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Ed Foster

Sounds from other worlds
Interested in new sounds from emerging scenes around the world, focussing on evolution of traditional world music to a more relevant modern audience. Chancha via circuito, sieta catorce, songhoyblues....these are all artists I like right now
artist management, music marketing, branding, music licensing / syncing, music writing / blogging
electro, indie, music, classical, world music, latin music
London, South East

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Fili Tha submitted media.

Thaquim's Guitaer by 1. Discoforticut

Ed Foster

Generally liking this, downtempo vibes. There's just enough going on for me to keep me interested and for it not to be cafe del mar. But when do I listen to this, what mood is it for, what is it supposed to make me feel? It maybe feels a little confused in that regard. That's not always a bad thing but this maybe feels a little disparate.
Perhaps the main theme could be a bit more prominent, or a bit more of a riff? Perhaps there could be a bit more build?

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Ed Foster

Hi Claus,
Thanks for putting this up. My initial reaction is I LIKE THIS. I like its delicate quirkiness. It has some endearing qualities and the bass line keeps it pinned down.

I think you could  just make the quirkiness more prominent. Some raspier instrumentation; more of the breaks in between the vocal lines.

Great stuff though and I'd love to hear more. 

I think go to town with this

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Ed Foster


Thanks for the track.

This isn't 'my type of music' but i was compelled to listen again. I like the build, the arrangement is balanced and well produced....and that voice, phwooah, it's something. I like the lilt, almost lazy dub grove around 130 when it gets heavy. one artist you didn't reference that it reminded me of a bit was Above and Beyond.

Being critical, i ask myself does it have enough to stand out from a crowd? I can see some good synch licensing usages, for emotive, epic, edm type briefs. The only thing that might be limiting is the lyric. But then the instrumentals could be useful

But i'd say this has a lot of the right components...just needs the right support.