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Hannah Parvaz

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Hannah Parvaz

Photos. Music. Events. Marketing.
Hannah spent nearly a decade in the music industry before venturing into the startup world to look after the Digital Marketing and Growth at a fee-free live music discovery app. After two years there, Hannah now heads up the Marketing at Drinki - the bar discovery app which gets you free drinks around London.
a&r, unsigned, artist management, digital marketing, music marketing, social media, mobile marketing, marketing, photography, music festivals, internet marketing, emerging artists, live events, music events, event management, magazines
hip-hop, rock, electronic, indie, music, pop, trip hop, house, deep house, acoustic, dark ambient, literature, experimental, experimental electronic, film / video, photography

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Joona Nuutinen submitted media.

Hannah Parvaz

Although I feel a little uncomfortable about the breakdown at 2:20, the song itself will probably remain in my head all day. It's catchy and I watched the video intently. Obviously a lot of thought and effort has gone into the production, with a post apocalyptic mine world being infiltrated by a clean cut intruder. 

This is a very danceable, thought provoking electronic track which I'd listen to again.

. . submitted media.

Louise Louise by The Vellas

Hannah Parvaz

At 0:14, this leads in with effortlessly catchy guitar. The more I listen to this the better it feels. There are tinny drums which detract from the guitar riffs, could benefit from a rounder sound there (e.g. 1:00). 

The vocals have an Alex Turner feel, especially as "reality is a bore" is snarled into the mic (1:40).

This will definitely have people dancing.

Tommaso Caronna submitted media.

Hannah Parvaz

Such a gentle, introspective piece. The opening felt a little discordant, but quickly came together beautifully. 2:55 saw a very abrupt change for a few seconds. I want to travel and listen to this and read. 

Mister Appleby submitted media.

Hannah Parvaz

This is a very abstract track, and so raw. I know this track will grow on me over time too. Definitely interested in hearing more from you. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Hannah Parvaz

I love fluence

Bob Rericha submitted media.

Nobody Else by Bob Rericha

Hannah Parvaz

Nobody Else is a nice, light song. The funky yet repetitive beats coupled with sparse strings really works in this track. The deeper lyrics contrast nicely with the more upbeat melody. Emotive lyrics connect you to this song. With a fuller string section could have really added to this. It has a summery, sunny vibe about it, I can see myself falling asleep in the sun to this. 

State.com submitted media.

Hannah Parvaz

This is a good and captivating advert but I don't really think it conveys any kind of message of a new app? This just seems like a social media hating thing and I think State is aiming to be a bit more high brow than that.
I wanted to look more into State before I commented. The State manifesto says that it is not based on followers, but connections is just the same thing, aren't they? I'm not entirely sure that, when networks grow larger and more people are using this, how it won't turn into some kind of popularity contest in order to see opinions. As it says, the more you state the more important your opinion is, but is that necessarily true? Does that mean that the people that have been on longer and stating things for longer have a more important opinion that the people who have newly joined? How will it be stopped from turning into a popularity contest? It feels like a visible version of whisper, almost, with its popularity section.
I'm not really sure how this is too different from any other kind of social media platform. I like that the adverts and 'about' videos are very current and slick, that's perfect. I am very interested in seeing where it goes, and I have signed up.

John Lashley submitted media.

Bad Mofo by Juakali

Hannah Parvaz

Really strong beat, good intro. I am not sure whether or not I am that Bad Mother, but I am sure a lot of people will answer yes, yes, yes!