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Victor Salazar

Owner and admin at Metallman's Reverie and Co-host of the Get a Life Video Game Podcast and the DragonCast Podcast!
Love music, video games, and technology.  I have done my fair share of podcasts and reviews on the above and wouldn't mind helping out friends by spreading the word.
technology, social media, live events, promoting music, music reviews, event promotion
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Jason Clayton submitted media.

The Berserker by Cock Of Beastman

Victor Salazar

Great intro! Love the thumping rhythm guitar. The vocals and the rhythm guitar drown out the lead guitar riffs, though. It would recommend to increase the lead guitar volume a bit or lower the vocals and rhythm volume. The lead guitar sounds like the, little brother that is allowed to play with the big boys and is given a "stay out of way" role. 

Other than that, great song. Just need a little more from the lead guitar to really piece this song together.

Dominic Gabriel submitted media.

Victor Salazar

Loving the intro. The harmony is very ominous and fits perfectly with an apocalyptical theme. Double pedal in time with the guitar rhythm... very nice. Vocals and verse are very reminiscent of Tom Araya and Slayer. Now I get a very Metallica feel at the 6:50 ish mark. The rhythm guitar has a heavy crunch and I love it!

The song is very well put together. No one instrument seems to drown the other and switching up the styles every few minutes is very fitting. It can be considered chaotic, but it works very well with the visuals presented in the music video. Very well done!

David Rosen submitted media.

Multiply (Music Video) by David Rosen

Victor Salazar

The music fits the music video very well. The video conveys the idea of, "Multiply", very well. Let's break down my thoughts:


There is beauty to the simplicity of this. The pulsating base, which I don't think changes it's rhythm much, is reminiscent of a heartbeat. The back  bone of the song, for sure. As the guitar enters, it's gives a sense of being, a sense of creation. Nothing too flashy, but just right. Slightly more complex at at the 2:00 mark but it feels very natural. When the percussion enters at 2:20, the music piece feels complete. Very soothing and relaxing throughout and fade at the end completes the cycle. Very well done.


At first, it felt a little alien, almost cosmic, but as the video progresses, the beauty of the idea starts to take place. Like life starting off as a two separate entities, the two bodies collide to create another, smaller, entity between them. The video, in tandem with the music, starts to piece together the visuals of two combining their essence, to create one.

David Rosen submitted media.

Victor Salazar

This is a great piece of art that tells a great story without any words.  The music syncs up with the video seamlessly.  Soft and somber when our main character is in reflection, and culminates with an intense, full sound during the altercation.  I especially loved the bass line.  It really keeps the music together and grabs the attention of the listener.  Great job!

David Rosen submitted media.

"Back Into The Dark" by David Rosen

Victor Salazar

The visuals fit remarkably well  with the music.  The stop motion animation brings a real creepy factor into the music video.  Also, at about the 1:46 mark, the female "chant" that comes in really brings the whole musical piece together.  It gives it a very hypnotic vibe when you hear the faint "chant".  

The only thing that throws me off, in regards to the story, is why the character is going, "Back to the Dark."  Did he lead an evil life?  Was there regrets?  I see the story unfold and I see the dark creature consume the main character and essentially dies, descending into darkness, but I don't see why it would be referred to back in to the dark.  If there was a scene or two showing the character in some shady life dealings, I can see where the title and video would be more fitting.  It would give that needed back story of the main character heading back to that dark place.  A dark place in life reflected in death.

Jamie Ervay submitted media.

Feeding The Monster by Jamie Ervay

Victor Salazar

The single guitar sound throughout the song seems like it has too much gain for a "clean" sound.  In my honest opinion, I would either crunch it up or make it completely clean.  Being in the middle ground makes it feel like it is out of place.  Other than that, this is an excellent song.  All the instruments mesh well.  The drum accent the beat beautifully and the structure overall is well done.  Awesome job, Jamie!

Diogo Ara├║jo submitted media.

S.O.I.M [Official Music Video] by Devils Paradise

Victor Salazar

Loving the sound, loving the video, loving the atmosphere!  The song definitely fits the video and it's almost like a rock anthem.  The clean guitar work early in the track is a nice touch and once everyone plays together, the sound really blends in beautifully.  At times, the percussion really overpowers the band, but it's not a negative thing.  It feels almost intentional to the point where it gives listeners the rhythm and beat to headbang too!  Your sound brings together the old and the new.  I would say it's a combination of Pantera and Avenge Sevenfold.  Great job, guys!  I'll definitely keep an eye out for you!!!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Rocket League Theme Song "Firework" by Hollywood Principle

Victor Salazar

I think the fans of Rocket League are going to love this!  I would more than happy to help spread the word about the song once the press release is available.  Many thanks and good luck!!!

Alexandre Castellan submitted media.

Transmutation by Siriun

Victor Salazar

I'm loving the drum track.  The double pedal work is exceptional and really stands out in this song.  It's fierce and crisp.  The guitar, though, is pretty muddy.  I can hear that it has some great hands behind the frets but the muddy sound takes away from appreciating the technical work behind it.  The vocals bring the song together.  They are not overpowering and is on the same level as the rest of the band in terms of overall sound.

I like the track and it's only a tweak or two away to make it exceptional.

Good luck, friends!  Keep up the awesome work!

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Victor Salazar

Love the unique, sound.  It reminds me much of NIN during their Downward Spiral days.  And on the lyrical level, it goes into a deep, stark place.  This particular track feels likes it's more of an inner revolt more than anything else and the music, with it's heavy accents and pounding drums, conveys the inner battle within.  Awesome job, guys!

Ian Ge Eff submitted media.

The Prophecy by Killepsia

Victor Salazar

Loving the sound.  It's a unique blend that meshes real well with each other.  Loving the change of pace.  It makes the tune interesting and engaging.  Good stuffs, guys!  Keep it up!

Mike Patton submitted media.

Party Never Ends by 3 Parts Dead

Victor Salazar

This is a great track.  I'm loving the way the music is put together but the vocals really stick out to me.  Definitely a band to keep an eye, and ear, out for.

Plugin Fest submitted media.

Victor Salazar

This is a great idea that can really turn into something huge.  More and more are creating wonderful products but simply do not have the means to get their products to potential investors and/or buyers.  The Plugin event can change all that and offer a means for dreams to become reality.  Kudos!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Victor Salazar

The above video does an excellent job of describing what Fluence is all about and gives a pretty good quick tutorial on how it works.  I suggest that a "share" button be made.  That way, if someone leaving feedback would like to share, they have the means to easily share via their social media channels.

Love the platform, love the layout, and I love the potential.  I see Fluence as a gateway to work with aspiring curators as well as those that are already established.  I feel lucky to be involved in the beta version and am looking forward to the full launch.