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Nix Cooper

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Nix has been running since 2006 and has been promoting new, upcoming and independents in live showcase shows and events. She runs the Pure Rawk Awards recognising underground, independent and new rock, metal and punk bands.
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London, UK

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Paolo Fosso submitted media.

Suitcase war by Armonite

Nix Cooper

Hugely talented and a good mix. It's a grower and up for any band who can make a violin a badass instrument. I'm a fan of bands like Apocalyptica so this is right up my street. Have you guys tried hitting up Prog Magazine and Classic Rock in the UK too? Please, please keep in touch - you guys sound great!

Matthew McGuinness submitted media.

Stitch by Orca

Nix Cooper

A good mash up of heavy riffs and twisted up melodies. It's a tune with many facets and showcases that Orca have the ability to pull out sharp, aggressive slabs of rock but then switch it round to create borderline epic noise landscapes. My favourite part was the powerful vocal change from 1.52. There are definite hints of Deftones and Muse in "Stitch" which is very pleasing to these ears! Had to check out more of the tunes on Fluence after listening.

Dale Goodridge submitted media.

Crash (Official Video) by Dale Goodridge

Nix Cooper

Pretty cool video with some lovely scenery shots. It's a decent indie track. Dale's voice has a bit of depth and works well with the overall composition. Would like to hear more - possibly something with a bit more energy
 Not a track I can see in the chart, but would work well as a soundtrack. 

submitted media.

Revelator by The boy from the crowd

Nix Cooper

Very quirky. I love it. The video is simple but effective. Love the fuzzed up guitar mixed with the lighter bits of the track. I can see this fitting in well with a Some Weird Sin clubnight in London. Good, edgy modern fuzzed up blues. Want to hear more.