Jared Lee Gosselin

Jared Lee Gosselin

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Jared Lee Gosselin

Grammy & Award Winning, Multi Platinum & Gold, Billboard Chart Topping (20+) producer from Detroit Michigan living in LA.
What do India Arie, Macy Gray, Floetry, D-12, Keyshia Cole, & Young Jeezy, to name a few all have in common? If you guessed Grammy nominations, you are incorrect! The correct answer is Jared Lee Gosselin, super-producer hailing from Detroit, Michigan better known as Motor City or Motown. 

During the 60’s & 70’s via the Motown Records imprint, Detroit Michigan rose to musical prominence as the “Motown” sound dominated the music charts with acts such as Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin. Detroit, also spawned a high-energy rock scene centered around artists like Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Mitch Ryder, Rare Earth, and Bob Seger. 

In the late 90’s, Detroit would once again gain national and international prominence fueled by Hip Hop acts Eminem and D-12. Suffice to say, music is an intrinsic component woven into the very fabric that makes Detroit, Michigan a musical oasis and Jared Lee Gosselin is without question a product of his environment!

By the tender age of five, Jared had mastered his mother’s RCA Victor 45 record player but at the age of 15 he had graduated from playing music on his turntable to making it. Armed with his Technics SL-1200 turntables, Jared created his own turntable disciplines following drum rudiments; eventually transforming his turntables to an instrument. As a high school senior, Jared enrolled part-time at RID (Recording Institute of Detroit) and following his high school graduation, he would enroll full time obtaining his record engineering certification two years later. Subsequently in 1999, at the recommendation of an RID professor, Jared went to intern for Barrett Strong and Robert Bateman; two of the chief architects of the Motown Sound having written hits including Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” & the Marvelettes “Please Mr. Postman”. 

Jared’s duties ran the gamut from electrically wiring basic rooms and converting them to operational studios, synching MP keyboards, editing and recording in pro-tools, mixing etc. There was no task he was not capable of doing, surpassing expectations to the point where all Barret would say was “Work your magic!”

In 2000, Jared was running two studios, his own named Asylum and that of a local street hustler affiliated with many of Detroit’s most esteemed artists.

At that time he was engineering for Proof (D-12), Obie Trice (D-12), Slum Village, MC Breed, Juvenile, and Bizzy Bone in addition to creating radio-promo drops which would then be broadcasted on Detroit’s 105.9 WJLB. By 2001 Jared became a mainstay on the local Detroit Hip-Hop scene churning out mixtapes regularly by Green Lantern, D-12, and DJ House Shoes. Jared also programmed show sets for Eminem and D-12 and was even tapped by Proof to run his label, Iron Fist alongside Ty Manica, a Detroit-based concert promoter and owner of Merc Records. Later that year Jared was commissioned as a DJ by Motown Records to go on a radio tour for their R&B chanteuse Dina Rae. 

The tour brought them to LA where Jared met the renowned writer/producer Phillip “Whitey” White and the two immediately realized that their combined talents merited a merger and the two joined forces to create Whiteleaf Productions. The dynamic duo began working instantly at the famed Enterprise Studios as the production deal they landed with Damon Elliot (songwriter/producer for Kelly Rowland, Mya, Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé Knowles, etc.) had them writing/producing tracks for movies such as Shark Tale, 1st Daughter, and Fat Albert.
By virtue of his wizardly abilities, Jared Lee Gosselin has produced and/or engineered for India Arie, Macy Gray, Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole, Nicole Scherzinger (lead singer Pussycat Dolls), Floetry, Cheri Dennis, Game, Proof, Obie Trice, and Corrine Bailey Rae to name a few. 

Jared also contributed to the soundtrack of De Ja Vu starring Denzel Washington and was nominated for a Grammy in 2006 with India Aries’s Testimony: Vol.1, Life & Relationships. Despite his impeccable resume, anyone who knows of Jared Lee Gosselin will attest, what he’s accomplished to date only reflects a small portion of the success he will achieve during his career span but when asked what his goals are the humble yet ambitious, decorated producer/engineer replies “All I want to do is make music that stands the test of time...”
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Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Feedback

Jeremy R submitted media.

Good Gracious Love by JRtheBand

Jared Lee Gosselin

Thanks for sending this over... Hope your doing well with everything going on in the world with COVID. 

Song is cool. 

I would compile your catalog and reach out to some sync licensing companies, could be a good outlet for you to write for film/tv/advertising etc. 

If your really looking to build out your artist career it’s a big undertaking but could lead you in some directions to help grow and build your base. 

Are you working with a producer to help develop your sound? 

It’s a good idea to create something really unique and different that will resonate with the marketplace. 

Edward Kennedy submitted media.

HookART (rough Demo) by Edward James

Jared Lee Gosselin

Hey Edward, 

Thanks for sending. 

First off I'd like to say that you have a nice vocal tone, It seems like you need to partner up with the right producer to work with you on your overall sound. Could also be good to get you with some co-writers to help build your writing skills up more. 

If you are interested I have an artist development company I work with that builds artists into substantial brands and real business's. If this is something you may be interested in please give me a shout directly.. 


Jen Baron submitted media.

Jared Lee Gosselin

From my first listen I really like your vocal tone and the concept is cool. 
The production, especially the drums, bass etc could be way cooler. It may be a matter of having the right mixer/producer put their ear to it and bring it out to its full potential. 
I have a great PR guy who can help get you on some solid Spotify playlists and boost up your visibility on the blogs as well. Give me a shout directly and I'll make a few introductions etc. 

Natasha-Leigh Smith submitted media.

OMEN by Natasha-Leigh Smith

Jared Lee Gosselin

Love your vocal tone! 

Some of the keyboard sounds could be tweaked and made a little cooler, I think overall you could use a real "mix" on this record. I can recommend a great mixer if you need one that can accommodate you. 

Just reach out to me directly jaredleegosselin@gmail.com and I can make those connections for you. 

I have a good buddy Ilya who could really help you with the blog and PR side of things. 


Olivia Pellegrini submitted media.

Jared Lee Gosselin

Love the mood of the song, very cool vibe! 

Overall there were some transitions where I feel like some cool vocals FX could of been used to make it flow a little bit more.. 

Also some small timing issues with the vocals against the track.. Almost felt like the vocals were recorded and the track was put together afterwards it didn't exactly sit naturally.

Love the tone of the vocal.

On the promotion side check out Feature.FM and some small boutique PR firms to help Blog coverage and getting the song added to Spotify Playlists.. 

Hit up Ilya at ---> http://www.pendulumpr.com/

I'd love to hear more stuff. 

Luis Andres submitted media.

02_Track_02_2 by smbeats

Jared Lee Gosselin

Hey Luis, hope you are doing well. 

I think the song is cool, it definitely has that older Dre/LA sound. I think if you were going to put this out you should update the production and mix, just because the sonic scope has changed over the years and for it to be competitive in the marketplace. 

You can always try using a site like Feature.FM to test the market and see who really digs the song and where in the world people are listening to it. Its a really great platform... 

Would love to hear more stuff... 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Jared Lee Gosselin

At first listen I thought it may be possible for a children's song. 
The mix and production could be cleaned up as well. 
Interesting song. lol

Jason Kendall submitted media.

While Your Eyes Are Closed by Jason Lloyd Kendall

Jared Lee Gosselin

Hey Jason, thanks for shooting this over. At first listen I liked the vocal when it came in, once the drums kicked in I felt like the sound of the drums were kind of stock and could be more modern/hard hitting. Also the mix seemed like it could be more cohesive level wise, even tho its a demo I feel like that first presentation is everything, make sure your vocal levels are consistent throughout the song or bring in a mixer to get the best possible presentation. In my opinion I would say possibly having the vocals mixed properly and going after some remixes on the record to give it a fresh take would be ideal.