Marc Alan

Marc Alan

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Marc Alan

Client Music Placements Include:

Limitless (CBS)
X Games (ABC)
Stranded with a Million Dollars (MTV)
2019 Monster Energy AUSX Open
Defending the Gold BMX Games
Monster Energy
Tag Heuer
3D Robotics
Cabella’s Instinct
Red Earth

Awarded Best Songwriting in Competition by sponsors Linkin Park, Open Labs, Dell
music producer, music production, soundtracks, sound design, music production / mastering, music composition, film / video, sound engineer
rock, electronic, edm, pop, alternative rock, glitch, post-rock, film / video, soundtracks, progressive rock
Baltimore, MD

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Recent Feedback

Maya Pietrzak submitted media.

Another Life by MAYA

Marc Alan

Thanks Maya for sending this! First, I love the vocal samples intro melody, catches me right away. When your comes in, it’s incredibly pleasing to listen to. You’re very talented and have a great taste in melody. I love the chorus harmonies, very nice touch, it really nails the vibe that the chorus is after. The acoustic guitar is also sitting nicely in the mix. The lyrics are just what I would look for - universal but meaningful and implies a deeper story underneath. 

To get this really pushed into the commercially competitive realm, I think there are a few things you might want to look into. The kick sample in the intro could be stronger - I hear the rising filter cutoff coming in but it doesn’t reveal a strong enough kick, it’s a bit thumpy. The claps are quite loud and could sit further back in the mix. I would love to hear your voice more forward - try compressing it more with a quality compressor. The chorus harmonies are too loud in the chorus as well, get them sitting further back. 

I love the composition of this track and your voice - it is a great song, love the chorus. With a few adjustments that I mentioned, this will for sure captivate people and is a song that should be considered for radio

Olivia Hadjiioannou submitted media.

Marc Alan

I really like the concept of this song! There is a very progressive vibe going on here. Overall, the song has a great mix, the instruments sit really well and don't clash with each other. The guitar intro is very cool, the progression is spot on and sets the mood immediately. I like the idea of opening with a spoken passage, she speaks with a convincing tone and a really cool accent. However, I kept craving a big power vocal melody to come in as soon as the music picks up at :35 seconds. The spoken passage continues as the focus of this song, and the music takes a background (noticeably lower in volume), which I think the music should be up front as its very well written and mixed! I do like the build and resolve as the music progresses, creates and sustains a nice tension. Cool effect at 3:22 with the chopped distorted guitars i'm guessing. The choir passages are great too, nice reverb on them. In conclusion, for me, the idea is there and I get where you're going with it and it definitely hits the nail on the head as far as prog rock goes. If you shorten the vocal passage and add traditional vocals that soar I think this song will reach great heights!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Marc Alan

I love this video! I like how it demonstrates how easy it is to use whether accessing through the site or mobile. The section showing the process of providing feedback is shown clearly and explains the steps in a brief yet sufficient manner. I like the big buttons , especially the "not for me" button. This encourages the written feedback to offer a true subjective criticism opposed to "it's not good".

A mobile fluence app would be a great way to use fluence daily, i'm sure you are already thinking about it or in the works, but that would be awesome! A neat idea to help spread the word would be if the curators had a Top 5 Playlist of songs they have given feedback on, and they could share their playlist on social networks. Perhaps you could also have a song of the month feature on the site to further encourage people to submit their tracks. All in all, the fluence experience has been amazing, I have been given some incredibly valuable feedback and can't wait to do the same!