Brian Pokora

Brian Pokora

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Brian Pokora

Editor // Music // @freshairradio.Manager // @EdinburghOxjam festival Bass // @trappedmice
Post__Nothing is an Edinburgh based online music magazine dedicated to sessions, reviews, news and sharing the best new stuff we can find. Broadcasting weekly on during term time and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
radio, music festivals, live events, editing, music writing, music performance, radio hosting, webzine
hip-hop, electro, electronic, indie, music

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Recent Feedback

Young Wolf Hatchlings submitted media.

Brian Pokora

I really like this, would be keen to hear more

Olivier D├ęsir submitted media.

Submerged by THE FLOAT

Brian Pokora

I really love this but there's very little separating it from masses of tracks like it.

jordan parker submitted media.

Shades by Mara

Brian Pokora

Would like to hear more!

John Masters submitted media.

Privacy Policy by Harness Flux

Brian Pokora

I really like the track, could possibly do with some other melodies or sounds coming out from under the guitar a little more. Would love to hear more similar to this though.

Alan Smith submitted media.

Underslung by DrAlienSmith by DrAlienSmith

Brian Pokora

It's good but could do with more melodic variety.

Jay Frank submitted media.

Brian Pokora

It's really nice, not much advice I can give but would love to hear more.