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Too Many Sebastians

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Too Many Sebastians

Music Blogger / Sometimes Industry Guy
Writer of a music blog that is sometimes very popular and other times isn't (for about six years). Apart from all the dumb jokes I have worked around/with artists like Shinichi Osawa and Chilly Gonzales at various points in my life (could drop some more names but those are my favourite ones). 

emerging artists, music writing / blogging, music blogging
electronic, indie, music
Manchester, United Kingdom

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Too Many Sebastians

Whilst not the type of thing I'd post on my own website. This certainly is really well made, the attention to detail is a highlight and I can see your music being very popular in the future. It's great you've established what the identity of your sound is and have your own recognisable style in your music.

I don't think you'd have any trouble promoting yourself to other websites yourself and my recommendations would be -

It's a bit obvious in terms of advice... but, doing a slightly attention grabbing remix of a popular song is always a good way of attracting music blogs/websites.