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Aaron Suplizio

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Aaron Suplizio

I'm here to help.
Professionally I'm passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and great product.  I love listening to interviews of founders and investors, and consider myself insatiable when it comes to learning about technology.

Musically, I'm an electric bassist of over 20 years.  I've performed original music with bands covering everything from hip-hop to latin rock to bluegrass to fusion.  

I studied for years with acclaimed teacher and practitioner on the bass:  Anthony Wellington.  I've also had the honor of working with Grammy-award winning bassist Victor Wooten at his annual camp in Nashville.  

Ask me about my songwriting project where I co-wrote and performed on 26 songs that were fully produced and released during the 2006-2007 timeframe...if only we had Fluence then!  Our project culminated with a track on Weezer's 7th Studio album Raditude where I received a bass credit in the liner notes (and a misspelled last name), and a collaboration with acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren.

I love all kinds of music, but am partial to rhythm and blues and all things funky.  If your song has a great beat I'm likely to love it and will be happy to share it.
music industry, music tech, entrepreneurship, songwriting, startups
hip-hop, funk, r&b, startups, technology
Newport Beach, CA

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Recent Feedback

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Rebel Soul by Dree Mon

Aaron Suplizio

The songwriting is super-catchy and the arrangement is super-interesting.  Big fan.  Great job!

Nick Swain submitted media.

Cruise Mood by Swain

Aaron Suplizio

Great track, great jazzy beat that is modern yet pays a hit of homage to Outkast.  Video was well produced and interesting.  Stick with it on the promotional side!  

Jordan Webb submitted media.

Pseudo by Aolma

Aaron Suplizio

Sonically interesting, with a nod to Rick Ross' iconic "Maybach Music" and an eminem-like slinky hi hat. 

Would love to hear a vocal match for this track.

Stefan Reyners submitted media.

Saturday Afternoon by S A Reyners

Aaron Suplizio

Really enjoyed the journey that is listening to this track.  There is so much derivative material out there and this song is just so interesting.  Love the intro especially.

Drake Vernoy submitted media.

aut0pil0t by vernox music

Aaron Suplizio

Cool song-simple, catchy.  If anything, I'd explore ways to surprise the listener and take her/him to a different place during the song, perhaps the bridge?

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Aaron Suplizio

This is such a creative idea.  Before I even looked up at the video, I was drawn in by the dulcimer-like quality of the piano.  Just a very cool timbre.  I really enjoyed learning about the story behind the unique tone, and I think it's inspiring how a piano with a missing keybed became a project to a bunch of modern musicians with sampling tools and open minds.

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Victorious by Jason Kendall

Aaron Suplizio

I've listened to this track in a few different arrangements and an area that can use work is the mix.  It feels muted and the highs aren't coming through enough in my opinion.

But enough with the constructive feedback, I like the tune.  The vocals are solid.  The guitar solos are especially killer - great playing and tone.  The arrangement does feel familiar.  Perhaps the thing to do is something unexpected (add a few extra measures to a chorus or a breakdown to drum/bass/vocals).

Plugin Fest submitted media.

Aaron Suplizio

Love the enthusiasm in this video, and the messaging about the event is very clear. 

For any new event, there is a certain "chicken and the egg" element to building new supply of startups and demand for tickets.   What is missing for me in this video is some signal of quality of the startups or even a keynote speaker.  With such a spark, you could start to build buzz that might attract both startups and passionate members of the startup community to attend your event. 

Is there any prominent VC or Founder that would be willing to speak at your event?  Incorporating a name and a face into this or future videos will help take your marketing to the next level. 

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Stay Right Here by Jason kendall

Aaron Suplizio

Gave this one a listen both in the car and at the desk.  Hard to articulate what it is about the mix, but I think there is probably an improvement to be made in the overall clarity and punch of the track.  Not a huge negative, but it was immediately noticeable in different listening environments.

In terms of the arrangement, I wouldn't change anything.  Lots of interesting dynamics and places that this song explores. Cool to hear accordion featured, and as a side note, I particularly like the 16th note handclaps and the horn parts--they keep the tune driving and fresh.  

The tune is as billed:  happy and upbeat with good vocal and instrumental performances.  I could totally see this placed in a TV ad or show.  Best of luck!

Omega McBride submitted media.

Gunz N Rosez by Omega McBride

Aaron Suplizio

This is a strong track and one of my faves so far on Fluence.  Strong vocal performances and production.  I particularly like the instrumental feel, particularly the guitar floating over the track.  The song feels comfortable-maybe the way to take this over the top is to add a bit more risk...maybe something less predictable and out there.

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Scented Secrets (new 2013 mix) by ADeight (Chris Euton) / DIgital Dlumber Party

Aaron Suplizio

Cool track, very musical and interesting aurally with the various transitions.  I really like the arrangement.

More so than with many other tracks I like the use of negative space...the breakdowns provide a nice contrast to what is overall a very full sonic landscape.  Good stuff! 

submitted media.

Read My Lips (preview) by Dickreuter

Aaron Suplizio

Love the layers and the build on this tune.  Sax feels organic, the bass is funky, cool vibe to the vocals.

All that said, I was expecting it to build into something bigger...I think the foundation is there for a hip-hop track or a cool r&b vocal as opposed to a longer all-chill track.  Just something to consider.

Great sensibilities overall...very musical.

jason fosho submitted media.

Aaron Suplizio

I really dug the track and video, especially the first "movement" (e.g. the first 3 min).  Dope beat, visuals hit hard.  It's all taste, but my only constructive feedback would be to tone down the vocal panning at 2:14.

Feels almost like a different track at 3 min, but it's unexpected and interesting.

Los Waves submitted media.

Your World by Los Waves

Aaron Suplizio

Fun, upbeat tune with great energy!  I think the breakdowns in particular help keep the arrangement interesting.