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Brandon Butch

Founder/President of CantStopHipHop
I run, an urban-oriented website dedicated to delivering new music every single day. Our unique writing style, ability to break new artists, and constant interaction with our audience is what makes us stand out from the pack. 

Personally, I, Brandon Butch, love handing feedback to both up-and-coming and established artists - it's what I do on a day-to-day basis.
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submitted media.

Brandon Butch

It's extremely hard to be a female rapper in 2015, so I must first commend you for doing what you love and chasing your dreams! 

As far as the song 'Relapse' goes, I think it's a cool song, but it could be a lot better. First off, the instrumental sets a jazzy, vintage-yet-modern tone and I feel like you rapped nicely over it. However, it seemed like something was missing. The only thing that would urge me to play this song again is the instrumental, and that's because nothing else in the song stood out and really made me start dancing in my chair. I'd imagine a slow, yet ferocious hook would really take this song to another level. You can definitely rap, your music just needs another dynamic dimension. Keep it up!

submitted media.

Brandon Butch

The very first thing I looked for on this video was a 1080p option and you had that, major plus. More on the video later, but for now let's quickly talk about the song. "Name On It" is your typical trap song with a memorable hook and solid verses. The instrumental matches the style of the song nicely. The guest feature kept the vibe going and didn't take away from the song at all, he actually improved the replay value.

As far as the video goes, I think it could've been much better. The song is all about shooting someone up but the atmosphere and the people in the video aren't very intimidating. It just doesn't match the theme of the song. This is a song where you need to be on the block, pistol in hand with the whole gang surrounding you. That's just a generic idea but you get the idea. Videos that tell a story are extremely powerful and I think you'd benefit greatly from doing so. 

Keep up the good work, I hope you took something away from this!

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Brandon Butch

This is a very well-crafted song and video! The sound of the verses are reminiscent of, dare I say, J. Cole. The hook is powerful and adds a lot of value to the song, while the verses/wordplay are on point but are too short. The song clocks in at just over 2:30 and while that can be seen as leaving the listener anticipating more music, it can also be viewed as underwhelming and leaving the listener unsure (leading to no follow-up listening of the artist's music). I'd work on crafting lengthier verses and adding a little bit more depth to the bridge/hook. Other than that, I think you have a bright path ahead of you!

Keep it up!

jason nesbitt submitted media.

Brandon Butch

I actually enjoyed this track but I don't think it's perfect. The lyrics are very personal and real, while the the hook adds a catchy flare to the record, although I still think it will be "boring" to some. The sampled instrumental sounds great, especially the beat change before the hook - nothing to change there. The beginning of the second verse was a bit off-beat but that's something that improves with experience. Keep it up!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Brandon Butch

I think the video is good but not great. The video shows all of the features of Fluence well, but the presenter's voice is what will turn people off. The voice is rather boring and I believe an enthusiastic voice will add a lot more to the video. It will get the people excited, maybe even over-excited to use the Fluence platform!

As far as promoting, I think simply reaching out to editors/bloggers and telling them what the platform is all about will be a great start. In the world of bloggers/editors, word spreads quickly and I think once some writers are using it, others will too. Another obvious one is a simple press release blasted to major or even small publishers in the music business.

Heron Demarco submitted media.

Never Again by Heron Demarco

Brandon Butch

While I'm not the biggest fan of rock music, I must say, the Hip-Hop/Rock fusion is badass! The drum-heavy instrumental is the perfect backdrop for the song structure but I feel as though it needed another aspect to it - maybe a slight rhythm change midway through, or some added guitar strings. This is mainly due to repetitiveness, as some listeners will need that extra aspect to keep them interested. With that being said, I did really like the evil-sounding echo adlibs in the 2nd verse.

The lyrics are dope but one thing I would work on is loosening up a little bit. At some points in the song (mainly at the beginning of verse 2), your lyrics sound forced and overly-rehearsed, leading to slight disinterest. 

The hook and the outro are great! I like how the song didn't just end, you let the beat ride out and then reiterated the hook one final time. Very professional approach.

I like the song overall! I can see it being in the "MLB The Show" video game series.