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The Dutch Guy

Indie Music Promoter | Fast-Moving Radio Personality | Youtube Host | Blogger
It is I, The Dutch Guy and by combining my 20+ years of international radio experience and 3+ years of blogging, I'm gonna take step up my promotion game by launching a weekly indie music Youtube show! (January 7th 2016) 

'Cause if mainstream media doesn’t have the cojones to give indie music the platform it deserves, I sure as hell will!

All for the love of music...
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The Netherlands

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Martin Tillman submitted media.

Wonder by Martin Tillman

The Dutch Guy

Wow! Perfectly arranged soundscape between electronic and organic instruments, that manages to grab and take you on a journey. Vangelis like? Especially if you listen with a good pair of head-cans... Goosebumps! Featuring on my indie music blog soon!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spellt (60 Second Promo) by Hollywood Principle

The Dutch Guy

Captivating, catchy and I did fall under your spell :)
I'll definitely will be featuring you on my blog, hit me with all details and the soundcloud link I can embed through my contact page:

Mike Savage submitted media.

Jet Streams (demo) by Marié Digby

The Dutch Guy

Demo? Release it as is, 'cause this is absolutely gorgeous! Moments/songs like this, is why I promote independent music, this is why I love music so much... WOW!

Katheryne Thomas submitted media.

The Dutch Guy

Awesome upbeat club banger that should get the people jumpin' and pumpin' in no time with all the festivals coming up this summer! Will there be an official music video and/or remix pack? 

Joy Buckley submitted media.

Control by Pink Noise Party

The Dutch Guy

Could this be 2015's Army Of Lovers?! Me thinks yes!

Brendan Gallagher submitted media.

Whole In Your Head by Brendan Gallagher

The Dutch Guy

Very distinctive voice on top on these smooth with beautiful lyrics. In one word: SCHWEET!

Christophe Jenny submitted media.

Restless Bay by Bérose

The Dutch Guy

A great way to start my day! The use of real instruments, the pureness of the vocals, it's soulful, jazzy and funky at the same time. And I just dig the Caribbean flavour oozing through-out the whole track. Bring on the white sandy beaches, a cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas and lets jam! 

ted pearce submitted media.

Remembering Lucy Baum by Ted Pearce (aka t-Roy)

The Dutch Guy

Digging this song, which made me sit back and reflect on life. Powerful lyrics, beautiful instrumentals and soothing vocals. Wow!...

submitted media.

The Dutch Guy

Digging the soulful vibe on this deep house track. Fresh breath of air in the EDM world of trance and hard house and with those vocals, would do great in any DJ set!