Kial Knickerbocker

Kial Knickerbocker

Kial Knickerbocker

Dark Minimal Future Ancient Dubstep
Label Boss, Producer, Instructor of the Sonic Arts, and DJ: Kial has been fiddling with electronik sounds and computer sequences for over a decade now....always practicing the art of sound design, with a special affinity towards the lower end of the frequency range, and Lo-Frequency-Oscillators.

A twiddler, tweaker, and perfectionist that takes time with each timbre in the composition.

In the last few years experimental ambient music and bass heavy Dubstep have occupied the sonic space in the lab, but there is never a restriction on what type of noises could or should be made.
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Denver, CO

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Kial Knickerbocker

The point of the video is clearly, and simply communicated. 

I think website start-ups need to especially focus on marketing, and promotion OUTSIDE of the internet.  FB is good, but people get bombarded with ads on there all day long.  You need to have PHYSICAL presence.  Promote your service at SXSW, Decibel Festival, ASCAP Meetings, AES Conferences, Sundance, etc. etc.