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Faron McKenzie

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Faron McKenzie

Digital and Entertainment Influencer
I understand that digital has fundamentally changed the way brands behave, as well as the way they organize and optimize their marketing efforts. As a thought leader in this space I possess a myriad of experiences to add value and help my clients sustain longevity. The traditional rules no longer apply and being ahead of the curve has truly become an art which I am proud of. I am always on the lookout for cool new media that I can share with my network. I post to Twitter and Facebook, and occasionally LinkedIn and Instagram.  I have been in the Digital and Entertainment business for the past 10 years, launching new services, managing artists, working with brands and advertising agencies who are looking for the next hot act or cool service. I am open to hearing and viewing everything, so do send me your media. I will give you my honest opinion, advise on where your media can be placed and as I am always being asked “whats new” I have a pool of people I can refer you to. Thank you for your time and I look forward to receiving your submission.
artist management, music industry, music promotion, entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, emerging artists, promoting artists, startups, artist development
soul, alternative, indie, music, pop, r&b, startups, fashion, film / video, travelling, technology, tv
London, UK

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Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Faron McKenzie

Loved the mad max inspired visual and the effects were great! Well done guys!

Amir Broadney submitted media.

Faron McKenzie

The track has a great vibe, reminds of driving with the top down in Cali... I love the beat and the lyrics are very introspective. If you like The Roots, Slum Village, or Phonte then this track is for you!

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

The Gentle Collapse (demo) by Digital Slumber Party

Faron McKenzie


Thank you for submitting your music for me to review. 

I like the use of the pads and your kick to give it that ethereal electronic pop feel. As its an amalgamation of sounds its hard to put it into any specifc category, but for the want of descriptive genre I would say its Electronic Pop.

Hope this helps!

Plugin Fest submitted media.

Faron McKenzie

Fantastic concept for an event!