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Matthew Kratz

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Matthew Kratz

Composer. Producer. DJ. Former Glitch Mob.
Kraddy is a Los Angeles-based electronic-music producer known for bringing an undiluted sound of the underground to new audiences. From his work as a founding member of the infamous Glitch Mob to his groundbreaking solo work, Kraddy (born Matthew Kratz) has always been known for shattering genre conventions while moving crowds everywhere from Red Rocks to L.A.’s famed Low End Theory club. From his breakthrough 2008 hit “Android Porn” to the innovative bangers comprising his latest e.p. Labyrinth (Alpha Pup), Kraddy continues to hybridize hip-hop, dubstep and dancehall with face-melting panache and rock and roll bravado.
emerging artists, licensing, arrangement, music licensing / syncing, music production / mastering, music composition, djing
electronic, music, bass music, film, tv
Venice Beach

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Recent Feedback

Dwight Rowland submitted media.

Dark Side by Euforium

Matthew Kratz

Great track! The production is on point and I like the dark hip hop fused with the dubstep. I would suggest sending this out to some dubstep focused labels. Deadbeats, Circus, Never Say Die, and Buygore are a few that come to mind. If you plan on doing a self release I would suggest sending it out to some dubstep focused blogs to get so attention.
Hope that helps. Great work!

Cedric Mayer submitted media.

New World Order by Maero

Matthew Kratz

Overall, great job! I can hear you've put a lot of time into this track.
I would say this track is a progressive breaks tract at its heart with cinematic instrumentation and arrangement. I like the track but I think it could be edited to give the track more momentum. At 3:30, 3:56, 4:40, and 5:21 the track loses momentum as it goes into the next section. Find a way to keep the energy going when you switch sections. 
Production wise I think the drum sounds need more layer so as not to sound flat. I like a lot of the synth sounds but make sure to give the track space so there isn't too much going on at one time.
As for promoting it, I would suggest posting it to Soundcloud and see what kind of response you get. Maybe send it to some blogs who are into progressive breaks. 
And start working on the next one!

Riley Jensen submitted media.

Futureproof by Kaptur

Matthew Kratz

Great track! 
Here's some notes.
- Don't have the vox come in so quicly. Let the groove sink in for bit.
- The vocals don't have enough energy. I don't listen to lyrics on the first listen. The tone of the voice shoudl tell the story and I dont know what story is being told. 
- Nice change at 1:19. Add percussion
- The second verse and chorus kind of drag - nothing new, no new energy
- The section at 4:38 is the best! Play that WAY earlier. Thats your gold right there. Don't bury in the back. Open the song with that riff.

Riley Jensen submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

Very nicely done cover. I really like the way it evolves. It sounds unique and familiar at the same time.

Here's my notes:
- The chorus can be bigger and more glorious. Maybe try adding a choir and some really uplifting saw synths. Make it feel huge.
- The drum sounds and programming are very basic. Thats ok but the sounds need to feel more present. They need to have more character. I think some M83 style drums would sound good
- There needs to be more shift from the verse to the chorus. It needs to grow into the chorus and get smaller during the verse. Try a low pass on the bass in the verse

Bryson Teel submitted media.

Bryson Teel by Time Stops (Audio)

Matthew Kratz

I think the intro takes a long time to develop. I think the song would be stronger if you shortened it.
The change in demo and beat structure throws me off a bit. The two sections should flow into each other in a more complimentary way.

Guy Powis submitted media.

Lifted by Donny Hills x Circa

Matthew Kratz

Solid track. It needs a B section. the beat and baseline get a bit repetitive.
The snare and bell sounds are cool but they play the same thing for too long.
Otherwise,w ell made groovy track. Nice one :)

Bryan Clearside submitted media.

Short Division by Clearside

Matthew Kratz

I think your track is great. It has interesting rhythms and melodies Though it does get a little bit repetitive at some moments. Some of the synth sounds you use are thin and need texture. Overall, a great track.

I think Low End Theory would be a great venue for your music. 

Tom Misch submitted media.

Sunshine by Tom Misch

Matthew Kratz

Great track! I can see this doing very well on dance floors all over the place. Don't change a thing, just keep making more music!!

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by FLARES

Matthew Kratz

Very nice job! I really like this track. The pacing is perfect and it has a lot of emotion. I would make one suggestion - add a rising pad/synth or guitar that rises along with the drums to really accentuate that build.  Great job!!!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Matthew Kratz

This track sounds good. The vocals are good as well. But nothing about it reaches out and grabs me. One issue is that the progression of the track never changes - its the same throughout. That makes it less interesting as the song goes on. Overall I feel like its a good track but doesn't really take any chances.

KING KREDIBLE submitted media.


Matthew Kratz

This track is good but the drum and synth sounds are very basic. They sound like presets found on any number of synths. The vocals are mediocre - I like the lyrics but I don't feel much emotion in the performance.

Tom Friis submitted media.

PAPER ROCKS by Tom Friis

Matthew Kratz

I love the singer. I think the vocals could be produced better. I would record doubles, and maybe triples for the chorus.
The chorus needs to go up energetically in both the vocals and instruments.
Theres a kalimba sound buried in the mix that would sound nice out front int he chorus.
The hats are way too loud and distract form the rest of the track. I think a different sound would be better as well. When they drop out the track immediately sounds better. They just sound like a constant hiss.

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Dissolve The Line (preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Matthew Kratz

This song is decent with the melodies and guitar. But the drums sounds very fake and repetitive. 
But melodically it's very nicely done 
Drop the attempt to make this "dubstep" and it could be great. 
The piano is not a good piano sample. 
The sounds need more texture and depth. 

Calvino Donati submitted media.


Matthew Kratz

The track sounds good sonically and all the parts fit together well.
It would sound cool to double the synth part with strings.
I think some horns mirroring the baseline would sound great as well.

My main critique would be that it doesn't change at all.  With some vocals this could work really well as a hip hop track.

Caesar Garcia submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

Not really feeling this one.  
The drum programming doesn't capture the listeners attention.
The intro should be shortened.  Start with the chorus, or some variation on it.
Melodically the song works but the synth and bass sounds used don't blend well with the beat or the vocals.
The vocals and lyrics are simple and the flow needs improvement.  
For a hip hop the song the beat doesn't really give you that head nod feeling.
The synth solo at the end is pretty much unlistenable.

I don't think this track is salvageable but don't let that dissuade you.  Keep making music! 

Tom Szajner submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

First off I would say never use "world music" to describe your music.   Its a very dismissive term when you think about it and not very descriptive.

I like the track. It has great melodies and some really nice anthems. Its a powerful track.  It sounds very influenced by The Glitch Mob.  

I think theres a few things you can do that will make the track really pop.

Create more of a build up to the moment when the heavy guitar/bass comes in for the first time at :37.

The breakdown at :59 should happen later in the track. use the beginning to build more.

The main theme that comes in at 1:30 needs to be built up to.  It just comes in out of nowhere.

The drop at 2:01 is really nice.  

Again, the change at 3:30 should have some kind of build or breakdown before it.

I think the end needs the most work.  It seems like its supposed to be the most epic part of the track.  And it does that melodically but the drums sound very flat in this section.  Think what a rock drummer would do over a section like this.  It should feel very kinetic and hyper rhythmic.

The build at 4:22-4:33 is nice.

The final section just feels like a re-hash of what we've already heard.  The drums at the end, especially the snares at the very end sound very programmed and out of the box.  You've got the right idea, you just need to make it sound less mechanical.  And you need to give your drum sounds more texture so they don't just sound like triggered samples.

I think if you shortened the track a little it would solve some of these problems.  That way you can save your big moment for one section of the track and not repeat it.

Overall, great song. With some editing and some work on the drum programming its definitely a banger.

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Skip The Day (preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Matthew Kratz

This is a good track.  I like the mellow yet heavy flow of it  And I like the different sections.  
I think it needs work in the arrangement and in the instrumentation.

Make the intro more dramatic.  Tease the baseline a little and build into it with dramatic flair.

The sound of the lead line that comes in at :40 should be more compelling.  It not the melody but the sound used that is weak.  It sounds thin and basic.  I think it could be more attention grabbing.

The melody line you use just repeats the same on each drop.  I think repeating the same melody line on at three drops prevents the song from evolving.  Put a variation in there.

The filtered bass sounds that come in at 1:50 are very basic sounding.  Same with the arp sounds.  They don't add much to the melody.  It would deb more interesting if there was some kind of call and answer between the different parts.  Otherwise its just multiple melodic lines all playing but not relating to each other - like a party where everyone is talking and no one is listening.

The builds and drops are a bit underwhelming.   Don't be afraid to pull out parts and create some some space so that the drop has more impact.

I think a choir or "ahhh" type sound that mirrors the bass would fill out the track as well.  Something a few octaves above the bass.   Bring it in for the drops and pull it out before the breakdowns.

Hope that helps!

Cody Hunt submitted media.

Algiers by Nightspring

Matthew Kratz

I really like this song. I like the instrumentation. I like the vibe. I like the sounds. And I like the vocals. 
That said, I think there are a few detail you could work on to take this song from good to great. 
I can't tell what the chorus is. I think this song would be really strong with a strong repetitive chorus.  The bridge section at 2:27 is really cool but it doesn't lead into a chorus. It seems to go back into the verse section. 

The chorus should come much earlier. 2:27 is a long way to wait for the chorus. The first verse is really long. I would cut it down and have the chorus come in around 1:30. 

The "make each other whole" seems like a chorus lyrically but the music is the same as the first verse. And it doesn't come in strongly enough.  And it only happens once.

The change at 3:50 is really nice. I'd love to hear that happen earlier in the track.

The vocals are a little too high in the mix. And they need some reverb. They sound very dry in the mix. A light delay and verb mixed in low would work very nicely. 

The outro is too long and it dims the energy the song has built up.

As I said, I really like this song. With some editing I think it could be really awesome. 

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

This is really gorgeous.  The production on the music and vocals is very nice.
I love how the beat drops in with that subtle baseline.
It has a quirky/jangly/indie rock feel that some may not appreciate but I really like how its used.
Reminds me of Cocteau Twins - Thats about as high a compliment as I can give it.
Great job!!!

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

What I Like:
I like the melodies
I like the arrangement

What I think can be improved:
On the second and third drop a new element needs to come in
The drop at 3:13 would work well in the middle of the song
I like the bass kind of subdued and low in the mix but I would make the high end and the wobbles a little more audible with some EQing

The song has an underproduced vibe to it that I like but I'm not sure if it's intentional.  The sounds are simple and I like that element.  That said, if I were to mix it I would make the mix much brighter and not as heave in the mids and lows.

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

What I liked:
- I really like how this comes in.  I think it could even build a little more in the intro before the guitar sample comes in

What I think can be improved:
- The mix here is also muddy.  It needs more mid highs and highs and less low mids and lows
- the change at 1:29 doesn't work for me.  I wouldn't mix that heavy baseline with the guitar loop.  I think both parts should live separately 
- I think it would be a stronger song if the first section and second section alternated instead

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

630am (NEW) by DSP

Matthew Kratz

Things I like:
Very nice melodically
Drums sound punchy

Things that could improve:
Snare is too loud for my taste
I would be nice if everything dropped out before the bass comes in at :45.  That would give it a more dramatic entrance
Although the dubstep drums sounds good I think the style of drums is a bit overused
The wobble bass that comes in at 2:30 gets repetitive
The theme that comes in at 3:00 needs to be more in the front of the mix

Eoghan Hynes submitted media.

Ná Bac by Ohjann

Matthew Kratz

Great sound design. I love the texture in the drums.
:52 - The vocals are obscured - I'd like to hear them clearer
I really like the melodies in this song. I think having a wispy top line that mirrors the baseline would be nice.
2:10 - what happens here should happen earlier.
The piano is great - have that come in earlier.

Robert McKinley submitted media.

Shadow by Love Dominique

Matthew Kratz

I like this track but its lacking something.  The beat and vocals are nice but they are missing a certain edge.  
I would emphasize the melodic elements - they get pushed to the background.  A piano type sound would be nice.  A tighter/punchier kick and snare are also needed.
The snare should change in the chorus.

Aaron Jackson submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

Really nice loop and beat.
The first verse is really nice too.
The vocals in the chorus are where the track loses energy.
When the second verse comes in it need to do something new and step up the game.
The loop needs to change a little for the chorus.

John Hall submitted media.

CAR by Doofy

Matthew Kratz

I like the build and the melody leading up to the drop.
Very progressive house/trance.
I think the drop needs to be bigger and fuller.  Layer a bunch of synths in there.
Some female vocals singing about freedom with lots of verb would really be nice.
The drops and builds need to be more dramatic.  Make the drops unpredictable - go an extra bar or drop the 1.
The track here is solid it just needs some beefed up/more dramatic production to give it that really big room sound.

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

I would make the intro more subdues so that when the bass comes in at :33 its much more of a drop - more dramatic.
The drums needs to evolve with each new section.
I like the breathing sound.
The main melodies should be louder and fuller.
The drums sound like 80's rock drums.
The turnaround at 1:28 is really nice.
Thin the drums out in parts to give it a nice dub vibe - Snare delays.
The melody at the end is the same - it should have chained in some way.

John Masters submitted media.

Slide To Unlock by Harness Flux

Matthew Kratz

Reminds me of early Dinosaur Jr. , which is good thing.
The drums needs to change with the different parts of the song.
The chord professions are nice as is the top line.
I think the main thing holding this song back is the drum loops never ends and gets old.  Everything else is really coo.

Bradley Dyte submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

The percussion needs less mid and more high end.  
I really like the melody when it comes in.  
I think the percussion could sounds more organic and slowly evolve through the intro.  It sounds like loops coming in and out as it is now.
When the kick drops at 2:48 the melodic line needs to step up too - with a new sound or a second sound playing along with the first.
The sax breakdown happens too soon.

Carriages . submitted media.

Roots by Carriages

Matthew Kratz

I like everything about this except the vocals.  The baritone vocals pull me out of the lightness of the track and make it hard to hear the details in the music. 

MARCO GREY submitted media.

FAITH by fredwave

Matthew Kratz

This is great! I love the vocals and the beat.  Its emotional, raw and intimate.  I think an occasional dub delay on the snare would be cool.
My only complaint is its too short of a song. Great work.

Chris Euton submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

This is a good start.  I like the melody and the beat but they need to be bigger at the beginning, which is your chorus.  The drop at 1:49 is already revealed at the beginning.  If you want that to be the drop then pare back the beginning so that its more minimal, thus making the drop more dynamic.
Some verses would be good for this song it feels like the chorus just repeats.  Then you could create a verse section of the music that carries from the chorus and that would make the song more of a journey.

James Moore submitted media.

Hostage by Aubergine MACHINE

Matthew Kratz

The production and vocals on this track are great.  I like the flow and the sounds.  My only problem is that synth sound that comes in at 1:12.  Sounds very basic and out of the box.  I think bringing in something really interesting at that moment would bring the track to a new level.  But using that synth just places it in line next to so many of the "dub step ballads" that are out now.

Slow Magic submitted media.

Stereo Funk by Beerlover

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
Great sample
Nice kick
Nice breakdown

What can be improved:
Sidechain on sample is too pumpy
Drums get repetitive
Some percussion loops would fit in nice - conga, tambourine, shakers
Guy saying "Yeah" sample is mixed a little hot
I longer more slowly evolving mix would be a better listen and better on the dance floor 
It needs a longer breakdown

Chris Euton submitted media.

Red Tape by Chris Euton

Matthew Kratz

What I liked:
Nice layering of sounds
Interesting sound design
Cool mix of rock, electronic and symphonic sounds/feel
Spooky, dark, creepy

What I think can be improved:
The piece would be much more dramatic if it built up and broke down more
The digital bass sounds need to have more texture - some are thin sounding
The drum loop and general rhythm of the piece becomes repetitive
The different sounds need more definition
At times there are too many overlapping bass sounds
A more minimal, "less is more" feel would add to the eerie vibe

Chris Euton submitted media.

Falling Curtains by Digital Slumber Party

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
The live drums sound good
The track goes through many changes/sounds
I like the groovy vibe
Good mix of Rock/Symphonic/Electronic sounds/feel
Drop at 1:03 is DOPE - this section should be your centerpiece

What I think can be improved:
The main melodic theme at 2:15 needs to be at the front of the mix
I think the track could break down more 
Adding drum fills at the parts where the song changes
The transitions between sections could be more dynamic and dramatic
The wormy alien filtered sound is overused
I would love to hear more digital edits/stutters in the mix
Drop at 1:03 is great but the track loses energy after that

Chris Euton submitted media.

Illusional by Chris Euton (ADeight)

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
Dub sections are cool
Drums are mixed well
I like the interplay of the melodies
The track breaks down and builds

What I think can be improved:
More delay to add to the dub feel
The synth, drum and bass patches need more texture
Electric guitar sounds thin
The main melody needs to be forward in the mix
Add guitar licks and bends to give it more texture
Add more dynamic transitions between sections

Chris Euton submitted media.

Safe Sirens by Chris Euton (ADeight)

Matthew Kratz

What I like:
Nice melody

What I think can be improved:
Drums sound thin 
Drum mix needs improvement
Feels very loop oriented 
There are not enough melodic changes 
Transitions between sections should be more dramatic

Chris Euton submitted media.

Falling Curtains by ADeight (Chris Euton)

Matthew Kratz

I already sent notes on this one