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Chelsea Schwartz

Founder of @HighVoltageMag | Radio Host @IndieFMRadio | Artist Manager | Writer | Digital Strategist | Music Industry Mentor
Chelsea has over 15 years of experience in the music industry. She’s written for several publications before starting High Voltage (her own print magazine), handled marketing campaigns for various records labels, brands, bands, film and television productions, was the former talent buyer at the world famous Viper Room on Sunset Strip (amongst 14 other venues) and toured the world with numerous bands. She's also one of the main organizers for Sunset Strip Music Festival and spoken at several conferences like San Diego Music Thing, Digital LA, OvertureCON and MEOWcon.

Past Clients: Ace Frehley, BrandX with Russell Brand, The Darkness, Kill Hannah, The Redwalls, Steel Train (and many more).
artist management, music industry, music promotion, entrepreneurship, social media, public speaking, marketing, emerging artists, crowdsourcing, music performance, writing, artist development
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West Hollywood, CA

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Recent Feedback

Parker Knisley submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

The animation is beautiful, as is the guitar work. Very soothing. But overall the track is a little slow for my taste. Recommending someone who may really dig this.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spellt (60 Second Promo) by Hollywood Principle

Chelsea Schwartz

GREAT pop/dance vocal, but the music feels like a mash-up of every hit of 2015 and leaves me a bit puzzled. A hit doesn't need to embody everything on the radio, but should be authentic to the artist's voice. After this preview I feel like this track was created to replicate a hit, instead of being created as a story the band/musician is personally expressing. There's no soul.

With that said, a ton of potential to be incredible! Would like to hear a full track to see if there's more cohesion in it's entirety.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Repeat Deceiver by Graham Alexander

Chelsea Schwartz

I love everything about this. Great quality video that keeps my attention and super catchy pop/rock track! Would've loved to premiere this video on High Voltage, but too late for that now. Will definitely share from my personal Twitter.

Ashley Saint Lane submitted media.

Divine Stillness by Lovers on the Edge

Chelsea Schwartz

Melodically this track immediately grabbed me with it's rough/edgy/dark wave vibe. Female vocals aren't usually my cup of tea but the singer here has mystique in her delivery that works for the track. Very niche market for this genre - definitely try reaching out to dark wave disco communities via tactics like Facebook ads targeted to fans of She Wants Revenge, Interpol, Dark Wave, etc.

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Dottie, Queen of the West by The Persian Leaps

Chelsea Schwartz

I definitely hear some Dark Wave influences here and love the jangly guitar. Production quality is excellent. This particular track moves a little slow for me though, but would be curious to hear other tracks from the EP.

Sleep Status submitted media.

Lost by Sleep Status

Chelsea Schwartz

Ironically my current sleep status is lost, as I'm up all night. Funny submission to receive at this moment, but that aside... It seems you've only submitted a track with lyrics. Helpful tip for better success on Fluence campaigns, use the description to tell us more about the band, if this track has been released or when it will be, if it's part of an album and if you're looking for anything (publicist, reviews, manager, etc). Other than listening to this track I have no reference for the band.

William Lake submitted media.

Round Bottom Girls by lyrics by William Lake, Music by William Lake and Bill Crouch

Chelsea Schwartz

With the crowd/bar background noise and the way this track is mix, this track reminds me of when the Blues Brothers played as "The Good Ole Boys" at Bob's Country Bunker. Not traditionally my style, but I did enjoy the sense of humor in your lyrics! The musicianship was there as well.

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

What an incredible video! Has it officially been released yet? Or looking to premiere it somewhere? Really digging the tune as well, High Voltage would love to do something with Filligar in the future (video premiere, interview, and/or radio play). 

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Chelsea Schwartz

Not typically a genre I listen to a lot, but when music is quality the genre doesn't matter. I feel you pull off this blend of industrial and hard rock well. The verse vocal is unique, but not distracting. Definitely hear a Nine Inch Nails vibe, and even a little Marilyn Manson. Would be interested to know if there's a music video due out soon.

David Ullman submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

First of all, I'd like to thank you for directly asking for, via your description, what you're looking for from those you're submitting to. It really helps. Great job amplifying this singer-songwriter tune. I'd describe this song as: A mid-90s rock song released in the wrong decade. 

Matt Eckholm submitted media.


Chelsea Schwartz

The titles in the beginning of the video skipped by too fast. Might consider a more static lower third title next time around. I'm glad I read the description about the video, wish that expressed more obviously within the video itself. It's a great place for fodder. The song itself doesn't quite stand out on it's own, but dug the reggae-esque rhythm over pseudo Johnny Cash-style vocals. Nice contrast. Thanks for sharing!

Frank Fusco submitted media.

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Chelsea Schwartz

What a peppy little track. Love the guitar solo! I bet this translates brilliantly live - ever play down in Los Angeles? Do you have an album out featuring this song (or soon to be out)? Would love more information on the band in general. 

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

Chelsea Schwartz

I enjoyed the preview, but I can't get a good feel for what's going on without hearing the full track. Some songs have 20-30 snippets that rock and the rest is a bore (not that your track would be, I just don't know). Sorry I missed helping by May 12th, but if you still are looking for publicity help -- send a message.

Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Of an Extrovert by The Paper Jets

Chelsea Schwartz

You had my attention from the very beginning on this track, great rhythm - great guitar. The vocal was a little too overproduced for me (effect-driven) but not a complete turn off. Track length was perfect (left me wanting more), and the "moon" artwork tripped me out (saw several images). Let's see what else Paper Jets has got!

Evan Tyler submitted media.

You're Hysterical Ft. Topless Literati by EVAN TYLER ft. Topless Literati

Chelsea Schwartz

I feel like you recently sent another track that reminded me of Art Brut meets Duck Sauce, am I right? 

This is still very novelty and can get boring quickly. But I dig the vocal and the beat. I see you're looking to release a video tomorrow. Would love to see it. With more advanced notice we could consider a premiere on our site for it, we feature a new video every Tuesday.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

My girlfriend's laptop by EVAN TYLER

Chelsea Schwartz

This track reminds me of Duck Sauce a bit, Duck Sauce meets Art Brut. It's a very novelty market but plenty of people dig that. As I like to say, it's good cheese. The breakdown in the middle is a little long; lost interest at that point - keep the beat going!

Patrick Joseph submitted media.


Chelsea Schwartz

I appreciate the provided description to know what you're thinking for in terms of Fluence reviews. I also really like the imagery this song builds on it's own, the production value brings the listener into the song. There's a certain connection provided musically and lyrically. Cool!

In terms of advice in promotion, a specialized indie publicist or independent college radio promoter could be great for you. This is definitely a niche market audience but they exist. I will try taking off a Facebook ad that is targeted to fans of The Hotel Cafe in LA and World Cafe in Philly, two venues that typically specialize in music with this type of vibe.

David Nyro submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

While I get the Motown/R&B inspiration, I hear way more 70s rock a la Jackson Browne / Bob Seger here. Would definitely direct your marketing this towards that Adult Contemporary crowd as well, especially looking at the older Aquarian-age generation of folks. Production wise I get that something feels like it's lacking, but the track is pretty solid where it stands. Although, I might make that slide guitar louder in the mix.

Mike Patton submitted media.

Party Never Ends by 3 Parts Dead

Chelsea Schwartz

It amuses me that within the first few seconds I thought "Motley Crue & Rocklahoma would love this" and then I read the bio to see 3PD has shared stages with/at both. Solid rock n roll track, but doesn't stand out to me. Thanks for sharing but not interested in doing any further at the moment.

Jared Blair submitted media.

Not Quite Right by Blynd Birds

Chelsea Schwartz

First and foremost, will you be playing in Austin during SXSW? When and where? 

On to the music, pleasantly impressed. I honestly love everything about this track, including how raw the recording is. And I want to hear more.

Fritz Gillis submitted media.

Static Life by Kelsey Muse

Chelsea Schwartz

This track makes me want to dance! The vocal reminds me of Alanis Morissette if she had written a present day indie-pop album. "Static Life" has everything going for it: well produced, catchy and it rocks. Would love to not only hear more tracks from Kelsey, but would love to get this track as a MP3 to play on an upcoming radio show.

Fourth and Folsom submitted media.

Golden Dunes by Fourth and Folsom

Chelsea Schwartz

With a mellow jam band meets indie rock vibe, a popular trend, this track is great for what it is. Just not quite my cup of tea. Let me know if you have any tracks a little more upbeat.

Michael Chung submitted media.

Beasts by Autumn's Mutt

Chelsea Schwartz

Didn't expect that vocal to accompany the beginning for seconds of music, but it's uniqueness is perfectly suited for those wacky lyrics / melody. I'm not sure what to classify this track as other than novelty / experimental. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing would take a few more listens. Interesting.

Ali Noble submitted media.

Opening Doors by The Metronomad

Chelsea Schwartz

What a great pop/rock track. Very simple, clear vocal, subtle musical accents. Reminds me of early Plain White T's music. Wouldn't release this as a first single, it doesn't grab quite enough -- but it intrigues me enough to want to hear another track. Is there an album out or coming out soon? 

Human in Bloom submitted media.

All the Fish (Live) by Human in Bloom

Chelsea Schwartz

The track wouldn't start initially, got a couple errors. Not sure if that was a Soundcloud or Fluence issue, but something to look into. But once I got it going, love the vocal (especially on pre-chorus / chorus)! The emotional preach in tone is captivating and what a great mix for live in-studio. I love live in-studio recordings, I feel it really captures a certain spirit missing from a lot of modern music. Want to know more about Human In Bloom, you've left me wanting more.

Rob Fleming submitted media.

Clarity by Rob Fleming

Chelsea Schwartz

This would make a great soundtrack for a guided meditation and I may just use it as such. It also suits the genre "Epic Music" and if you're not already familiar with that label - research it. Could be another area to go into. It's a gorgeous ambient track.

Derek Brown submitted media.

Wanna Give You My Love by Derek Brown

Chelsea Schwartz

A refreshing edgier singer-songwriter vocal laid over a driving punk guitar line. I was not expecting this from your description! The track's length leaves me wanting more, and was almost too short. Is there an album yet? Does the rest of your music move like this or follow a more typical singer-songwriter description? 

Ian Kashani submitted media.

If You Touch by Ian Kashani

Chelsea Schwartz

I don't mean this as a negative (and I surely don't think this is a comedic track), but wow the sound of your voice reminds me of Weird Al! The subtle electronic build around one minute is nice, however lacks enough punch to really keep my interest.

Jacopo LApo submitted media.

Jugular Vein by Naives

Chelsea Schwartz

Totally digging this! The vocal perfectly compliments the track's funkiness; an instant dance party. Would love it if your description included more information like: Where is this band based? When's the album out? Etc. Drop me a message.

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Chelsea Schwartz

Very classic sound: the vocal is soothing and familiar, while being completely unknown. Love the acoustic guitar lap-slap-and-tap approach. It's a great way to add a percussion line. I'm very glad you submitted a video first so I could see this approach; had I only heard the track would've assumed it to be normal studio work and thus you wouldn't have stood out as much to me. If you ever put together a proper music video that also shows this off, please consider High Voltage to premiere it!

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

In The Moment by The Parades

Chelsea Schwartz

YES, YES, YES! This is what I'm talking about. I sense some Kings of Leon meets American Authors inspiration in this track and there's nothing wrong with that. What a beautifully catchy (and dance-worthy) pop rock track. Are you signed? Are you touring? Or at least playing SXSW? Can we get the single to play on our radio show? Let's talk.

Ian Sides submitted media.

Consumer Nation by Mind Vice

Chelsea Schwartz

Digging that groove, I've got that whole head/shoulder-bob-thing going. Reminds me of a song tobyslater did about ten years ago with a similar message. I do feel like the drums could pack more of a punch. The breakdown was a little weird for me. But would be down to hear another track to see what else Mind Vice has up their sleeves.

Johnathan Loos submitted media.

Korilynn by Johnathan Loos

Chelsea Schwartz

It's not quite up my alley, borders on the country side, but for what it is it's great. Studio work is beautifully crafted, the vocal is smooth and if you ever make it to LA you should consider playing Hotel Cafe as they will eat you up there. Recommending this to a friend who adores this genre.

Joy Buckley submitted media.

The Day I Stopped Loving You by Pink Noise Party

Chelsea Schwartz

This is a perfect example of why I don't like watching music videos first before I've heard a song on it's own; the video didn't add anything to the music (and in fact was a bit distracting to the point I hid the video to just listen to the song). The song itself rocked, finely crafted electro pop. The lead vocal really sold it for me; reminiscent of those new wave/dark wave male singers I adore (Gary Numan, Robert Smith, etc). Would enjoy hearing more from this band.

Kenny Gray submitted media.

Lose Control by Tom Flash

Chelsea Schwartz

Before I read that you're trying to blend dance and rock, I was actually thinking this was on the border of dance rock and hard rock. Nice Black Sabbath-like breakdown. Especially digging the Eagles of Death Metal-esque harmonies. Would love to hear more and pick a track for upcoming play on our radio show. 

Vim Cortez submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

Love, love, love this track - especially the breakdown around 2mins15. This is definitely my style of rock n roll; that soulful bluesy indie rock. And the video is very well done / fun to watch. Would love to be kept aware of what this band is up to next year. Get in touch!

Bryan Joseph submitted media.

Begin You by the rebel electrics

Chelsea Schwartz

Not really a stand out track, and the first couple seconds surprised me before it kicked off (I thought you were going in a completely different direction for a moment). This is probably a solid album track though, that would flow nicely if I was listening to the LP. Solid punk rock.

Nahko Bear submitted media.

Wash It Away by Nahko and Medicine for the People

Chelsea Schwartz

Right away the beginning guitar work grabbed me, very comforting - like an old friend. The feeling continued when the vocal kicked in. Definitely recommended for fans of Dave Matthews Band, has that same South African/tribal feel in the rhythm/drums. Great message to the song, but wow - what a long track! Was a little hard to sit all the way through... Will there be a radio edit version of this one? 

Suggestion for your next submissions: Include where you're from and EP/LP information (release date?) in your description you send out. Would love to know that information as I initially listen. 

submitted media.

Heliotrope by Heiress To Atlas

Chelsea Schwartz

I'd almost label this as dark wave, which is more exciting to read in my inbox than an electronic duo (so I'm glad you submitted here instead of a press release I would've ignored). Would be interested to hear more, possibly see how it translates live (any upcoming LA shows?) and definitely get a MP3 of this to play on our radio show in the new year.

Tom Friis submitted media.


Chelsea Schwartz

This is the second track I've received from Anomali, and the first track that feels like they are embracing their strengths 110%. The vocal is emotionally powerful here, the music is a subtle accompaniment that beautifully accentuates the vocal. The drums seem tribal, making this track feel like a ceremony celebrating who they are. I bet there's a lot of energy that comes across on this song live.

Tom Friis submitted media.


Chelsea Schwartz

There's some interesting sounds in there, intriguing to my ear. Happy to be aware of the project and will keep my eyes peeled for Anomali in the future. One question, what does "Kan kan ta ta" mean?

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Nostalgia by Pedro Meirelles

Chelsea Schwartz

What a musical landscape; I could see the movie play out in my head. Beautiful! Are you aware of the genre Epic Music? This would fit well there; and if your music is up on Spotify, you should target some of those Epic Music playlists (or create one yourself). Just sent a link to Imperativa Records to check out too. Great stuff!

Nathan Loughran submitted media.

Chelsea Schwartz

Hysterical and oddly accurate. I love the personality, the concept and execution. Not only does this wrap up how I feel 50% of the time; But I have a strong desire to play this on our radio show, please get me a MP3. Would love to see a video for this track in the vein of: (we might even use it as Video of the Week). Great idea, thank you for sharing!

J. Pedone submitted media.

Lines Advancing by Ninth Floor Mannequin

Chelsea Schwartz

This song really takes you on a journey (lots of twists & turns while being very melodic and soothing), and after reading your description I understand it on a whole new level. Beautiful.