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Brownie Marie

Multimedia journalist
Brownie Marie is a New York-based multimedia journalist and event host. Specializing in entertainment news and celebrity interviews, her work has been featured on CBS, AXS, TopBuzz, and other major media outlets over the past decade. She formerly produced and hosted the "Party Time With Brownie" podcast on MOCRadio, and co-hosted the "Neo-Soul Show" with the late DJ Quest95 on Just-Silk-N-It Radio.
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Kyle Foti submitted media.

Too Fast by Kidd Niro

Brownie Marie

Very good flow and production. Seemed too short, like there was a verse removed. Reflective and lyrical content, enticing and layered beat. Listened to this one back to back! Interested in hearing more from this artist. 

DAVID GIVENS submitted media.

Addiction by David Givens

Brownie Marie

Very intriguing beat; I liked how the intro teases the song's rhythm. Enjoyed the vocals and lyrics-- island flavor with sensual tones, yet also a good song to play in a nightclub and dance. Reminiscent of other songs in the same lane, but there is a unique tone and level when riding the beat that differentiates Givens' voice. Can hear this playing on the radio.

submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Very well produced/engineered! Easy to vibe to and perfect to listen to in a variety of environments (chilling at home, at a BBQ, cruising, house party). Love the influence of Marvin and soul music, yet Smif-N-Wessun still keeps it hood. Will share!

Cult Fantastic submitted media.

Screens (Official Music Video) by Cult Fantastic

Brownie Marie

How fun! Very catchy and enjoyable lyrics and melody. I can see this being a theme song for a television show, and appearing in films. I would definitely seek out commercial placement opportunities, especially focusing on advertisements (new mobile phones, tablets, laptops). Well done here!

Riley Jensen submitted media.

Futureproof by Kaptur

Brownie Marie

Unexpected changeups and the song quickly grew on me. Would have liked to have the lyrics available -- was largely left to my imagination regarding the song's content and message (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Nice job on the production, engineering, and musicianship. 

Cole Connor submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Compelling visuals that align perfectly with the track. I've never been to Columbia, but the love Cole Connor obviously has for it shines through. Songs that motivate and uplift are usually a dime a dozen, but the cadence and delivery make "Soda" a worthwhile listen. Kudos to Connor, the producer, and The Foto Bros. for a cool experience-- audibly and visually.     

gloriano taccon submitted media.

My sofa by Giulio Taccon

Brownie Marie

This song is so me!! After not having furniture for so long, this loveseat I just got is amazing :) The simple joys of comfortable leather. Slept on it last night and didn't sleep well, as Giulio so eloquently stated. 

Other than the on-time message, Giulio has a great voice and plays beautifully! Would love to hear more, but will promote this in the meantime. Wishing you the best. 

Jules Shapiro submitted media.

Brownie Marie

The musicianship on this is wonderful! This is probably great when performed live, and would also like to see a music video. From the bio, I see that this band is very experienced, and it is clear that they know not only the mechanics of building a great song. The passion in the lyrics and performance are what makes this track so cool. 

submitted media.

Old Boyz - Episode 1 by Vincent Cherry Jr.

Brownie Marie

Very funny moments and a good job with the editing. The barbershop flashback was a bit choppy, but that also added to the chaotic environment that Joc was picturing. Very good job with the voices, and the story was interesting and succinct. However, I thought that was Joc's woman, not his daughter. Left the viewer wanting more, and I'm interested in seeing the next episode. 

Brian Nance submitted media.

Strange Dayz Btech Lounge Jazz Mix Preview by vocals written and sung by Garnet Jade. Music by Brian Nance

Brownie Marie

Has this track been mixed and mastered? Very cool rhythm and would have like to have heard the whole song. This would be dope with a live band. Did not hear enough of the singer's voice to comment either way.

Charles n/a submitted media.

CHILL PILL by Charles

Brownie Marie

Thumbs up for the description. From the start, the song does transport you to a serene and open mental space. I really enjoyed the production, and there were risks taken that I did not expect. A live version of this would be dope, as would a music video. 

Savoy Ellis submitted media.

Say Yea by Savoy Ellis

Brownie Marie

Really enjoyed your voice and the message. Both are reminiscent of Dave Hollister, which is definitely a compliment given his longevity and success in the industry. Very refreshing to hear some real R&B music and lyrics with some passion behind them. Thumbs up for the production and sound quality. Interested in hearing more and seeing music videos if available.

Twinkles Twinkles submitted media.

Blithe by Tw*nkles

Brownie Marie

Very sexy from the start. Reminiscent of The Weeknd-- very seductive but with lyrics that draw the listener in. Definitely one of those songs that I would play on repeat to listen to the musicianship, lyrics, and inflections. The many layers on this song invite the listener to hear something different each time it is played. Love it!

Dashal Beevers submitted media.

Brownie Marie

What an encouraging and timely video! Both the video and the song are very commercial and have that international appeal that can make them go viral. Well structured monologues, verses, and hooks, and a resonant message that stops short of being cheesy. I would encourage this artist to pursue television, film, and commercial placements.

FXCKLXVE Jones submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Surprisingly good combination of what could be a good R&B song on its own with just the right amount of hip-hop flavor. This sounds radio ready; I can see both males and females enjoying this. Interesting change ups in the instrumentation, and I really enjoyed the production on this. Would like to hear the clean version as well, if there is one.

Mike Fullarton submitted media.

In My Arms by The Breathing Room

Brownie Marie

One of the few times on Fluence where I just had to turn up the volume on a song. Very hypnotic melody but still has dimension. Glad there are lyrics attached; the almost lullaby nature of the song makes it easy to get lost in the rhythm, and the words are actually quite poignant. Interested in hearing more from this artist and would like to see a music video for this single.

Bo Haan submitted media.

Undefined by Bo Haan

Brownie Marie

Definitely feels Michael Jackson-esque. The simplicity of the lyrics definitely has a commercial appeal, but it is balanced by a very good score that appeals to music lovers. I'm interested in knowing if this band is featured on other songs by this artist, and this would be a great song to hear live. I would also like to see this as a music video, as the instrumentation stimulates my imagination.

Lucien Dante submitted media.

Spark [Prod. by TKANG!!!] by Lucien Dante

Brownie Marie

Not at all what I was expecting from the artist's name (was thinking rock or metal?). What a delightful voice and enchanting lyrics. The production is catchy without being completely predictable. There were definitely some surprises both with the beat and the vocal choices. Interested in hearing more from this artist.

Inspired Artists submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Would be interested in reading the lyrics for this. Sweet and almost haunting melody and I love how it builds up to an even cooler beat. Interested in hearing more from this artist.

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Brownie Marie

I read the lyrics before pressing play, and was expecting a more acoustic or ballad type of song. Was pleasantly surprised by the upbeat tempo that contrasts with the forlorn lyrics. Sounds very marketable and perfect for television placements and commercials. 

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Time Machine (Prod. By NOBULL) by Block Scholars

Brownie Marie

Compelling lyrics and hypnotic beat. I was left wanting more, which is extremely rare for me.  Was still thinking about the lyrics after the song ended. I like that there's a conscious message but still a hard-hitting flow that captures the listener's attention. Pleased to hear that a hip-hop song with substance has received so many accolades. 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

I Want To Know by Robot Garden

Brownie Marie

Love the comic book look and emojis. Definitely appeals to the correct market. Song is catchy and commercial without sounding too cheesy or contrived. Just in time for the summer and pool parties/day parties, this definitely makes me want to dance! Thanks for further explaining the message in the video; raises some interesting points about the impact of social media. Interested in downloading this track and hearing the rest of the album.

- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Adorable! This song is ideal for television commercials and I would definitely look into getting an agent (if you don't have one) to pursue licensing opportunities. Very cute lyrics and sweet video.

Havilah Tower submitted media.

Waiting to Matter by Havilah Tower

Brownie Marie

Emotive voice that engages the listener. Also liked the lyrics. Good job on the guitar and great voice! Interested in hearing a studio recording of this song and seeing her creativity displayed in a professional music video. Also interested in how this song would sound at a slower tempo. 

ALEX REAL submitted media.


Brownie Marie

I'm indifferent about the beat. Was much more interested in what Alex was saying and his voice, cadence, etc. Would have preferred something more simple, stripped-down, or more hard-hitting beat. Talented emcee though. 

Geoff Antonio submitted media.

Rock With It by Geoff Antonio

Brownie Marie

Love this! I see this being a summertime or anytime party anthem that would also be great for pre-gaming. Great voice and production on this and would love to see a music video. 

The Dø submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Love the title so positive vibes right off the bat. The intro of the video reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film, which is awesome. Then when the beat dropped... <3 <3 <3. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the retro tunes Tarantino often uses. The artist's voice is great in a classic way; one that will never get old. I could listen to this over and over.

Prophacy submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Grabs the listener from the beginning with a sexy, 90s R&B flavor. The changeups give it a more contemporary feel. Smart idea to have a female lyricist/vocalist on the record. Her voice caught me off guard-- very alluring and adds an understated longing to the song. Also like the way the two artists played off each other towards the end of the song-- very well composed. 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Brownie Marie

Ethereal, almost hypnotic. Just enough distortion to keep the listener interested in what will come next. Wondering what a live show from this group would look like. I would have chosen different visuals for the YouTube video... faster speed and higher energy as a contrast to the downtempo vibe. 

submitted media.

Mr Joc's Barbershop: It's Christmas! by Vincent Cherry Jr.

Brownie Marie

This made me smile from the moment I pressed "Play." This is hilarious and I love the accents! Mr. Joc and Vernon were my faves. I didn't think it could get more ridiculous until the robber popped in and Shantay threw hot grits on his back. Well done, Vincent Cherry Jr.

David Cox submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Great vocalist on the hook, and the production is top notch. It draws the listener in, and the pace of the song is controlled in a perfectly. The rapper's flow is perfectly suited for the song's content, and complements the beat as opposed to competing with it. Interested in hearing more from this artist.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Brownie Marie

Funky, soulful, and would be perfect for TV/film licensing. There were a few moments that reminded me of the late David Ruffin of The Temptations. The band is awesome, and cannot believe how young the musicians appear (if those are the actual musicians on the track, and not actors for the video). There is an intuitiveness in the musicianship that communicates confidence, trust, and experience with each other, and it's very special when a younger band has that. This song made me want to hear more from this artist.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Brownie Marie

I think the video is focused on what curators can get from Fluence, but does not give enough reasons why creators should sign on to the site. It's an easy sell for curators to create an account, but creators need more reasons to come on board when they can contact us (curators) fairly easily outside of Fluence. 

I recommend launching a promo campaign featuring an endorsement from an influential creator, or perhaps a series of video testimonials from creators who have had gained value from connecting w/ curators on the site.