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Greg Golterman

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Greg Golterman

Music Industry Professional/Music Producer
I work at Mega House Music, a songwriter/producer management company in Los Angeles, CA. I have worked at publishing companies, studios and management companies working to develop emerging artists, songwriters and producers and am hoping to connect with those who are serious about pursuing a creative career in the music industry. In addition to my professional and technological experience, I am also an accomplished musician and producer and can offer feedback ranging from production advice to songwriting/arranging tips.
artist management, music industry, music production, emerging artists, songwriting, music publishing, artist development
hip-hop, indie pop, electronic, singer/songwriter, pop, future garage, r&b, dance, instrumental beats, deep house, electro pop, instrumental hip-hop, future bass
Los Angeles, CA

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Mychal Clements submitted media.

The Return Home by Myke Clements

Greg Golterman

Hey man loved the track!! Definitely got the western vibes from it that you talked about in the description and I think there's something really cool in there that not too many people are trying right now! I would consider shortening the intro a bit so that it doesn't take up the full minute. The song develops into something super cool and I'd hate for people to get bored in the first minute and change it before getting to the good parts. I would also think about trying to layer another sound over that 1/16th note hi hat in the chorus (maybe a woodblock or some other percussive instrument that is still somewhat "western"). I guess the rest of my feedback could go in a few directions, depending on your plan for this song. It would be really cool to hear a version with vocals that plays off that western inspiration a bit but I'm not sure if that's the direction you're planning to take this. Overall, the song is so close to being done musically that I'd really suggest paying attention to the arrangement in order to get the best, most natural sounding finished product out of what you've already recorded. Keep people on the edge of their seats and don't be afraid to change up your sections more frequently or add in little samples here and there to keep the listener intrigued. I'd rather hear a brilliant song that's 3:30 long over a 5 minute song that repeats itself any day. 

Again, awesome work on the song dude! Keep up the good work and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your stuff on Soundcloud!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Greg Golterman

This was cool! The idea of bringing back classic blues vocal melodies with some reimagined instrumentation is something that more people need to be paying attention to. My critiques are more from a sonic perspective - mostly in regards to vocal production and sampling. Sometimes I found it hard to understand the lyrics over that electronica style kick so maybe either work on the annunciation of the vocal part or think about EQing the kick a little differently. You could even make 2 versions of that kick, each EQed differently, and keep the original kick on the one of every 4 bar phrase while mixing in a more subtle kick while the vocalist is singing. Awesome idea though and a really cool direction, keep it up!

Chevelle O. Ryan submitted media.

BELLA (Prod. NYGE1) by Chevelle O. Ryan

Greg Golterman

The track is awesome - the sampling is killer and it totally vibes the whole time. My suggestion for hip hop tracks is usually to focus on the song form a little more when writing. A lot of times when there's no feature on a track, a song can start to lose its meaning halfway through because there are actually a couple song ideas within the one track. I would maybe focus on that in the future and be sure that each song is conveying the strongest message possible, then move onto the next one.

Overall I really liked this though - keep at it!

Jon Fetsch submitted media.

Brackish Gesso by Jon Fetsch

Greg Golterman

This track is awesome! I especially love the vox sampling. The song flows naturally and every time you want something to change it does. I'm not sure what your overall vision is for this project, but I think this track has a lot of crossover potential. If you're not planning on this as a single, I would maybe even make 3 versions of it: one for you (exactly how YOU want it), one for the general electronic music audience (make it sort of bouncy/hip hop influenced) and then one for the pop audience to even potentially shop if you want (take that sample at 0:50 and blow the doors off, make that a huge pre-chorus and then explode into a Beyonce-style radio hook/drop).

Regardless of what you decide to do with this track, I think it's a really killer idea and you have a lot of different ways to potentially take it. Keep it up and good luck!

Thomas La Salle submitted media.

Anymore (Original Mix) by Thomas La Salle

Greg Golterman

This track is pretty cool - I'm definitely a big fan of all the future house/garage stuff that's been coming out recently and this is a great addition to that scene. The main thing I'll say is to make sure your audience doesn't get bored with the track. It's one thing in a live set where you can change the song if people aren't feeling it, but it's another to keep people listening for the whole 4:30. Try experimenting with changing up your sound design a bit and definitely expedient with silence. Sometimes just one bar of silence can dramatically change the impact of your drop and keep your audience holding on for the entire song. I'm not sure if you've worked with vocalists at all but I think you could make a really cool vocal mix for this track as well.

Keep at it!

submitted media.

Dave Childz- 4 AM by Dave Childz

Greg Golterman

This is an awesome track but its a little long. I would maybe consider releasing as a 2 part mini EP or something because there are enough ups and downs in the track/video to break it up and tell more of the story. At 2:20 when it mellows out for a minute I already thought that was the intro to another track so maybe consider putting a little more substance in the first part and then working to make 2:20 to the end its own really dope song. Overall I thought the video was cool and the track is SO close to being there but the presentation just needs a few finishing touches to really make it unique. 

Keep at it man!

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Greg Golterman

Really cool song! Loved how you guys made the polyrythm stuff work throughout the song too. I would maybe consider making the verses groove a little more (or change up the drum instrumentation - less ride, more toms) so when you hit the chorus its just THAT much more awesome. I thought the little bridge in the middle was awesome too and I'd even like to hear a little more of that sound in the intro/outro.

You guys can definitely play and I'd love to see you pull this off live - great work!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Greg Golterman

Loved the video! Very helpful and easy to understand for first time Fluence users. If possible, I would show more of how the creator/curator interaction occurs. I saw the video scanned over certain names like Bill Werde from Billboard, but maybe giving users an idea of what types of high ranking curators are using Fluence will result in an increase in overall users.