Sean Leonard

Sean Leonard

Sean Leonard

Music + Technology + Strategy
I am a highly accomplished music and technology executive with over 20 years of real-world experience at the intersection of art, technology and commerce. 

As a studio engineer and assistant in the 90’s I worked with an incredible spectrum of artists ranging from underground punk bands to major international acts such as U2 ("Achtung Baby"), AC/DC ("Razor's Edge"), Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker ("Too Long In Exile"), Sinead O'Connor, The Breeders ("Last Splash") and many more. Recognizing the shortcomings of the traditional music industry, I stepped away from the studio in '97 to focus on creating technology driven opportunities for artists, labels and fans. 

I was a founding member of the trailblazing internet-only record label, GoodNoise and signed Frank Black (Black Francis/The Pixies) in the Spring of '98 as the first major artist to release an album for paid download in the MP3 format. I played a pivotal role in the evolution of GoodNoise to (the then publicly traded) which saw the company successfully raise over $120MM in funding. While there I gained extensive experience in digital strategy, market analysis, emerging and standards-based technologies, content licensing, IP law and international business practices.

Now, as an executive, consultant and advisor, I provide highly-tuned strategic insights and business development support to participants in the music and technology sectors, including technology startups, music services, artists, record labels, investors, lawyers and music festivals.

My current focus is firmly set on developing the next generation of media formats, hardware technologies, products and services that leverage context, add value and build community at the heart of the music experience.

• Emerging technologies.
• Advanced Product Definition.
• Market Intelligence.
• Strategic Partnerships.
• International Business.
• Contract Negotiation. 
• Digital Music Strategies
• Artist Management and Advocacy.
artist management, music industry, music tech, technology, products / business, funding, startups, digital media, artist development
music, startups, bass, technology
Bay Area, CA

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