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WildStyle DaProducer

I am a hiphop & R&B music producer.
I'm a record producer typically involved with composing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering R&B, Hip-hop, and pop music. Check Out some of my work at - https://t.co/7vWRA1kzjx
artist management, music industry, music producer, mix engineer, recording engineer, music production, music production / mastering, music composition
hip-hop, rnb, r&b, pop music

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Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

WildStyle DaProducer

I liked it a lot. The song didn't immediately captivate me until the last half, but the cinematography of the music video was gorgeous throughout and held my attention. She really has a great voice, angelic at times but very strong and soulful at the end too. Great mixing and mastering throughout as well.    

Adam Hendley submitted media.

Before And After by Adam Hendley

WildStyle DaProducer

I love it. Probably because growing up Stevie Wonder was my favorite musician. 
I especially love the instrumentation, great musicianship and mixing as well.
The only thing I thought could have possibly been better was the singing. I think you went a little to technical too early with the heavy vibrato and didn't leave enough room to build later in the song where it would have been more appropriate. But overall I loved it and some of the other tracks I checked out on soundcloud. 

Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

Jelly (Calibrate Remix) by Andre Nickatina Ft. Problem

WildStyle DaProducer

I like it. It takes a while to get to the really good parts. The rap vocals chosen simply didn't seem to fit well enough on beat in the beginning to expect the rest of the song to be great. But the instrumental is really amazing and worth the 2 minute wait. My suggestion would be to take more time with the placement and production around the rap vocals next time. It has to hold our attention and hopefully make us excited for what is to come later in the song. 

Jesse Ouellette submitted media.


WildStyle DaProducer

I actually love this track even though its an oldschool flavor.  I don't see most DJs spinning it without a great push at first but I could see the song taking off if promoted through other channels.  I think the growing hippie and backpack crowd will love this track and characterize it as "real hiphop". I also could imagine this in commercials or as part of a movie soundtrack. 

Mohamed Marah submitted media.

02 A.E.O.M by MohamedX

WildStyle DaProducer

I like it. Its definitely solid track with really engaging delivery and artful lyrics at times. I wasn't completely sold on the hook though. I don't think it necessarily helps listeners become more engaged. It may be more of the way it was delivered and the mix on it that feels a little disconnected from the verses. Overall its a very good song though. 

KM submitted media.

Patrick Ewing by KM Ft DcolethePrince

WildStyle DaProducer

I do like it. Its a fun record and I could definitely see DJs spinning it in all sorts of clubs. Even though its a club record all the lyricists came with some pretty clever lines and the hook was very strong. My suggestion if you're seriously going to promote this record is to have it professionally mastered. The mix is not bad but the record would definitely benefit from a mastering engineers touch to help bring out the 808s & other exciting elements of the song. But I did enjoy the record and think its worth promoting. 

TaPharoah Elliott submitted media.

WildStyle DaProducer

I would have preferred the rap vocals to be more upfront and modern, but it definitely isn't deal breaker. I thought singing vocals were very well executed and overall the rest of the production was great. I personally like the track from a musical perspective. I'm not sure if the world is ready for the lyrics yet. I could imagine that many female listeners would be open to listening and becoming fans. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

WildStyle DaProducer

I think its a great idea with quality knowledgeable people available it will be very useful in allowing musicians to get unbiased feedback.