Maria Mouk

Maria Mouk

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Maria Mouk

Cultural Catalyst & Critic
Interested in:

Original electronic music content, 
non-commercially oriented: for review in one of the publications I write for, 
or film music: for commissioned commercial publishing use

also Offering:

Advice on festival organization, efficiency, and structure.
I have been an event lead on all festival matters for over 10 years.
artist management, music marketing, record labels, music festivals, live events, music events, music writing, music journalism, djing
electronic, indie, singer/songwriter, music, ambient, house, minimal, film, psychedelic rock, acoustic, techno, experimental, cinematic
Berlin, Germany

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Recent Feedback

submitted media.

New Backyard by The Last Man Running

Maria Mouk

the music is beautiful, sad. lyrics as well.. i imagine a bigger video could make it really stand out. maybe hiring someone for that. but as an audio experience, really pensive and beautiful. Spotify?

Brian Pampaselle submitted media.

Psalm Readers by undocument

Maria Mouk

beautifully rhythmic, I think it's lovely and deserves a color of its own. 

This in regards to your website listing yourself as " in the vein of Bonobo, Flume, Brian Eno, Tycho, Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada."

Surely those other references didnt allude to so many other artists, and its ncie to mention that youre inspired by someone, but perhaps your description should focus on the personal qualities of your music, with just one or two references to inspiration.


Moses biko submitted media.

Far Away by AfriCali eyezon

Maria Mouk

excellent lyrics, inspiring rhythm,  and great work-in of the original track.

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Cracked Diamonds by Martin Tillman

Maria Mouk

very cinematic and moving.  have you tried connecting with labels like 
(Sebastian Tellier's label)

I see that you already have some amount of success and publicity
doing scores for large films.
wonderful, not sure you need help? but thanks for sharing
will definitely enjoy within my Euro network and share 

Moses biko submitted media.

Maria Mouk

76 percent increase in homelessness??
Wow man. I know it. I used to live there.. but sad, indeed.
Great rhythm, great topic, nice vocals. Honorable cause. I hope this gets momentum. I'll share the word.

Jacob Techow submitted media.

Judith by Jacob David

Maria Mouk

slightly sad like spring, soft and delicate. i enjoyed.
i guess the recording is lofi? 
i wouldnt change a thing really unless you wanted to master this album :)

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Maria Mouk

interesting video, and wonderful music composition/ambiance 
i also like the audio vocal distortion,
my only concern would be the "final message" of the video
this is a bit avantgarde i do understand, but sometimes a linear logic helps to introduce material in a more approachable way.

cheers. lovely :)
oh and i really like the track title

Max (Ibiza) submitted media.

Maria Mouk

i see you playing out on a beautiful beach or desert festival-
all the elements seem professional and come together charmingly...
dont know if there is an audience in it in the dark slopes of berlin, but when festival production time comes around, ill pass it on.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

FIREWORK 03.01.15 RUFF (1) by Hollywood Principle

Maria Mouk

the melody is pretty, 
vocals are leveled nicely 

i find it fitting for the genre and the production.

roger kahlon submitted media.

b l a c k / v a l e n t i n e by roger singh kahlon

Maria Mouk

rhythmically.melodically pleasant, and vocally well reinforced.
i like it production wise, maybe a little more evolution, or dynamic fade out would diversify it- but really good and smooth anyway

as far as promotion- maybe the track should come as a part of a whole something, on its own its just a piece, and may need more reference, to stand out on its own, as in thats the sexy album track but theres an album, or an ep with a few other sounds on it- for contrast :)

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Synthesizer Sympathizer by Digital Slumber Party

Maria Mouk

i like it-  pretty experimental at some parts (which i prefer- but like the drums i mean and the synth line)  
maybe too much for the more commercial clients
but certain moments with the vocals for example, certainly usable..

submitted media.

Maria Mouk

quite lovely, haunted and moody. i dont have advice, aside for get it out there and circulating :) maybe some online radio plays or spotify playlists,  sxsw? :)
good luck!

Jared Lutes submitted media.

Where You Are (Reprise) by Jared Lutes

Maria Mouk

i think the lyrics are great, 
this folk country style is a little out of my expertise-or typical interest,
but composition wise, vocally, and lyrically it seems to have all the right components to work on a bigger scale :)

Horror Movies submitted media.

I Was Here When Money Existed (On Spotify/Rdio) by How Horror Movies Should Sound

Maria Mouk

i like the experimental ambition, but the voice seems disproportionately loud to the music, which also comes off as a bit abrasive, also the highs from the synthetic keys.
i would work with adjusting the levels, and smooth in the voice a bit better.

good luck

deeplastik submitted media.

Maria Mouk

simple and beautifully done :) the ending gets a bit long. and might be more effective with a sudden cut
i think its good as is musically, and i dont have any feedback aside for maybe the publicity council you might seek, id suggest appealing to collaboration with established artists- or getting someone to do a video for the melody, or something to diversify its out reach

nice job. happy holidays

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Maria Mouk

i like how all the pieces fit together. the voices are decent too. the ending of the video is a little strange.. but keep up the good work over all...

Noah Engel submitted media.

Passing, Passing by Noah Engel

Maria Mouk

really lovely, soft and sad
like its dissonant and lofi quality
and the lyrics are quite touching,
for the heartbroken i guess

good job and good luck. will repost on my facebook

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Maria Mouk

nice clip- 
i am familiar with the platform, but to a new user- the description might be subtly confusing,
also the final branding phrase- "where people connect and help each other"
it might be nice to specify in what way exactly :)
hope that helps!

Dani Ashjian submitted media.

Moving In Circles by Dolly Spectra

Maria Mouk

dreamy, electric circus, vaudevillian. with a bit of riot.
great voice.
reminds me of a few things that i cant place.
ill spread to some appropriate friends. and try to consider where an outlet for this might be appreciated.

James Newton submitted media.

Make A Better Place by The Jimi Newton Project

Maria Mouk

i think the production quality and the voice are wonderful,
however the topic is a bit tried and trialed, and doesnt seem risque or powerful enough to really standout in some way.. 
my only suggestion then, would be to work on the lyrics, look for deeper meaning in your own reasons for production. 
maybe it is just a happy go lucky song, but theres probably a way to make it striking with variable words.
hope that helps.
keep it up :)

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Cry ( Grey Mix) by The Bessemer Process - Jason Kendall

Maria Mouk

lots of catchy stuff here- and interesting influences, i think youd succeed on the EDM market, given a little push :) submitted media.

Maria Mouk

incroyable! :) this is a good place to start...

X Poe submitted media.

Maria Mouk

 I am raised in New York and can appreciate the topic-  and the rhythmic structure sounds "gut", and the quality of your voice as well, but honestly I do not speak German fluently, and can not judge the value of the lyrics. (which is the most important.)

Good luck with your music mission ;) Maybe you should ask someone who speaks German fluently. Cheers!

Ahshatèn Izarh submitted media.

Soul Checked by AHI

Maria Mouk

i like the mood and motive and even composition, but find something slightly lacking in the lyrics.
i guess because its a musically saturated market, its the details that set the competition apart, so i would try to freak out a little more. i like it overall! good luck