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Mark Heck

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Digital Content Manager for | PR/ Digital Marketing for your favorite rappers | Father
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Michael Patrick submitted media.

Lay Up by Marcel Alexander

Mark Heck

This style of R&B/Rap seems to be the wave now and I'm not mad at it. At times it can be a bit repetitive, not your song in particular, just in general. 

I like the concept of the song, the beat is very mellow and it definitely has plenty of replay value. The auto tune tends to annoy me and take away from the overall greatness of the record. My only suggestion would be on certain parts to tone down the auto tune. But thats just me being super picky. 

Other then that this is a good record and I look forward to hearing more on your EP. If you happen to need help with digital promo shoot me an email.

Anthony Morales submitted media.

Mark Heck

Honestly I had no idea what to expect. Milwaukee is not the first place I think of when it pertains to Hip-Hop. But this record is straight drop. I can tell that your a student of the game while also keeping it in the present. The bars are definitely there, you kind of remind me of a young Wale before he went mainstream, when he was rocking out in the go-go clubs spitting bars. 

I look forward to your project. If you need help digitally promoting this feel free to hit me up and we can put together a plan. 

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Zero Gravity by Martin Tillman

Mark Heck

The intro (first 30 seconds) were very epic. I thought the transition from the intro would be of similar sound, more laid back though and I like that. Curious as to where you would try to get placements for sounds like these? Maybe movies? TV Shows? I like the different range of instruments. I could definitely see this being the opening sequence to some kind of fantasy/adventure type of movie. All in all I thought this was very good. 

Before I wrote what I did above, I didn't read your description for the piece. Glad that I didn't because after listening and then reading where the inspiration came from I have a high level of respect for you and the inspiration that brought this out. The phrase "Music is really what feeling sound like" is so true in this case. Congrats and best of luck to you and your family. 

Charles n/a submitted media.

Half Italian by Charles

Mark Heck

I could see this record taking off. I like the erie hymns in the background. Would definitely be interested in seeing what other kind of records you have. Curious to know where your from as well. The flow switch around 2:30 was dope. All in all I like the record. 

I Am Tru Starr submitted media.

Power. by I.Am.Tru.Starr (prod. LJ Milan)

Mark Heck

Very soulful. Mood music. Kind of reminds me of something I would hear playing in the background of an old Spike Lee movie. Overall it was dope, I don't think I could listen to it continuously, but the perfect record for being on your grown man/women type ish. 

LaTasha Braxton submitted media.

BADMAN by Mz. Champagne

Mark Heck

Pretty dope content. I think with a good music video this song could be pretty big. It can reach out to a broader audience with the island sound to it. I could see this ringing off in a dancehall and specifically in NYC or California. 

Aston Urameshi submitted media.

Mark Heck

I liked this, I would like to hear more. This seems like a track you put a lot of emotion into. 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Synthesizer Sympathizer by Digital Slumber Party

Mark Heck

Very dope. Hard hitting and somewhat motivational. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Mark Heck

Can't wait to utilize this great tool.