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Liz Cousins

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Liz Cousins

Notorious Radio
Liz jokes she was practically born into music. From an early age her sister would take her along to punk shows in L.A. When she'd like something, she'd rock out. When she didn't, she'd hide behind her sister's hair. Since then she has worked as:

-Clerk at Tower Records, Anaheim, CA (1993-1995)
-Music Director for College station KLBC (Long Beach, CA)
-College Rep for EMI Music, CA (1994-1997)
-Interned for Mercury Records, CA (1994-1995)
-Personal Assistant to Danny Elfman, CA (1995-1997)
-Promoter for rave club Magic Wednesdays, CA (1996-1997)
-College/Specialty Radio for Ignition Records, NYC (1997-1998)
-College/Specialty/Tertiary Radio for Tommy Boy, NYC (1998-2002)

Once Tommy Boy went out of business in 2002, Liz took a long, hard look at what she wanted to do. The result? Notorious Radio. Helping bands when they need help the MOST, and giving them the same brand of attention she gave the bands at the labels.

She now lives and works in Astoria, NYC with her husband Daniel (who built this site) and three cats Flakey, Elian and Mao. Outside of music, her passions including tap dancing, gardening, horror movies and cooking. Her heroes include Hunter S. Thompson (RIP) and Tony H. Wilson (RIP).
radio, consulting, music promotion, music marketing, radio promotion
indie rock, singer/songwriter, music, alternative rock, drum & bass, garage, americana, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, chillwave, jungle, glo-fi, brit-pop, alt-country

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submitted media.

Liz Cousins

Really well done track, and nice out of the box instrumentation! The production wasn't as clean as I'd like but the "bones" are there for an awesome release- great job you guys!

Wesley Youssi submitted media.

The Darkside by Wes Youssi

Liz Cousins

Such a great, classic sound and a great story. I think Americana radio would LOVE THIS!

Phil Barry submitted media.

Time To Ascend by Mr Fogg

Liz Cousins

I love the way it builds, intense without being overbearing. Current yet timeless. Great job, Mr Fogg!

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Liz Cousins

I like the angularity and xylophone riff, though the broken meter feel can get a bit weary. Overall, cool song and I'd like to hear more songs from the band.