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Country Fried ROCK

Musicians tell their stories. Weekly interview & music radio show. Americana/Adult Alternative. Tweets by host, Sloane Spencer.
For more than 200 shows, Sloane Spencer has hosted the best in American music:

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Mary Gauthier
Eric “Roscoe” Ambel of The Del-Lords
Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes
From legendary veterans like James McMurtry to newcomers playing clubs and sleeping on couches, each episode features an in-depth conversation as America’s truest musical artists unpack their own tunes and the songs that inspire them, from bluegrass to roots rock.


14+ years on-air radio personality for major US broadcaster
Passionate about great music that corporate radio rarely embraces (until it becomes a big hit and they can’t ignore it!)
Audiences can hear the experience in her easy, conversational style, and her guests are made to feel relaxed and right at home
Lover of all things “musically real” from Delta Blues, Rock & Roll, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Honky-Tonk, R&B, Soul, Bluegrass, and many other Made-in-America treasures
radio, broadcasting, radio hosting
rock, folk, music, americana, country

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Country Fried ROCK

I pick and choose the socials that work for me and my audience.  I find that my 3 primaries tap somewhat overlapping, but essentially different cores, & they are manageable and fluid.  I don't get caught up in having to be everywhere (I'm there, but I engage in a limited space).  I'd rather connect directly with my people in the places that are working and develop those relationships.  I don't try to be all things to all audiences.

In terms of spreading the word, I found the video amusing, but I'd rather know what you are, than what you are not.  I find the "what we are not" vibe of the piece a bit snarky and condescending as the video goes on.  Maybe smaller bits of it in separate pieces, but 90 seconds goes from funny to hipster in a bad way.