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Jahn Beadle

Digital Marketing Manager
I’m a marketing maven with a passion for music, a drive to excel and a track record of using traditional and modern tools to create highly successful campaigns. 
I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most talented, influential and well-known artists and industry professionals in the music business by always striving to execute on the highest level possible.
music industry, digital marketing, music production, music marketing, advertising, social media, music production / mastering, artist development
hip-hop, indie rock, alternative, rock, edm, music, r&b, dubstep, instrumental beats, instrumental, fashion, instrumental hip-hop, travelling
Hollywood, CA

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yochay mocsari submitted media.

Jahn Beadle

Interesting video, I like that its an art piece and the footage is able to keep me watching to see the conclusion.  Visually I like the overall aesthetic, i'd maybe suggest a little more contrast between the light and dark as the video as a whole is just a little dark visually.  The music is nice and reminds me a little of some 90's Echo and The Bunnymen or something along those lines.  It's good writing but I do feel like the sound is a little bit dated and could be brought to a more current sound using some alternate instruments or synths.  For a debut this is good quality and has good unique identity and quality that will help you to build a following.

Roy Moore III submitted media.

Jahn Beadle

Nice.. Overall I'd say you're on the right track and appear to be making music better than a good amount of the rap released today.  It felt like an honest, sincere and heartfelt song that came from a personal place.  That being said, I think there are some areas that can be improved to make your music more appealing to a larger audience.  

Visually I think there are possibly too many different coloring techniques going on that are distracting at times.  I think if you stuck with a single look throughout the video it would look more cohesive, additionally there are times where the footage seems to vary from good quality to low quality shots which also threw me off a bit.  I would like to see a more of a story line as well, it seemed to be lacking a bit directionally as far as a plot goes.

Recording wise it sounds on par with a digital recording, I think a little bit of high end "sparkle" on your vocals could help.

Songwriting wise the verses were solid and your content matched up with the beat well, what I felt was missing was a strong hook.  There was nothing there that people could catch, sing along with and remember.  That is the biggest missing factor in my opinion is a memorable hook that gets in your head.  

I hope this feedback will be useful for you moving forward, if anything I said is unclear or your would like further explanation let me know and I will gladly help.  This is better than a lot of stuff being released today and I would like to hear more as you continue to release music. 

submitted media.

Just Me Intro by Bravo Ca$h

Jahn Beadle

This is dope man.. the mix is pretty solid, and your rhymes sound good.. reminds me of Chance and that style artist.  It was a bit long though, I felt like it started to get a bit long after a couple minutes.  For an intro to your release maybe you might want to shorten and condense it a bit just to make it a little more solid.  Just my thoughts, but I like the vibe and sound of it.  Good stuff

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Jahn Beadle

well put together video visually and story wise.  It easily conveys the message Fluence is trying to spread that the platform is a tool for connecting musicians/ artists with tastemakers and influencers.  I would also like to see a longer more in-depth version which walks potential users through the steps with more detail on how to use the platform, however I understand this video is not for that purpose and is more for a potential customer who is not yet a lead.  I am curious about this platform as conceptually it seems to be a new method and tool which could prove extremely useful as the music industry moves more into a indie/ DIY model.