail / growl / speaking layer on those sections could add a lot as well ( for example, the growling voice line during  :27-:34 really adds that trippy dimension which makes it so alluring)

Other notes:

I'd recommend including the social links and story in the description similar to the other vidoe you guys have on YouTube (great job with that by the way - the annotations are an especially nice touch):

Bandcamp: (this one is broken on the other YT video)
Biz Inquiries: lacklusterlifestyle [at] gmail [dot] com

About Crashing Hotels:
The brainchild and third musical incarnation of Ao Anderson (1865, Todd Durpin), Crashing Hotels blends driving guitar chords, melodic synth arrangements and thumping drum patterns to create a mystical music experience that carves out its own space. The natural emotional range of this electric rock duo goes from up-tempo dance grooves to dark symphonic ballads leave lasting impressions."
Thanks again for sending, and I'll certainly help share it out. Buying the record on Bandcamp now.


roger kahlon submitted media.

b l a c k / v a l e n t i n e by roger singh kahlon

Alan Poyer

Love the vibe you've created with this.

Notes while listening:

1:10 - the addition of the quarter note bass really fits the mood. 
Ha I see. Switching back and forth. The sway is real!
Gentle trap-influenced hats are well-balanced and set comfortably in the background.

This is a wonderful track; hazy sexiness pervading every pore of its sonic skin. Shiver and sway with it.

I've added this to include in a future playlist on my 8tracks ( similar to this one:

Rob Fleming submitted media.

Clarity by Rob Fleming

Alan Poyer

Swaths of light rise up around us with this epic journey from Rob Fleming; swirling the mind across the atmosphere. and soaring gracefully into the unknown beyond.

The beautiful piano works brings to mind Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, yet the melodic guitar lines add a different dimension; painting similar majestic colors artists Helios, Slow Dancing Society, and Hammock became so well known for.

The sustained apex and gentle conclusion is unforgettable; gorgeous in its unapologetic splendor and forgiving in its promise of hope.


I've added a fairly broad list of recommendations for other people who would be a good fit on Fluence, and I'm certain my friend StandingBear would also love this:

Just bought the album on Bandcamp (thanks for including the link in the Fluence description), and I'll put together a post for my blog giving a more in-depth listen through the entire album, and share it out right now. Thanks for sending this amazing track!

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this!

Very cool style from :50 onwards. It really brings out the partials/harmonics and lends a beautifully full timbre reminiscent of the hammer dulcimer.

Vocal control is exceptional, and the production balance is a perfect blend. I wouldn't change a thing. I'll share it out right now and looking forward to writing an artist spotlight post on my blog in the near future.

David Rosen submitted media.

Alan Poyer

David Rosen grabs the attention immediately with the opening bars of this fiery release set in the key of d-minor. 

Driving drum rhythms, instrumental/piano lines, and crystalline production hearken thoughts back to his previous work 'If Only Tonight I Could Sleep' from the debut album 'Echoes In The Dark', yet the attention paid to the high hats gives this piece a feel all it's own.

Comparisons to Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) and even some of Squarepusher's more melodic work spring to mind, and I'm excited to see where David leads us with his upcoming album  'An Unseen Sky'.

Phil Strickland submitted media.

Good Morning by Anaamaly

Alan Poyer

Laidback, relaxing, luxuriant vibes lay the mind to rest with this track. My new alarm clock has arrived : )

A few notes while listening:

Like the vocals, crisp snaps, and general form. The section from 1:20 -  1:33 was a nice respite, and could present the opportunity to move into a different progression, but I see now that you're going for the background cafe / lounge audience, so that makes more sense. I do find the recurring F (in the synth keyboard?) to be slightly repetitive - if that was removed I think I'd be completely fine with just hanging out in this tonal area. I think it's because that's the root, and since it doesn't progress all over the place it makes it okay weave around the root instead of reinforcing it every bar. Just a note : ) Oh - before I forget - I really like the water / stream in the background. Sets the mood really well. There's a lot to enjoy with this track, and thanks for sharing it with me. I'll do what I can to share it around, and I think Guillaume may enjoy it as well:

submitted media.

"Criminal" by The Division Men

Alan Poyer

Holy shit this is cool.

The voice and (female background vocals) are mesmerizing. 

Love the Ab-Bb-B-Db-B-Bb-Ab motive the chime/bell plays throughout - at :59 for example. Also enjoy how that motive pans on the Right and Left - swapping off. 

There are so many thing to enjoy with this. The pure simplicity gives soul, and not overplaying the sections gives the piece even more weight. In other words, if you were to keep repeating the sections and creating a long story, you'd lose some of the impact and the listener might tire. Instead you convey the message perfectly.

I just finished reading The Goldfinch (, and I think you guys would enjoy it based on this theme...that's all I'm going to say :)

Just finished looking at your site - really like the way you're showcasing reviews. I'm going to put a feature for you guys on my site - just let me know if you'd like a Q&A or if there's anything else you'd like to add (upcoming releases, news, etc.). I'll probably finish one over the next couple weeks. Thanks again for sending my way!

P.S. Quick note - it'd be great for you to feature a download link on the Fluence description as well as your YouTube video. Just a thought :) Cheers!

Alexander Forselius submitted media.

Bungalow by Dr. Sounds

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this!

Notes while listening:

The tabla anchors the E as the foundational element, while the spacey ethereal synths (analog?) surround the sense with an enveloping aura.

1:18 sitar entrance is beautiful. The synth lead at 2:30 does a great job of staying pure and not falling into the stereotypical chillout category. Reminds me of the better parts I enjoy while listening to artists like Secede and Kettel from Sending Orbs.

5:24 introduces the arpeggiation line smoothly - keeping the ear engaged and providing a layer for the vocals to build on at 6:05. I'd love to share this our on my blog and Fluence, and looking forward to including it in a future mix here on 8tracks: Thanks again for sharing!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Find Me Out by Hollywood Principle

Alan Poyer

I can't stop repeating this. The experience continues to deepen with each new listen.

The powerful drums throughout brings to mind Florence and the Machine, yet this moves beyond their sound with the addition of driving synth lines and masterful production and vocal talent.

So many beautiful things to love in this track. The builds from :40 - 1:03 and 1:50 - 2:15 give the listener time to enjoy the fine depths of the vocals and the reverb soaked drums. By expanding the dynamic range so well, it gives even more emotional impact for the drops and sustained apex 'till 3:48. The production work is simply incredible. 

I'd be glad to share this out every way I can to help with the release. Let me know if you'd like to have a Q&A interview for my music blog and the Fluence blog as well. I can send some questions your way, and thanks again for sharing!

Evan Jones submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this!

Notes while listening:

- Smooth synths, fantastic claps. Reverb at 1:08 = deliciousness.

- The spacey synth lead at 1:20+ reminds me of a Chromatadata beat, which is a compliment : )

- Music box intro/outro flows beautifully. Digging everything about this beat.

I really don't have any notes for improvement - the laid-back vibe is perfect. Can't wait to include this in an upcoming playlist on 8tracks (, and I'm definitely going to put together a blog post. Thanks for the Bandcamp link - just bought the album, and Ioticed Jesse Futerman's on there as well! Thanks again for sending!

J. Pedone submitted media.

Lines Advancing by Ninth Floor Mannequin

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending! Notes while listening:

Vocals are well done, with the double-tracking tastefully filling out the right sections for emphasis. 

Love the harmonies at :54. The C at 1:06 is a perfect example of how to hit that high note correctly. Too many strain their voices and push through, which usually ruins the piece for me. You did it with ease and grace.

Wow. The last chorus really pulls at the heart. Favorite part of the piece is the progression at 2:52 - 3:05 with the soaring vocal. 

- Leaves the listener wanting more - in a good way.

One small note not related to the piece is the Soundcloud download file is an .aif - I'd recommend either a .WAV or MP3 format. I saw the EP is available on Souncloud and Wavo - why not throw it on Bandcamp as well? That way people have the option of naming their own price or downloading with more file formats. Just a thought : )

Anyway, I'll definitely share this out, and I'd love to write a post as well. Thanks again for sending!

David Rosen submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Wow. For me, the drums are what really make this piece stand out. Especially at 3:20. Well done.

Synths enter at 3:30 to help continue the build. It feels like this is the apex of everything - all the rage and frustration moving to a single point in time. I think a sustained (and possibly rising?) saw-tooth synth may be even more effective there to help build tension.

Overall I really like the atmosphere you've built around this 4-bar phrase. When most tracks attempt this, they lose the listener after the first 90 seconds, but this one holds the mind throughout all four minutes while displaying a mastery of layering and driving intent; hammering its message home with mesmerizing intensity.

I've included some recommendations for people who may like this, and I'll definitely share it out in the future. Thanks again for sharing.

Alexander Lindsay submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending! I wasn't sure from your description whether you're looking for direct production feedback or more for promotional advice, so I'll just add general thoughts and referrals for both.

Notes while listening:

- Love the entrance, the kick, and that spacy synth. d-minor is where it's at : )

- The guitar chords on the downbeats at 3:15 - 3:47 is wonderful. Well done. I'd even consider using a variation of that section as the intro up until Una comes in at 1:52 instead of the current guitar line. Having the guitar do less in the beginning could give the track more of an arc; allowing the last 1/4 of the piece be an even larger climax. Also would love even more sexy reverb on that guitar!

- Love the feeling of dark cold rage. for the last 1/4 as well. Listened to the EP on Bandcamp.

Let me know if you guys are looking for any particular help, and I'll be more than glad to recommend people to help.  Cheers!

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Dissolve The Line (preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending - since you're in the pre-mastering stage looking for production feedback, you've probably already sent it to the Brians (Colorfonic), and if you're still looking for advice I'd also recommend Colin C and Brian Lee White. I'll try to add as many constructive notes as I can below!

A few notes while listening:

Love the quick pans starting at :17. 

I see how you're trying to give a break to focus on the keyboard from :48 - 1:03, but the effect is that the flow meanders and you risk losing the listener's attention until 1:04. It may be more effective instead to cut out that section, add a silence drop for a fraction of a second at :46, and then launch right into the downbeat at 1:02 to tighten it up a little.

3:05 - 3:19 may be a good opportunity to add a higher descant line. Could be muted female vocals or an ethereal synth. Just a thought to help continue to build throughout the section. I'm definitely going to do a writeup on you guys for the release. Also, a quick note on the marketing side of things - once you do post them all up on Souncloud it definitely helps to include a description about you guys and maybe even a little blurb about each track in the description. Keep me updated and I'll help however I can.