Go10 From FNS Music Group

Go10 From FNS Music Group

Go10 From FNS Music Group

Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer
I go by name Go10 aka Go10 on the Beat, I'm a artist, Music Producer, Songwriter Graphic Designer and Web designer from F.N.S. Music Group. I make music in different styles like Hip Hop, Dance/EDM, POP and Trap.
I've been doing Graphic and web designing for about 11 years so if you need help in those areas don't be afraid to contact me.
You can find examples of my works on my website with other social links just google FNS Music Group and you'll find me.
music producer, music promotion, graphic design, web design, songwriting, webzine
hip-hop, edm, music, r&b, dance, abstract hip-hop, trap, dubstep, trance, fashion, pop music, progressive house, instrumental hip-hop, entertainment, indie electronic, comic books

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Go10 From FNS Music Group

I Really like the song, you both are needed in the rap genre of today. I think you both are serious competition and will have the industry tuning in. the video was nicely done it had me lock in. I will definitely share. - Go10

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Go10 From FNS Music Group

I like the Cinematography, nice art in motion. The Instrumental, I think really fits the video I just try to understand the message that being expressed. Overall I like the creativity - Go10

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

FIREWORK 03.01.15 RUFF (1) by Hollywood Principle

Go10 From FNS Music Group

I love the lyrics, but if I had to add, get pissed off then let me hear it make the track bleed of your pain...
The beat and your lyrics...It feels like exploring a new world, Kind of remind me of björk's works which is good because, I like björk's works - Go10

Hey, Throw me some links too, So I can put it on My website to help you in your promotion efforts.

Send: fnsmusicgroup@gmail.com 

Travon "Go10" Taylor

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For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Go10 From FNS Music Group

Love it and the website, it's very helpful.