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Jenn W

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Jenn W

Proprietor of synths @ (formerly of CokeCanPoetry)
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Recent Feedback

Gregory Robinson submitted media.

July 5th (Remastered) by Allora Mis

Jenn W

I really like it. Pretty ambient sounds that picks up around the 4 minute mark. Nice interlude too... looking forward to hearing more!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Jenn W

Great platform so far!

Magnus Reimer submitted media.

Throw Yourself by Magnus Reimer

Jenn W

Cool sound, grips you right away. I like the way all the instrumentation fits together. Best of luck!

Cathryn Green submitted media.

The Apple by Cathryn Green

Jenn W

Catchy chorus and the songs builds really nicely at the end. Good luck!

Samuel Murphy submitted media.

Dreamer by Umiaq

Jenn W

Really lovely and soothing ambient sound. Look forward to hearing more.