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Michael Patrick submitted media.

Lay Up by Marcel Alexander

Sean Gavin

Whats up man! Thanks for letting me review. This isn't bad my man. Pretty solid. Definitely smooth and wavy. I have nothing bad to say about it because its good! You need to make a Reddit account and post all your newest releases in the hip-hop heads community. Glad to see you are on SoundCloud so continue to share that link. Get on twitter and find all the hip-hop blogs and submit your song to get posted. You can actually google hip hop blogs and there is like a 1000 site list. I would recommend getting videos out on youtube too! Best of luck. I run @DailyDose so i can help promote. Contact me if interested.

Noah T submitted media.

Runaway by Noah T

Sean Gavin

Hey man. This is crazy smooth. I almost fell asleep listening to this haha. I really like this. I suggest trying to get films to use this song for certain scenes. Also reach out to some YouTube pages that would help share. Definitely share on Twitter and Facebook and maybe reach out to some talent agencies. Like I said this is really good and I see it taking you somewhere. Best of luck!

Lee Mitty submitted media.

Truth Is by Lee Mitty

Sean Gavin

Lee, whats going on. This sounds pretty cool! This is smooth and your flow and lyrics are pretty solid. Post your music on they have a enormous hip-hop community. Get onto YouTube and make music videos too for people to see your face and what you're like. Thats another way to grow as an artist. There are a million hip-hop blogs that you can come across on Twitter so i highly recommend getting their submissions email and reaching out! I run @DailyDose ( so hit me up! Also make some 30 second videos to post on Twitter. People love those. Share, share, share, but don't be a spam artist. Take care!

Andrew Bodden submitted media.

Sapiosexual (Single) by Alexander Mac

Sean Gavin

Whats good man. Thanks for letting me review your music. This was really chill and an overall good song. Show off your skills so I suggest reaching out to all the hip-hop blogs and pages that you can come across on Twitter. Get their submissions email. I run @DailyDose ( so you can hit me up for promotional deals if interested. Also post your music to Huge hip-hop community. Good luck!

Ronnie Lott submitted media.

Call on Me by Ronnie Lott Prod. by J-Nice

Sean Gavin

Yo! This smooth man I like it. Post your music on they have a enormous hip-hop community. Get onto YouTube and make music videos too for people to see your face and what youre like. Thats another way to grow as an artist. There are a million hip-hop blogs that you can come across on Twitter so i highly recommend getting their submissions email and reaching out! I run @DailyDose ( so hit me up! Best of luck.

submitted media.

Be mine by Innerbeats

Sean Gavin

Hey man. Definitely not my kind of genre but this is very cool. I could see this being played in the movie Party X during one of the scenes haha. I suggest finding websites that promote this type of music and contacting them. Share this on SoundCloud as well. Also send this to college kids! They can really help get you exposure. Best of luck!

Ali Cole submitted media.

Rite Now by Armored Sound Productions

Sean Gavin

Wasn't expecting this!! This is super dope my man. Video is next level and the song is wild. I run @DailyDose ( so email me at Gav@thedosemusic and I got you with some free promo. Post this on and contact all the hip-hop websites out there. Happy New Years!

Cole Connor submitted media.

NewSC - Czar 7 by Czar Records

Sean Gavin

Yo! This is a solid track guys......i'm feeling it. Really like the passion and hunger you guys bring. The beat is dope too. I think you guys can make some noise with this video. Post this on Reddit ( Its a great way for your music to be heard  to a community of Hip-Hop Heads. You guys should definitely reach out to all the hip-hop blogs on twitter. There are a million and I run one as well (@thedailydose_). I can help post your music. Just send me an email at and I got you! Just remind me who its from. Keep grinding!

Ethan Peck submitted media.

Behind the Couch by n e s s

Sean Gavin

Ethan & Jesse,

What's up guys! Thanks for letting me review your music. I understand you guys record in your basement so when I say you guys should work on better quality I know you understand. Personally this is not my type of music but this is a good song and I could hear it on the radio or in a movie clip. Gather some money and improve your studio or go to a studio and get this re-done, because its really good! As for promotion, just keep doing what you are doing on SoundCloud and share it as much as possible! Best of luck guys.

Mike Savage submitted media.

Jet Streams (demo) by Marié Digby

Sean Gavin

Wow, this is really good! You're already famous so why the hell are you asking for my feedback?? Haha. Congrats on a successful world tour and selling that many albums. Continue doing what you are doing. Sharing on all social media will just continue to grow your fan base. Another thing is to keep putting out music all the time. In this day and age, if you aren't putting music out all the time, people will forget about you unless you are huge. Therefore keep the music coming, especially with you talent and popularity alread. Best of luck!

Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Sean Gavin

I'm surprised that you are asking me for feedback when you are so well known. This video is really professional! This is not my genre of music but this song was really, really good. I don't think I need to explain promotion to you because from all your social media accounts you seem to have that covered. Keep moving forward and growing as an artist!

Fab Miller submitted media.

Sean Gavin

Not bad man! Keep working on your flow and perfecting your sound. Promotional advice: are you on Twitter? Look into all the music blogs that are out there and contact them. Its all about using the internet and getting on all those music websites. I run @TheDailyDose_ ( so you can always contact me. Also here is my PR guys contact: MandersonMGMT@Gmail. Hes a great guy and will help you get your music heard ($). Dont be afraid to invest money in your music if thats what you love to do. Best of luck!

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Another Late Night (sneak preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Sean Gavin

This sounds very good and professional! You could definitely use this for a video game and video game video on Youtube. Not to mention a film reel or something else that needs background music. I would recommend reaching out to gamers and film directors to see if they need any sort of background music like this. Also bloggers could help you out a lot to help you get more views on your SoundCloud. Keep working and reach out!

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

The Gentle Collapse (demo) by Digital Slumber Party

Sean Gavin

Really really good! Keep up the hard work and someone will find your work. If you go on YouTube and type in Call Of Duty or some other video game there are always videos of people showing their Kill Cams and highlights with this type of music playing behind it. Look into doing that.

Nathan Cameron submitted media.

#RNS% by Lucas B

Sean Gavin

Not bad man! Would I go out of my way to listen to the song? No I would not. But it was good enough to listen to! Keep working on improving your craft and flow. Overall you have a solid voice, the beat is a banger, and your lyrics are average, making this track solid. As for promotion, get in contact with the blogs!! I can't stress that enough. Blogs are key to getting heard.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Sean Gavin

This is good! You have a great voice and the song is well done. Has a professional sound to it along with the beat. What you need to do is contact blogs everywhere through email/social media. Blogs are the go to solution for your music to get heard. Send them this SoundCloud link and you will start to gain fans once the link is spread around! You have talent. Don't let it go to waste.

Alex Christ submitted media.

Sean Gavin

Whats up man! Honestly this is pretty solid. Personally i'm not into that type of music really unless i'm at a huge party or some rave. I think that if you played that at a rave people would really like it. As for promoting your music, I recommend contacting blogs and people that do PR work to get your name out there. Blogs are hug