Chris Wise

Chris Wise

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Chris Wise

A and R / Head of Music at FullWerks Music Group
Curating music is in my blood, as I have been involved with music all my life. 

As Head Of Music and AandR exec at the FullWerks Music Group, I have successfully curated over 160 albums of very high quality content for worldwide distribution. 

In my time as an international DJ, producer and remixer, I traveled around the world playing the finest dance music in the worlds best clubs and festivals. 

As such I have masses of experience, a great ear for music and can help guide you through many of the pitfalls of the music industry as well as giving you valuable and solid feedback on your works and help you greatly with constructive feedback too help to move forward and stand out in the crowd and an ever competitive market. 

Looking forward to working with you. 

Best wishes. Christof
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Recent Feedback

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hi guys,

Thanks for sending this through! 

Well what a fun track! 

Very well produced and written tune with a really bouncy fun tune all the way 

The video is just great too, and I really can't fault this track at all really ! 

You should have no problem getting a deal with this tune 

Get it out too as many labels and people as you can 

Use social media in a BIG way 

Good luck! 

Best wishes 


David Nyro submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hey David, 

Thanks for sending this through to me 

Well musically its a nice track, well written and produced. 

Its very mainstream, and fits into the pop genre fairly well. 

I can see this fits into quite a political frame in regards of genre, which isn't my speciality 

However, I can see a broad range of usages for this track, if it were to be licensed or published 

All in all a good track, albeit with a political message 

Keep up the good work 

All the best 


Lauren Ray submitted media.

Lauren Ray by Lauren Ray

Chris Wise

Hey Lauren, 

Thanks for sending this through. 

Well, from the opening few bards of piano I already knew this was going to a good track. 

Your songwriting is clearly very good, and the track is produced very well indeed. 

The track overall could fit very well on compilations, and has good release opportunities 

I'd say very well done and keep up the good work :) 

Best wishes, 


Olivia Pellegrini submitted media.

Love Is Crazy by Olivia Pellegrini

Chris Wise

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for sending this through 

As I can hear from this, the track seems to be in a rough demo mix / ideas stage, right?

I think the track idea is nice, and the acoustic elements work well. 

The lyrics seems well written, but your vocals really could do with some studio polish, as the whole track is a little raw, and could use a good re-record and a hot mix studio session. 

I think with a good engineer and studio this track has potential to sound better 

Not the best love song I have heard, but I do get the premise and appreciate the effort that has gone into the production. 

Good luck and keep on keeping on. 

Very best wishes 


Mary Erangey submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hi guys, 

Thanks for sending this through 

What a fun video! Lots of classic art references :) 

Blue Umbrella, what a great idea for a song. 

This had me tapping my feet along to it 

Yes, nice track, I think its catchy and a great track to play and license for the summer.

Best wishes 


Sumit Kar submitted media.

Namaste by Wai Lana

Chris Wise

Hi Wai Lana 

Thank you for sending this through

Well, its very commercial, but it has a great appeal, and I'm impressed the video was shot in the US, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, India, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine and Poland, giving it an international feel. 

The song itself is aimed at the spiritual market, and is very pop orientated. 

I think its really tailored to a video, and has a real 'We are the world' feel, which is great for unifying people around the world ;-) 

All told, its fully intended to spread good vibes around the world, and is great at doing so 

A great pop song with a positive message is always well received. 

Namaste ;-)

Hope this helps?


Martin Lindhe submitted media.

Bassic – Desmodrome by Martin Lindhe / Bassic

Chris Wise

Hi Martin 

Thanks for sending this through 

In the intro, I thought this was going to be trailer and game music, but I'm pleased its not 

Its a nice and floaty lounge / chill out type track, and quite a good one 

When you compare it to some of the Cafe del mar types I think it would hold up quite well 

However, it would really be elevated to another level if there were a few good sound effects carefully mixed in too 

Perhaps a slice of female vocal here and there, and and some sea and beach type FX, as I think could really add to the prudtion as a whole 

But overall a very good effort. 

Best wishes,


Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Chris Wise

Hey Todd,

Thanks for sending this through 

Hm, really like this song 

I think your songwriting is great, with the lyrics really working with this track very well 

Its a well produced track, but here is where I have a minor gripe, is that it has electronic elements mixed with folk music, which could clash a little bit 

I think it could have an alternative mix, and perhaps a more 'EDM' type mix, and a straight up folk mix for the original, perhaps with more folk elements 

But overall, I think its a well produced and thought out track, and very catchy, which works for pop music 

A good effort and your definitely should keep going in this direction 

Hope this helps?

Many thanks 


David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hi guys 

Hm, is this a cover, or a cheeky bootleg? lol :) 

I like creativity, and am a huge fan of sampling and using things in a new way 

Overall this is a new track with great hooks and flow 

This does sound a little old skool, but thats not always a good bad thing if used creatively 

I think overall its a nice track, and I think it would be nice in an album of other tracks 

Good work 

Kirsten Weißert submitted media.

01 All For The Good by Berlin Syndrome

Chris Wise

Hey guys, 

Thanks for sending this through.

From the outset, this grabs you and pulls you in with the lush guitar riff.

Then the vocals come in, and the just take the track away

It has a real indie vibe, and ethereal vocals are very harmonious and tones really add to the track and help carry along nicely 

I would say that a little reverb added sparingly might add the the floaty vibe of the track as a whole

Overall I really like the sound of this, and would be nice if you have good remix of it as well, but within keeping of the whole vibe 

A good effort all round :) 

Hope this helps?



Fletcher Beasley submitted media.

Cocoon by Fletcher Beasley

Chris Wise

Hi Fletcher 

Many thanks for sending this through 

Hm, nice track, although I'm stuck to know which genre it fits into 

Thats not necessarily a bad thing at all. 

However I would like to hear it in the context of an album so I could get some respective on where this track sits and the mood its trying to generate. 

However, I do like the fact that this track is quite quirky, and not following or adhering to any trends per-say 

It has a nice hook, and flows along nicely enough ]

Hover it would be nice to hear a remix of alternative version(s) to this, just ti add a little variety and hear it from a 2 dimensional point of view, aurally speaking 

Overall a good effort. 

Looking forward to hearing more of your sounds.

Best wishes. 


Vizion submitted media.

Beach Flowers by Vizion

Chris Wise

Hi there 

Hope your well and thanks for sending this through to me.

Hm, nice track 

The bass is phat and brings the rack along well, and the string sounds are quite nice, but I feel the whole track could do with a little mix polish 

You could try adding nice 'clap' sounds in there, and possibly try adding a little touch of reverb to the mix, or at least a few elements of it 

I also feel that although its  anise track, some snippets of cutup vocal, maybe by using a plugging called 'Stutter Edit' or similar, as I feel that could add a lot of production value to the track 

It also might be an idea to add a real low sub bass under your existing one, to make it really LFO :)

Hope this all helps 

Keep making those tunes :)

All the best,


Vizion submitted media.

No Matter What by Vizion

Chris Wise

Hey there 

Thank for sending this through 

I really like the intro, its very interesting 

The track has a really good flown but I would watch the 'mix depth' 

I think the hight are too high, and the mid and bass range could use some compression and EQ to bring it all out 

Also look at the song structure, drop a similar track you like from a a known producer into your DAW, and watch how they structure their songs, the bars, drops, reprises and chorus etc and see how it applies to your song. 

Your not quite there yet with this one, but defiantly going in the right direction 

All the best. 

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Young Oblivion by MEMORYY

Chris Wise

Hi there Shaun, 

Hope your well and thanks for sending this through

Hm, nice song 

Starts off really well, and the song overall has a nice vibe and good energy 

The break section at the 3 minute mark takes off in a different direction, and I'm not sure it adds a great deal to the music as a whole 

But I like the lyrics and general mood that the song sets, and it works as an album pice more as a single 

I would be interested in gearing more of you music and album direction 

Good work. 

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Chris Wise

Hi there 

Thanks for sending this through 

Hm, this is a really nice track with great production value 

The vocals are well placed and overall it has a good start, middle and end.

The only bit I think (IMHO) is the bit crushed effect on the vocal as it goes back into the main body of the song 

This sounds a bit dated / hackneyed and you could find a better effect like a chopped / cutup FX for this 

But overall really nice, and I'd love to hear more of your stuff

Good work 


Jared Lutes submitted media.

Where You Are (Reprise) by Jared Lutes

Chris Wise

Hi Jared, 

Thanks for sending me your song through.

Actually, this is a really nice song.

Your songwriting is good, and the track is well put together and produced. 

The song is well carried by your vocals, and the harmonies complement the track, and the structure of verses is good. 

I'm finding it hard to fault this track, as it really a good example of a well written and produced song that could quite easily be heard in a compilation or on a big album.

Good work all round. 

Hope this helps? 

Many thanks 


Sky McElroy submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hey guys, 

Really liking this a lot :) 

Has a really great energy and opening, and the track doesnt disappoint

Lyrically it has a good flow, and the music keeps you well entertained throughout 

Its the kind of music just has a great energy and is very syncable for ads and TV campaigns 

A really great pop / indie crossover 

We would be up for signing you 

Keep up the good work 


Sergiu Muresan submitted media.

Burnout by Sergiu Muresan

Chris Wise

Hey Sergiu

Thanks for sending us this for review. 

Hm, I really like the mixed hybrid style of trailer music, its has a good build and tension, and great stinger style that could work well for game and film trailers. 

The only sound that might need work is the 'stab' sound, it draws and pulls attention the track somewhat. 

All in all a good effort. Get in touch as we can discuss signing you 

Sergiu Muresan submitted media.

The Walkers by Sergiu Muresan

Chris Wise

Hi Sergiu,

Hm this is a dark piece that could really work for games very well. 

Overal has an excellent tension vibe and your production is tight and flows well. 

When the crescendo builds at around 1:20 it really is great. 

I would say this is 10/10 and spot on for the trailer genre. 

Bernaccia Music submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hm, the lead vocals really have a grate edge, a mix between Portishead and Coldplay 

Its Lofi meets New York indie, and its great. 

Good effort :) 

Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.

Chris Wise

Hm, I really love the harmonious driving groove of this track, as well as the flittered / slightly vocodered vocals in harmony with each other.

Really great track that could really work well with a dance / EDM remix also. 

What a voice! :)