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Daniel Oakley

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Daniel Oakley

Past: Warner Bros Records (@WBR), Sony Music & @TaylorStrategy / Current: Apple Music // Beats 1 // #Apple / Lover of all things music & tech related
The convergence of music & technology is where my passion lies.
music industry, music tech, digital marketing, technology, brand building, strategic partnerships, strategy, social media strategy, record labels, branding, music festivals, startups
music, technology
Los Angeles, CA

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L.A. SPRING submitted media.

Daniel Oakley

Really great tune and sounds like their has already been some good traction in the UK. Looking forward to the release of this and other music.

Moses biko submitted media.

Daniel Oakley

Try taking the reverb down a bit - sounds like you've great voice and it gets lost a bit. Possibly bring the vocal levels down a bit in the mix as well. Love the Local Natives-esque sounds after the chorus.

Julian Oquendo submitted media.

Daniel Oakley

Good vibes. Digging the vocals and instrumental. You should reach out to Noon Pacific and see about getting featured in a weekly playlist or even release new music. http://noonpacific.com/

Noticed you are in NY....the house party and warehouse scene is perfect for this type of music but you probably already know this. Keep up the good tunes and good luck!

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Daniel Oakley

Great vocals! Love the tempo too. Would love to see the band live as well - let me know if you make it back to LA. Venice is the place to be! What are the plans for record release? EP? Could definitely see this sound doing well in LA, NY or even Nashville. Good tunes...will check out the rest of the Soundcloud. "Motor Shine" is also good, beachy vibes. Keep up with the tunes - why no releases for over a year? 

Good luck to you guys!                    

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Daniel Oakley

Definitely interesting. Needs some work on the lyrics - blues should either tell a story or a have a solid hook. It's interesting that the music bed is electronic too. You'd usually expect a bluesy guitar riff over. Maybe try that too. 

Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Daniel Oakley

Really cool idea. Wondering where these will be located though....venues won't spend a lot on immersive sound, but the potential for building branded experiential events with these is awesome.