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Anthony. J Haworth

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Anthony. J Haworth

CEO, of A&R Mill Hill Music Recording and Publishing
I Started as a Musician in 1978  with Blue hair shortly  before I  moved to managing bands , then started in a London label as Production Manager and Executive Producer at Abbey Rd studio for the Label and then worked in many studios and  for Many top Artists and Companies from UK to USA and South america and Europe. ,Touring, Studio, and finished as Head of A&R at  capital  and  for 21st century  Fox films Soundtracks , TER Stage Musical soundtracks, Polydor and Sony as Producer then A&R etc etc a long list spanning 30+ years and never tire of all styles of music to Record or For Publishing also have contracts with EMI Music, Sony Music, Imagem Music, Universal Music  ...all styles and artists can apply for Help....and Advice ....on many parts of the Music Industry . I can get your music in the right hands for publishing and more....
music professional, music producer, creative commons, recording engineer, label relations, music licensing, artist and creative talent relations, music production, strategic partnerships, studio coordination, music publishing, copywriting, remixes, music licensing / syncing, music production / mastering, music management, music curation, content management, musicology, communications
singer/songwriter, electronica, classical, film, synthpop, fashion, vinyl, pop punk, soundtracks

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Gavin McLaughlin submitted media.

Don't Be Lonely Now by Zkeletonz

Anthony. J Haworth

Love the sound Love the beat and very pop tastic .... this only needs correct promotion and a label that believes in the band and it will have many major hits worldwide.
My only small thing I would change is put a little more bass on the mix and slight twiddling and I will be more than happy ,I'm saying this as I'm jealous because I never got the job of mixing it,,apart from that it's superb and I wish you lots of luck and have fun.....great track 5 stars

Kota Wade submitted media.

Entangled by Future Moons

Anthony. J Haworth

Very good offer and I think I would like to hear more with different vocal range but for a first review I think it's very nice and my office girls love it too, please send more....I want to get you signed up......

Jeremy R submitted media.

Not The Enemy by JRtheBand

Anthony. J Haworth

I'm very impressed with the track and want you to send me a full demo on CD or tape and bio with photo to the following so I can get it to Sony music and two publishers for you to be signed . Also tell me of any interested parties you might have had interest from as it helps not to cross over ......
The following address
Mill Hill Music Recordings ,1 Jogram Ave, Pembroke,Dyfed ,wales UK SA714EE

Make it for the attention of myself Dr Tony  CEO 
We are associated with Sony entertainments and music also  Nargem music Europe

I Look Forward To Hearing from you...send your best tracks ......and pass my details to other hopefull artist.....
Dr Tony CEO

Patrick Pietrangelo submitted media.

Anthony. J Haworth

I like it a lot I’m ready to buy the album and I want to know who is managing them and what labels shown interest and were are you based it lots should go all the the top .......5 stars

Send me an email with your bio to  And att Anthony ceo mill hill music
I need full background on your superb love the energy etc ....

David Nyro submitted media.

Anthony. J Haworth

Superb that's what I call a track and if you do not get signed on the back of this track alone there is no justice, The drums are brilliant the voice is amazing and gets deep in to the heart it's really great and the best track I've listened to in three months ,really it's got everything and more ,give this guy a label and watch him get to number 1 around the world ,it's so good I want it now.....

. . submitted media.

Louise Louise by The Vellas

Anthony. J Haworth

Like it ,Love it ,Can not stop your feet form moving to this classic Rock n Roll  Sounding Louise Louise which I must say reminds me of an early track from the Ramones ?
It's still Clasdic and in its own right will be a classic as Rock n Roll will never die it will always be liked and always be a market for it .
Myself I would by it and I'm sure thousands would, the Jangley Guitars the Rock drum with a plain clean sound are superb ,,,in short it's Just A great track and possible classic  of the future who can tell , 
I love it and I'm sure many will ,well done and let's hear more from the Vellas......

Xavier submitted media.

Time to Think by Xavier

Anthony. J Haworth

Nice pleasant  easy listening track should do well on radio in the USA and pick up gigs for easy listening circuit it's never going to sell a million but it's a great start  good luck keep writing .....there is a Hit in you ....

Sean Adams submitted media.

You and Only You by The Anchoress

Anthony. J Haworth

Ok here goes love the track but not the mix or production .
The song has vast potential and I can name three artist waiting for this song to record but not in this condition ,you need to remix slowly get your sound volumes right get everything in place and it needs to be done slowly and it needs a master,,,you have a hit on your hands so don't waste it...good luck ...just remix remaster.....

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Botanico by Pedro Meirelles

Anthony. J Haworth

Superb from start to finish , the speed the sound the piano was memorising to say the least now take three tracks to a major classical label and you will be signed ..
Truly a marvolouse track a pleasure to review ...

Shay Doherty submitted media.

Anthony. J Haworth

Hi I think this has a lot of potential  in being a track on say an Adele album or even as a stand alone single release .
You have written a super track and the singer has put a lot of emotion into it ,which gives a simple song a classic feel. I can see this charting with the right name behind it or even right label or publisher I would suggest sending this to Nottinghill music in London and Imagem music in Berlin were I know you will get heard and a favourable response ,I look forward to seeing this in the Billboard charts......good luck 

Peter Olsen submitted media.

Coming ON by Peter Olsen

Anthony. J Haworth

Hi firstly it's very well played, secondly it  would go well in a Nomadic or Viking style movie.
My only hesitation is I have heard 100s of these type tracks over the years I'm sorry to say many sound the same which means artists struggle to sell there works.
I think if you are as good an artist as this makes you sound then go more upbeat triumphant sounding big sounds as there are less of those because many want to do bleak dark works, then send to Sony Entertainments in LA or Sony Austria .....that's my Tip

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Synthesizer Sympathizer by Digital Slumber Party

Anthony. J Haworth

Hi i feel you have two possible tracks from this one piece, when you start the track try to get them hooked within 25 seconds as thats the opening time span in my opinion .
Secondly around the 1.40 mark the vocal comes in and it seems to go into another realm.
Which i feel you have a good two tracks at 2 min each for licensing  for Tv film etc.
As a whole track its to long and the second half is better than the first in my opinion.
Try to do a two minute mix of the second half and put some umf in it to EDM it and remember  most  hits in the 50s 60s and some 70s were radio perfect at 2. 30 min 
Thats the attention span of mr public and a radio producers dream short tracks and grab the audience in the first 30 seconds if possible.
Try it and come back to me
Also leave any compression off this can be sorted in mastering and will make the track louder and brighter.

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

13th Floor (demo) by Digital Slumber Party

Anthony. J Haworth

Although  i liked it i did find myself waiting for the track to take off and start ?
In parts its was to long winded and needed more beats and breaks but thats in my opinion.
It was how ever a very very interesting piece of music and i think you should keep up this quality to the next level and bring in more dance beats...good track well done

Nicholas Watson submitted media.

Agrius by Nick Watson

Anthony. J Haworth

Excellent quality thought and mix, this would be a great film track congratulations on the quality and  efort put in to this great work.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Anthony. J Haworth

Good Clean Crisp Information saying everything in one neat package with out clutter very good