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Raziq Rauf

Former editor of ThrashHits.com. Former writer for Kerrang! and Prog.
I wrote about music for 15 years. I've written for people like the BBC, The Guardian, Kerrang!, Drowned in Sound, Classic Rock, Prog, and Metal Hammer. I also ran a very successful heavy music blog called Thrash Hits, which is still super cool.
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London / LA

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Cyrano Grier submitted media.

What You Breathe by Cyrano Grier

Raziq Rauf

This starts with a cool riff. It reminds me a lot of the indie rock with dark content that used to masquerade as insanely bright and fun tunes from 15-20 years ago or so. I think you've got a great future ahead of you. I hope you find a good touring band and get a good team around you. This is great.

Arman Asadsangabi submitted media.

Raziq Rauf

This is a very decent and polished rock n roll song. It's gnarly and talks about money and the occasional lack of it. That is real life. It sounds like a song by a band that is good.

Rodney Warner submitted media.

Raziq Rauf

This is soooooo 90s / early 200s. It was a very nostalgic listen for me. Good luck with the release!

Stephen Presley submitted media.

Bridge by SP Presley

Raziq Rauf

I'm a big prog fan so this is already in my favored style. The riffs are crisp but the solos are interesting without being over-complicated. It's not a long song so it doesn't have too far to meander, meaning it remains concise, which I often find is helpful with instrumental tracks.

I'd give the rest of the EP a go and I'd probably come to see you live if the venue was fun and not too far away!

I bet there's a good concept behind the title, eh? Telling that story as part of the complete music release could mark you out as different from the pack. Don't hide it! There's a market for bands who think deeply about all aspects of their output and cross media to deliver their message.

John Legato submitted media.

Pain&Victory by Heirs Of Fire

Raziq Rauf

This is pretty cool chuggy alt-rock with a metallic edge. Sounds like a band that could open for Stone Temple Pilots or Avenged Sevenfold or someone like that on a regional tour. The guitars are good but I'd like the vocals to be a bit higher in the mix and a bit better in general, but this is an ok effort.

Jules Shapiro submitted media.

Raziq Rauf

This is a cool song. Retro psychedelia is always going to work well. It's got legs on the live circuit - the prog scene is thriving - and could even get some radio play if marketed to the right audiences.

Marcin Cichy submitted media.

Lose My Mind by meeting by chance

Raziq Rauf

It's very nice and chill, which is what I generally associate with Ninja Tune artists. I'd go and see this live if it had some sick AV stuff going on with it. It needs to be something v grand for the live performance but it would elevate it so much. WLTM in LA.

Gregor Witsch submitted media.


Raziq Rauf

It sounds like a metalcore version of 30STM. I imagine you will take that as a compliment. It's super generic so could do pretty well if well marketed.

Mark Benavides submitted media.

Yugen by Rogues Among Us

Raziq Rauf

Reminds me a lot of old Incubus, which isn't a bad thing. This is a decent track. I'd be interested in hearing more.

David Cox submitted media.

Raziq Rauf

This is some really great rock 'n' roll. It does sound like a female Danko Jones! At 3mins, it's a great length.

Alexandre Castellan submitted media.

Transmutation by Siriun

Raziq Rauf

This is technically very, very accomplished - the riffs work really well. Good musicianship and the vocals are pretty good. The visuals fit in with this style of metal and I dig it. I'd come watch you if you get to LA.