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Slice! is a new on-line editorial brand specialising in music discovery on streaming music services and curated playlists

Created by former Digster UK & Record Club editor-in-chief Justin Barker, the core brand focus is on fresh sounding, credible but accessible Pop, Dance, Urban  and indie musicand is targeted at a young, curious & web literate audience
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Thomas La Salle submitted media.

Anymore (Original Mix) by Thomas La Salle

Justin Barker

Ok so overall, it's a nice banging (& very Dutch :) ) deep house track in the vein of Oliver Heldens or Don Diablo (and other Spinnin' Deep artists) which would by and large work well in a DJ set and is certainly pretty on trend

Also the overall quality of the mix (EQ/compression/mastering) sounds good and professional

Here are some more thoughts:

I like the intro, it builds well & the Drop at 1:01 punches hard, 

I do like the pitched down vocal sample in the break down @ 1:49 (also very on trend) but I think you need to  to work on making that transition a little smoother cause it's a bit abrupt at the moment

The lead synth line at 2:03 though I personally don't think quite fits the rest of the track, it's a bit too progressive a sound for me but that might just be my taste.... it's also a very bright sound and the tone of the rest of the track is quite dark

Finally, I don't think that last minute really adds that much to the track and any DJ is going to mix the next song way earlier, not that it's bad, could just be a bit shorter

I'd also try and find something that sets you apart a little bit from what I assume are your influences because to be honest if I heard that in a club, I'd just think it was by Oliver Heldens which might be what you're looking to do now but at some point you will want an audience to hear one of your tracks and know it's a Thomas La Salle track, right?

Hope that's helpful and not too critical

D8thwonder MUSIC submitted media.

Justin Barker

I kind of dig the individual synth sounds in the backing track but something doesn't sound quite right to me... like it's a little too clean sounding and for me, would work better if it was a little more muffled, like on tracks by 40, Boi-1-da etc.

Also, adding more bass would really help give the track some depth that it's missing right now

Compositionally I feel the track needs to do a little more too, like it's all a bit flat and really needs a middle 8 or a breakdown somewhere just to change it up a bit

also, maybe play around with the pitch of the vocals a little more? Because 3 minutes of auto-tuned vocals is a bit much for audieces these days