Morgan Crozier

Morgan Crozier

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Morgan Crozier

Bass Producer ◇ DJ ◇ Blogger ◇ Party Starter ◇ Waxhole ◇ Gravitas ◇ ATX ◇ ♬♪♬♪♬♬♪♩♬♪♬♩♪♬♩♬♬♩♪♬♩ All of my music is free because it should be. ツ
Galvanix is a man on a mission, using his diverse talents to bring quality bass music to the burgeoning American electronic scene.

As a producer, Galvanix has been featured twice on Hypem, as well as numerous other blogs, receiving praise for the wide array of genres at his disposal.

As an experienced DJ, he’s shared the stage with a multitude of top talents. Having played with mainstage acts like Candyland, Crizzly, Andy C and UZ, as well as underground icons such as Om Unit, Joker and Breach, Galvanix is able to bring the freshest music to any environment.

Finally, Galvanix continues to make a large impact on internet bass culture both as a writer/mix curator for the popular blog Waxhole and as the creator of innovative music websites such as the widely publicized database/political statement

With a multitude of fresh sounds and ideas on the way, expect to hear a lot more from Galvanix in the months to come.
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rap, hip-hop, music, beats, bass, bass music, grime, future bass
Austin, TX

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Recent Feedback

Ronnie Lott submitted media.

Call on Me by Ronnie Lott Prod. by J-Nice

Morgan Crozier

This is really well done. Very reminiscent of Drake, hopefully you see that as a good thing, as his sound is about as hot as it gets right now. I feel like the mix/master could be a little tighter, but aside from that, no complaints.

Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Morgan Crozier

Good stuff here. The video and song are both well produced. They both convey a lot of emotion with beautiful imagery. I wouldn't change a thing about it. 

I would recommend submitting the song to promotional youtube channels. Perhaps you could also try hosting a 'remix contest' for the song for producers to use the vocals & instrumental stems to get it in front of a diverse audience. 

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Rocket League Theme Song "Firework" by Hollywood Principle

Morgan Crozier

Cool track. Not quite a fit with our blog, but I could hear it in a trailer of some sort. Best of luck!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Morgan Crozier

Very tight production. I love the subtle m1 organ. Reminds me of older Seven Lions production (which is a great thing)

I would definitely try the blog route on promoting this. Perhaps try a submission to the Waxhole :) Tweet it at Seven Lions as well.

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Morgan Crozier

Shot description: Skip The Day by Digital Slumber Party is an ethereal electronic journey through the Melodic Dubstep subgenre. The production has a full soundscape with an articulate mix that lets the drums and power chords sit alongside evolving wobble basslines and the piano highs. 

Very cool song, perhaps try a submission to the waxhole blog. :)

Brandon Martin submitted media.

Morgan Crozier

Dig the build to the drop. It's a pretty unique song, I would suggest shopping it out to some niche blogs that have followings similar to your style. You can find some great lists on hype machine: 

Good luck!

Dolamight Solid submitted media.

Morgan Crozier

I don't normally watch videos but this caught my eye. The style of the editing/production is pretty hot right now.I dig the work with the 808s and the song is catchy. I would suggest putting a youtube annotation at the end of the video explaining what exactly the promo is for, as I miss it with the video embed and it will just help in general. 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Synthesizer Sympathizer by Digital Slumber Party

Morgan Crozier

Cool tune, very tight production & mixdown. But onto the bridge!

I dig the bridge/breakdown. I would say the dubstep synths could be exposed more through the arrangement instead of just a mixing tweak. I could hear the main stabbing synth dropping out on a beat to let the dubstep growl bass come through and finish the phrase.

At the same time, it does work as it currently sits, and I only can only nitpick that because you pointed it out. Sweet tune :)

Tom Szajner submitted media.

Athiest And The Heretic by Evil Americans

Morgan Crozier

There are some decent ideas here, but the mixdown needs some serious work. When the drums come in around ~50sec. they overpower the arpeggios and continue to be much louder than the rest of the parts as we continue through. The mixdown/master is very "brickwalled" and makes listening to it rough on the ears, especially after listening to some equally "heavy" music.

I like the switch at 2:00, very cool, although the mix issues continue to persist. Again, the part at 4:20 is cool. There are really cool songwriting ideas in here, but the mix and master needs some work, which could also be helped by the arrangement. I'd redo the drums entirely to not be so "in your face" and perhaps make some sort of "hook" or "melody" that is repeated and referenced throughout the track to really tie it together.

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Morgan Crozier

I dig it! It all feels very authentic and there's obviously a lot of thought put into the songwriting and overall production. Very well done, I wouldn't change a thing.

submitted media.

Payoffs (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Elijah Muhumuza

Morgan Crozier

Love the video, very dope. It's hard to comment as much on the rap - the mix could definitely use some work and I lost a lot of what's going on there, and this is wearing isolated earbuds. To be honest, the video production really exceeds the beat production and audio work. I don't know where the beat is from, but perhaps try shopping around a bit on it and hiring an audio engineer (they can get pretty cheap per track) just to catch it up with the video production, because it's seriously cool. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Morgan Crozier

I think the video is effective, although there are some points that I'm a bit confused about that I think could be made more clear. It isn't mentioned that it's a network until 3/4 of the way through the video, so until then, I'm really wondering what it does. It mentions "managing my outreach from a central dashboard", but I don't know if that relates only to the fluence network, or if it's also doing something with the social accounts that I connected when I signed up. Great video and overall design on it, and I dig the soundtrack.

The way I found fluence was through a personal recommendation, and I had never heard of it before. Perhaps you could encourage, or incentivize people to refer/invite other users?